Suction Blasting Cabinet

Suction blasting cabinet price in India for sale with the best quality. Suction Blasting Cabinet is based on the Injection Suction principle of the blasting system. It works on the Venturi principle to get abrasive media from a non-pressurized storage hopper or tank to the blast gun where it is mixed with the compressed air stream and propelled against the work blasting surface. Suction blast machines or suction blasting cabinets are most easily recognized by having two hoses (one for air and one for abrasive media) running to the blast gun.

Pressure Blasting Cabinet

Pressure blasting Cabinet Price in India depends on work-piece size, If the work-piece size is small then need a Pressure small shot blasting cabinet. If the work-piece size will large then the shot blasting cabinets size will be large, so the cost will depend on the size of the blast cabinet. Pressure Shot blasting Cabinet Manufacturer can reduce cost as per component size. pressure shot blasting cabinet also called pressure Shot blasting machine.

Wet Blasting Cabinet

The wet abrasive blasting cabinet or commonly known as Wet Blasting Cabinet uses a seal-less slurry pump to convert the abrasive media and water into a slurry mixture. This slurry mixture is then transferred or pumped directly to the abrasive blast gun where compressed air pressure moves the mixture with the desired pressure rating.