Sand Blasting Hose
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Sand Blasting Hose

Price Range : ₹ 900-1000/Meter

Sand Blasting Hose
Black smooth Natural & Synthetic Rubber
Inner Diameter (mm)
20 - 38 mm
Outer Diameter (mm)
38 - 58.50 mm
Minimum Burst Pressure
870 PSI (60 bar)
Maximum Working Pressure
175 PSI (15 bar)
Payment Method :
Transportation Mode :
Air Transport
Sea Transport
Land Transport
  •   Sand Blasting Hose is used in abrasive Blasting machines to move abrasive media
  •   Convey sand from abrasive blasting machine to clean
  •   Blasting hose is used for Conveys sand or shot for cleaning purposes
  •   Steel or concrete before painting and sealing
  •   Sand Blast hose used for Clean, conditioned or strip cement, steel, stone, and other materials
  •   For Construction, general industrial, shipyards Sector
  •   In Automotive sector
  •   Sandblaster hose is used for Cleaning metal working
  •   In Oil & Gas Industries
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Sand blasting hose (sometimes named abrasive blasting hoses & blast hoses) is especially utilized to influence positively abrasive media like sand, steel shot, coal slag, & aluminum oxide in abrasive-blasting machines. They contain wide internal tubes certain resist abrasion. Bulk sand blasting hose can be engraved to length, & users can fasten the fittings of their selection to extinction of the sandblaster hose for attaching it to tools. 

Likewise understood as abrasive blasting hoses & blast hoses, sandblast hoses are utilized to impact favorably abrasive media like sand, steel shot, copper slag, & aluminum oxide in the abrasive blasting machine process. The EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) tube & EPDM cover on these bulk sand blaster hoses are both included. They operate in systems that use sandblasting. This line, which is also known as a deadman blasting hose, is utilized with a deadman handle & is attached to air-actuated shut-off valves on sandblasting equipment. There is a deadman switch on one that, if pressed by operator, instantly depends on an abrasive blasting system.

Sand Blast Hose Assembly

Sand blast hose assembly arrive accompanied by fittings ensconced on both endings for connecting sand blasting hose to consistent equipment. Likewise understood as abrasive blasting hoses & blast hoses, sand blast hoses are utilized to impact favorably abrasive media like sand, steel shot, coal slag, & aluminum oxide in abrasive-blasting applications.

The tube & outside of these sandblast hoses is constructed from a mixture of untouched rubber & SBR (styrene-butadiene rubber), whichever delivers adequate resistance to disintegrating & wear. They contain a fixed evaporate tube inside certain helps stop sparks from starting interior sand blasting hose & igniting specific materials. Four layers of synthetic fabric are added to the blasting hoses to increase their stability. Sand blast hoses like this are utilized in shipyards, steel mills, structure sites, & mining processes to transport copper slag, steel grit, & aluminum oxide for sandblasting purposes.

Sand Blasting Hose Size

In order for the blast hose to effectively transfer air-propelled abrasive from the sand blasting machine to the nozzle, it must have an adequate internal diameter & be maintained as quick as feasible. The inside diameter of the blasting hose ought three to four times larger than the nozzle opening.

Decrease the quantity of air & abrasive streaming to the nozzle by employing a blast hose whose interior diameter is more smallish than the blast machine opening diameter. A blast machine that uses 1 1/4-inch (32 mm) piping & a 3 1/4-inch (19 mm) Sand blast hose needs to be larger than 64% of its ability.  & abrasive are presently pumped into a space that is just 1/3 ability of outside pipe of blast machine. If you additionally change to a more smallish nozzle that fits the size of the sandblaster hose, this won't happen. Nozzle pressure will decrease significantly if you exchange to a shorter line & still endeavor to utilize a nozzle certain has a large aperture.

Internal diameter of the sand blasting hose ought a tiny three periods if possible four periods the size of Sand blasting nozzle opening to be useful with majority of abrasives. For instance, a minimum Sand blasting hose ID of 1 1/8-inch (28.5mm) is mandated for a 3/8-inch (9.5mm) nozzle. Since there isn't a 1 1/8-inch sand blasting hose, utilize the subsequent bigger size, which is 1 1⁄4-inch (32mm).

Ideal heavy-duty utility for a wide range of medium pressure blasting cabinet & transport applications is provided by Sand Blast Hose. In addition to providing further protection against sand & other abrasive materials that may enter through the blasting hose, the dense rubber tube also dissipates static electrical demand, ensuring operator safety. For maximum performance, the solid sand blasting hose wall provides resistance to corrosion & abrasion as well as oddity resistance for unrestricted flow. The 200-foot continuous lengths of the series are known, & the lowest ordering quantity & quoted pricing apply. We are the best sand blasting hose manufacturer in India and Sand Blasting Hose Suppliers in India.

Sand Blasting Hose Features

  • Tube: exceptional abrasion resistance up to 160F thanks to black natural rubber.
  • Several textile plies are utilized as reinforcement for strength & durability.
  • Black synthetic rubber on the cover to withstand corrosion, cuts, gouging, scuffs, & abrasion.

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