Pink Aluminum Oxide
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Pink Aluminum Oxide

Price Range : ₹ 35 - 200 /kg

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Pink Aluminum Oxide
1.80 gm/cm3
0.125 - 2.00 mm
Shot Blasting /Sand Blasting
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  •   Etching Metal
  •   Monument Etching
  •   Cleaning Discoloration From Welding
  •   Preparation For Bonding
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Pink Aluminum Oxide is a compound of aluminum and oxygen with the chemical formula Al2O3. It is known as alumina and it is the most prevalent of several types of aluminum oxides. Depending on specific forms or applications, it may also go by the names aloxide, aloxite.

Due to its high melting point, hardness, and use as an abrasive and refractory material, aluminum oxide plays a significant role in the production of aluminum metal. Pink Aluminum Oxide is a popular etching and finishing abrasive. Other materials are also used for this purpose, but aluminum oxide has properties that make it a better choice than other materials.

Aluminum Oxide is a common blasting media used on metal, glass, wood, and other materials due to its aggressive nature. Its versatility and strength make Aluminum Oxide a favourite among industry professionals. Aluminum oxide is ground into various grains, similar to sandpaper. Aluminum Oxide Grit can be used for a variety of purposes and is even recyclable. You can keep using it until it starts to fail. The rate at which aluminum oxide degrades is determined by the type of material being blasted and the pressure at which it is blasted.

It is also extremely strong and long-lasting. It can be used on a variety of metals, including titanium and stainless steel shots, as well as other materials. Aluminum oxide has a long shelf life, so if you buy it in bulk and don't use it all right away, it will still be available when you need it. In addition to these advantages, aluminum oxide is less expensive than similar products. It will fit into any industrial budget, allowing you to complete the projects you need to complete.

Application of Pink Aluminum Oxide 

  • Pink Aluminum oxide for Polishing Wheels :Pink Aluminum oxide are the most typical abrasives used in the production of grinding wheels. Aluminum oxide is a common material to polish wheels with. As a result, it is used to create grinding wheels with extremely specific performance requirements based on the application.
  • Pink Aluminum Oxide for Blasting Media: Pink Aluminum oxide can be used for both wet and dry blasting processes. An abrasive with a low iron content like aluminum oxide won't cause your part's surface to rust. Rust deposits can frequently lead to issues with upcoming processes.
  • Pink Aluminum Oxide for Medical Industry: In the pharmaceutical and industrial manufacturing sectors, pink aluminum oxide has a wide range of uses. Among other things, it is used as an adsorbent, a desiccating agent, a catalyst, and in the creation of dental cement.
  • Pink Aluminum Oxide Coating on Steel: Due to the functionality and quality it eliminates, pink aluminum oxide coating on steel is a very popular choice. The aluminum oxide coating method offers a novel and distinctive metal coating solution for iron and steel components.

Aluminum Oxide Suppliers

We have made a name for ourselves as a reliable Aluminum Oxide Suppliers in India. We provide various types of Aluminum Oxide blast media, including high-quality virgin aluminum oxide and remanufactured, reclaimed aluminum oxide that has been cleaned in accordance with industry standards. Aluminum Oxide is a tough, long-lasting, hard material that can be used in a variety of applications including grinding, Sand Blasting Machine, and metal preparation.

We provide the most affordable Aluminum Oxide Price in India since we are the manufacturer of aluminum oxide. We supply Aluminum Oxide in a wide range and at affordable prices. Because it can be recycled and used again for additional blasting passes, aluminum oxide is also a cost-effective blasting abrasive.

We provided superior quality of all types of Aluminum Oxide such as White Aluminum Oxide, Silica Aluminum Oxide, Brown Aluminum Oxide, Virgin Aluminum Oxide, Aluminum Oxide Grit, Alumina Ceramic, Black Fused Alumina, Green Aluminum Oxide, etc. We offered Aluminum oxide blasting abrasive is available in standard sizes to meet any surface preparation and finishing needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Pink Aluminum Oxide is created by fusing high-purity alumina powder, chromium, and other materials in a high-temperature electric arc furnace. Pink aluminum oxide's inclusion of chromium gives it not only its characteristic pink or ruby color, but also greater hardness and toughness than White aluminum oxide.
Is aluminum oxide harmful for skin ?
Although the aluminium oxide particles are not harmful, contact may cause minor irritation due to their abrasive nature. This material should not be applied to open wounds, abraded, or irritated skin.
Is aluminum oxide an abrasive ?
Alumnium oxide is commonly found in anti-slip surfaces, sandpaper, and ceramics, but it is also used as an abrasive media for blast cleaning and is compatible with a wide range of substrates, including marble, steel, glass, and granite.
Which aluminum oxide is natural abrasive ?
Abrasive aluminum oxide is a hard and strong material. Corundum, its naturally occurring form, has a mineral hardness rating of 9 on the Mohs scale (just below diamond). It is widely used as an abrasive, including as a less expensive alternative to industrial diamond.