Industrial Dust Collector
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Industrial Dust Collector

Price Range : ₹ 60K - 20Lakh

Ambica Enterprises
Dust Collector
Mild Steel
Reverse Pulse Jet, Fabric Bag & Cyclone Type Dust Collector
Type Bag
Fabric Bags / Pleated Filter / Cartridge Filter
No. of Bags
1 - 20 Nos. (according to req.)
0.5 - 10 H.P.
Fan Capacity
200 - 5000 CFM
Payment Method :
Transportation Mode :
Air Transport
Sea Transport
Land Transport
  •   For removing fumes from grinding, polishing, and welding, dust collectors and fume extractors are the best solutions.
  •   Aluminum Die Casting Devices or the enhancement of an existing dust collection system with the assistance of its expert engineers and technicians.
  •   A dust collector removes dirt, dust, debris, gases, and chemicals from the air, delivering cleaner air to your factory, which has various advantages.
  •   Dust collector provides eco-friendly abrasive blasting and protects workers and environments from hazards.
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To improve the quality of the air released from industrial and commercial processes, the Industrial Dust Collector system that collects dust and other impurities from the air and environment. Capture, convey, and collect are the three main components of a dust collection system. The next generation of bag filter dust collectors, known as the Pleated Filter Bag Dust Collector, effectively captures finer dust by using Pleated cartridge filters rather than filter bags. 

Compared to traditional bag collectors, cartridge filter dust collector have many benefits, including larger filter areas packed in smaller overall sizes, which reduces the overall size of dust collectors for the same capacity and saves a lot on expensive factory floor space and structural casing costs. Fewer cartridges are required when the filter area to overall dimension ratio is high, which speeds up the filter change process and makes comparisons simple.

Cyclone separator is another name for a cyclone dust collector. They are mainly employed to remove particles from media with a higher density. Using centrifugal force, the cyclone dust collector system gathers dust and directs it to the collection bin at the bottom. Based on flow requirements, dust density, anticipated dust volume, dust type, and abrasive media like glass beads, copper slag, aluminum oxide, steel shots, and so on, we can design custom cyclone dust collector systems.

Types of Dust Collectors

  1. Fabric Filter Dust Collector: A fabric bag dust collector is an air pollution control device and dust collector that removes particulates or pollutants from the air that are released by commercial processes.
  2. Reverse Pulse Jet Dust Collector: A suction and filtration system is a reverse pulse jet dust collector. Filter media will capture dust as dusty air is drawn into the system, while clean air is released from the collector. To clean the filter media, compressed air is applied in reverse pulses.

  3. Cyclone Dust Collector: Centrifugal force is used to operate a cyclone dust collector. A scroll-style inlet is used to draw in dusty air, which quickly creates a cyclonic motion. The ensuing vortex inside the dust collection chamber separates dust particles from the air stream by tossing them in the direction of the exterior walls of the housing.

Dust Collector Working Principle

The fabric filter dust collector uses cylindrical non-woven fabric tubular bag filters. Dust collectors push contaminated air from the outside of the bag filter into the interior. On the exterior of the bag filters, dust particles are collected. Bag filter dust collectors also use pulse clean technology. An intermittent pulse of compressed air is passed over the bag filter to remove the dust that accumulates on its exterior. This cleaning procedure is carried out online. The material that is easily released from the media during cleaning is the perfect material for bag filter dust collectors to collect.

A dual airflow is produced by a cyclone dust collector system to separate heavy media and fine dust. The majority of the usable abrasive media is carried by the primary airflow, which is downward. The inner airflow that is created around the cyclone's bottom carries the finer dust particles. A centrifugal fan attached to the outlet pulls in the fine dust, which is then collected by filter bags and possibly a collection tank.

Dust Collector Applications

The Dust Collector System could be employed for the following purposes:

  1. Sandblasting: Sandblasting exposes highly abrasive, irregular particles. Caution must be taken when designing dust collectors to collect abrasive dust. We promote worker health and environmentally friendly workplaces by creating products that take this sensitivity into account.
  2. Electrostatic Powder Coating: By being captured by dust collection systems created by our expert engineers, the dangerous particles that are released during electrostatic powder coating contribute to a secure working environment.
  3. Die Casting: Through its skilled engineers and technicians, we provide technical specification preparation, filter manufacturing, and assembly services during the establishment of aluminum die-casting devices or the improvement of an existing dust collection system.
  4. Grinding: For removing fumes from grinding, polishing, and welding, our dust collectors and fume extractors are the best solutions.
  5. CNC Laser & Plasma Cutting: We are a Trusted Source for CNC Cutting Processes, providing dependable dust collector and fume extraction solutions.
  6. Foundry: From project design to production, we provide a complete Dust Collection and Fume Extraction Solution for Metal Industries.

Dust Collector Manufacturers

Our company provides the products and equipment and a dust collector manufacturer as well as a blower manufacturer, paint spray booth manufacturer, industrial vacuum cleaner manufacturer, or shot blasting machine manufacturer. Our team is driven by a desire for excellence and a dedication to hard work. We provide solutions to help our customers increase profitability and productivity while maintaining a safe and clean industrial environment, not just equipment. 

We also custom design, manufacture, install, and commission dust collectors and dust collection systems, as well as hoods, ducts, blowers, chimneys, and other accessories, for our customers in the woodworking industry, food, and pharmaceutical companies, and other companies. We manufacture and provide superior quality and low Dust Collector Price, we have a talented team for handling bulk orders and looking for dust control solutions and systems. All our dust collectors are built to the highest standards of quality, efficiency, and safety.

Our vision is to be the leading Sand Blasting Machine, Shot Blasting Machine, and Dust Collector Manufacturer in India and other countries. Our company is the leading provider of high-quality industrial Abrasive Media, Flame Spray Gun, and Blast Room. Our mission is to provide solutions, not just products, that improve the profitability, productivity, and environmental performance of our customers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

In general, dust collector systems work by drawing dust and particulates from the air and passing them through a filter, which captures and separates the matter before discharging purified air back into the workplace or environment.
How do you remove dust from industrial air?
A dust collection system is the most effective way to remove dust from the air in an indoor setting. These systems collect unwanted particles in a separation device by sucking up the generated dust with a high-powered fan and ducting. The more the system is used, the more particles accumulate.
Which industries make use of dust collectors?
Manufacturing, woodworking, metal fabrication, chemical processing, food processing, waste management, and pharmaceuticals are among the industries that rely heavily on dust collectors.
How do I choose an industrial dust collector?
Which industrial dust collector can collect the dust from the application the best will depend on the moisture content, texture, and size of the dust. A cartridge-style dust collector works best to collect dry, fine, powdery dust.