Stainless Steel Shots
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Stainless Steel Shots

Price Range : ₹ 65 - 100 /KG

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Stainless Steel
0.18 - 2.80 mm
40 - 50 HRC
7.4 g/cm3
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  •   Derusting techniques include shot blasting, derusting castings, derusting forgings, steel plate rust removal, and steel products rust removal.
  •   Heat-treated objects' surfaces become more intense due to the intensifying effect produced by stainless steel.
  •   Stainless steel shots are frequently used for shot peening to apply compressive residual stress in the surface layer of components.
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Stainless Steel Shots are spherical grains formed from molten steel via an atomization (granulation) process; these cast steel shots come in a variety of sizes and hardnesses. Steel shots are made from scrap steel. Our furnace is powered by electricity. Steel scrap is melted in a furnace and then atomized into the shot by a water jet.

The impact of blasting actually further tempers the steel shot's low friability, increasing its hardness over time and enabling the media to deliver consistent, repeatable performance over a large number of cycles. Our steel shot is 40–50 HRC as it is produced. And virtually no dust is produced as a result of its extremely low breakdown rate. Steel Shot is used for heavy scouring and to create very bright finishes because it delivers high-impact energy and quick cleaning rates.

Stainless steel shots are characterized by superior quality and accuracy relative to other types of shots. In the food industry, these shots ensure that the finished product satisfies the precise requirements set forth by the company's clients. It is a kind of advanced alloy composed of various alloys, each of which has its characteristics. It is a high-tech metal that is used in a variety of applications.

Manufacturing Process of Steel Shots

  • Melting - stainless steel scrap + alloy

  • Atomizing - by high-pressure water jet 

  • Spiraling - remove irregularly shaped shot

  • Quenching - create superior particle integrity while minimizing stress cracks

  • Tempering - heating it to the melting point, then cooling it

  • Screening - extracting all the unwanted and impurities things

  • Packaging - 25KG / 50KG / 1Ton - HDPE Woven Gunny Bags

Features of Stainless Steel Shots

  • Finishing touch

  • Superior quality

  • Showing the original metal color

  • Surface treatment prevents rusting. 

  • Available in sizes 0.18 - 2.80 mm.

Uses of Stainless Steel Shots 

Stainless steel shots are frequently used for shot peening to apply compressive residual stress in the surface layer of components for fatigue life enhancement and suppression of stress corrosion cracking as well as cleaning and polishing the surface of metal parts, deburring of die-cast parts, and are reusable and recyclable. Their working life is 1000 times longer than that of glass beads, they can produce an extremely bright surface, but they generate significantly less dust than glass beads, and they can be used on both natural and synthetic materials.

Steel Shots Manufacturers in India

We are leading in the market of Steel Shots Manufacturers in India. Our company provides a large selection of spherical steel shot in sizes ranging from 0.18 mm to 2.80 mm. The offered shots are made of the highest-grade molten steel and are purchased from reliable market vendors. To prevent physical damage in transit, we provide these shots in secure packaging. We have a wide range of steel shots and other metal and non-metal abrasive media such as aluminum oxide, plastic media, silicon carbide, glass beads, copper slag, cut wire shot, abrasive garnet sand, quartz sand, walnut shell, tungsten carbide powder, etc. 

We are also the supplier of a sand blasting machine, shot blasting machine, shot blasting cabinet, airless shot blasting machine, air operated shot blasting machine, dustless blasting machine, shot blast room, thermal spray gun, flame spray gun, metalizing gun, zinc wire, thermal spray booth, and so on.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

The raw material of steel is melted in an induction furnace, then poured into a water tank with a ladle resting on top of an electrical spinner gear box. This process, known as atomizing, involves adding small steel shots to the water tank.
What is stainless steel shot used for?
Surface cleaning, preparation, and finishing of nonferrous metals and stainless steel castings and forgings, as well as granite and marble, are common applications for stainless steel shot.
What is the lifespan of steel shot?
Steel Shot typically lasts for 800 cycles before needing to be replaced as the abrasive media in pass-through machines, tumble blast machines, spinner hanger machines, reduction descalers, and table blast machines.
What exactly is cast steel shot?
The shot works well for peening and deburring stampings and other fabrications. Its qualities make it ideal for cleaning corrosion from machinery and equipment surfaces. Cast steel shot is frequently used to deflash aluminum die castings and can get rid of the buildup of release agents on molds.
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