Steel Grit G18
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Steel Grit G18

Price Range : ₹ 65 - 85 / KG

Ambica Enterprises
Grain Shape
≥ 7.0 g/cm³
60 - 65 HRC
Black & Grey
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  •   Surface coatings, plant scale, and other types of buildup are commonly removed with steel grit g18.
  •   Steel grit g18 accurately and formally fits to remove old paint.
  •   In addition to being used in impact rooms where feeds are used for air impacting, Steel Grit G18 is particularly useful in all types of shot blasting equipment.
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Steel Grit G18 is one of the most versatile and cost-effective abrasive media available in the abrasive blasting industry. Steel grit g18 is an exceptional grade of abrasive media that provides numerous benefits in the field of grit blasting machine and engraving. Shot blasting and shot peening are two abrasive blasting methods that use the same abrasive media known as steel grit. Steel grit g18  is an abrasive because it has extremely hard surfaces and can quickly complete all of our immediate tasks.

Steel grit g18  is created by crushing, screening, and hardening the resulting abrasive media. The steel grit's sharp edges can help clean and smooth out the blasting surface. These Steel Grit g18 are particularly helpful in all types of shot blasting machine in addition to being used in impact rooms where spouts are used for air impacting. They effortlessly clean, cut, and use their sharp edges to smooth down the hitting surface.

Steel grit g18 is an incredible abrasive medium that offers a diverse range of applications within the stated grade. The hardness of the steel grit g18 enables the efficient completion of difficult tasks. Friability should be considered when selecting a media type because steel grit g18  abrasive affects how much dust is produced and how many times it can be recycled. Sand, for example, cannot be recycled because of its high friability due to the presence of quartz sand. Many mineral abrasives can only be recycled a certain number of times, whereas steel grit and steel shots can be recycled multiple times and can withstand breaking.

Benefits of Using Steel Grit G18

Steel grit g18 is typically used to remove surface coatings, plant scale, and other types of buildup. Steel grit g18 effectively removes old paint while being precise and custom-fit, but there is a chance of damage if the section material is delicate. The steel grit g18 to be used is thus determined by the composition of the part and the firing cycle's goal. Steel Grit Manufacturers produce a variety of shapes and sizes. Steel grits and steel shots come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, allowing for a wide variety of shot profiles and results.

One of the most specialized grades of abrasive media that offers adaptable benefits in a range of applications is steel grit g18, steel g25, steel grit g40, and steel grit g50. The environmental impact of recycling steel grit is negligible, but most conventional media have the potential to aggravate existing environmental problems. If the proper tools and materials are not used, blasting might have a negative impact on the environment. Steel grit g18 is an excellent grade of abrasive media that has many benefits. Steel grit g18 edges increase hourly output, which frequently leads to productivity increases of 10–20%. One of the most popular abrasive media grades is steel shot s70. Utilizing steel shot grit reduces the volume of waste generated, which lowers the cost of transportation.

Steel Grit Manufacturer in India

As the leading industry of Steel Grit Manufacturer in India, Ambica Enterprises offers a wide range of abrasive media in all grades, including garnet sand, glass bead, steel shots, copper slag, silicon carbide, aluminum oxide, steel grit, cut wire shot, walnut shell, plastic abrasive media, and more. Along with offering every significant grade of abrasive media, we also manufacture a wide range of blasting machinery including vacuum shot blasting machine, pressure blasting cabinet, suction blasting cabinet, sand blasting machine, and many others.