Shot Blasting Machine

shot blasting machine uses mechanical acceleration to control the flow or stream of small metal beads as they are forcedly pushed against a surface. Shot blasting is a technique for eliminating thin surface coatings by disseminating small metal beads at high pressure without damaging the surface.

Shot blasting is a method of removing non-eco-friendly chemicals from a surface while leaving a clean, polished, and matte finish that is safe for the environment. Portable Shot blasting machine also allows metal workers to check that the steel surface is free of flaws or imperfections.

Shot blasting machine the metal cleans, strengthens and polishes it. It allows the engineer to identify and correct any flaws before applying the coating. Grease, dust, and corrosion are also removed.

shot blasting machine in India is the process of abrasively shooting metal at another metal surface. This is not the same as sandblasting, which is a related technique. However, instead of shot, sand is utilized. Steel, forging, and the aerospace sectors are just a few of the businesses that use blasting. This is because it is frequently recognized as one of the most effective instruments for achieving cost-effective results.

With the development of centrifugal wheel blast machines, shot blast production lines, both manual and automated, became available. Shot blasting with a centrifugal wheel is more efficient than compressed air and results in a more uniform surface finish.

The requirements for choosing a shot blasting method are determined by the size and shape of the object. The shot blasting cabinet shall be made of thick, heavy-duty prime grade mild steel plates, supported by a robust rolling structure welded construction and developed appropriately for strength and stiffness to assure the equipment's sturdiness. The machine will be held in place by this sturdy rolled construction with a thick plate foundation. The blast cabinet's bottom must have a mild steel perforated floor to prevent it from abrasion wear.

Working Of Shot Blasting Machine

A shot blasting machine's major component is the blast wheel. The impeller wheel, shot wheel, control cage, spindle, and other components make up a blast wheel. The weight of iron bullets causes them to fall into stainless steel shot wheels, which rotate at the same speed as the spindles.

The iron grit bullets are then forced against the inside of control cages by centrifugal force. When the iron bullets reach the control cage's square window, they are thrown through the window and captured by the fast-rotating blades. They then accelerate their movement outwards along with the wheel blades. Finally, at 60 to 80 m/s, iron bullets are thrown at the castings in a fan-shaped curve to clean off the casting surface.

We may change the throwing direction of the iron shots by modifying the window location of the control cage, improving the chances of the castings catching the iron grit. However, because the arc-shaped fender is heavily abraded, poorly positioning the control cage will reduce shot blasting cleaning efficiency. The size of the control cage aperture can affect the divergence angle of the steel shots (the fan-shaped included angle), i.e., a larger opening causes a larger divergence angle, which reduces the portable shot blasting machine cleaning effect. Given these considerations, we should change the position of the control cage as soon as it begins to wear out, and we may even need to replace it with a new one when its abrasion loss reaches a critical level.

The key influencing elements on blast wheel cleaning efficiency are the projection velocity and abrasive flow rate of iron shot. The impact force increases as the projection velocity increases. The iron shot density in the casting unit area increases as the abrasive flow rate increases in unit time.

The abrasive flow rate is also affected by the distance between the blast wheel and the casting surface. Air-operated shot blasting machine resistance reduces the projected velocity of shots after they leave the blast wheel. When a chilled iron grit shot moves, it loses around ten percent of its kinetic energy each meter. As a result, the casting surface should be situated around 0.7m to 1.5m away from the blast wheel's center line. The reason for this is that if the surface and machine are too close together, the impact power of the iron shot will be too great, but if they are too far apart, the cleaning performance will be reduced.

Applications Of Shot Blasting Machine

  • Removal Of Corrosion
  • Rust Removing
  • Chemical Stains
  • Mill Scale
  • Faded or Chipped Paint
  •  Heat Treatment Scale

A shot blasting machine is used to blast glass beads onto metal surfaces that will be plated, painted, or powder-coated. After all of the machining operations have been completed, a sand blasting machine with glass beads is utilized to give a metal component a good polish and appearance.

Cleaning With Shot Blasting Machine:

Shot blasting machines are useful for cleaning because they can remove impurities or roughen a surface before applying primer or a finish. This application is critical for metalworking companies that require a coating or sealant on their goods. The blasting power removes rust, welding slag, and scales from the surface, leaving it uniform and smooth for finishing or painting.

Preparation of Surface:

This kind of blasting is by far the most successful and efficient means of prepping a metal surface before painting or coating. It ensures great blast pattern precision and a strong bond between the blasted surface and the protective covering. The technique aids in the detection of all types of flaws and errors. It also extends the life and durability of any subsequent coating.

Cautions Of Shot Blasting Machine

Shot blasting surfaces are typically larger and more difficult to control, necessitating a powerful application of force with denser media material. Shot blasting necessitates strong safety protocols and containment.

  • All exposed power drives must be completely encased in vibration-free safety shields.
  • For equipment maintenance, the safety guards must be designed to be easily removed and refitted.
  • If either shot blasting cabinet door is accidentally opened during blasting operations, safety interlock switches must be installed to automatically shut off the blast wheel units.
  • The switch must also prohibit the wheels from turning unless the doors are entirely shut.
  • Dust collector used in shot blasting machine for remaining dust collection.

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