Dustless Blasting Machine
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Dustless Blasting Machine

Price Range : ₹ 3Lakh - 8Lakh

Machine Type
Dustless Blasting Machine
overall dimensions
800mm X 2000mm X 2200 mm
Automatic/ manual/ semi-automatic
compressed air required
90 CFM / min at 6.33 sq mtr/hr
Type of nozzle
Tungsten carbide Nozzle
Pressure Type
Blasting capacity
3-5 mtrhr with 6mm nozzle
Type of dust collector
Fabric bag dust collector /Reverse pulse jet pleated filter type dust collector
Payment Method :
Transportation Mode :
Air Transport
Sea Transport
Land Transport
  •   On challenging job sites, Utilizing garnet or steel shot as an abrasive, the dustless blasting machine.
  •   Tanks, bridges, and infrastructure must be contained.
  •   Responsibilities that call for regenerated abrasive media.
  •   The processes, which are gathered in plastic bags for secure disposal, are free of dust and pollution.
  •   Rusting occurs when old paint is removed.
  •   If casting material is being cleaned.x
  •   Deburring machine parts involves.
  •   Washing the hull of ships.
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For cleaning sensitive regions where dust and debris are not allowed, dustless blasting machine systems offer dust-free blast cleaning. Even though the blasting process takes longer than open blasting, the savings in dust containment time and money frequently make this the best option. Dustless blasting equipment and vacuum sand blasting equipment are manufactured and supplied by Ambica Enterprises in India at competitive prices. A dustless blasting machine is also known as a Vacuum Blasting machine.

Dustless Sand Blasting Machine

A dust-free blasting option that is easy to operate, adaptable, and powerful is offered by a vacuum blasting machine or dustless sand blasting machine. Steel abrasive allows for forceful, effective, and cost-effective blasting as well as precise control of surface preparation. Blasting may be done on a range of surfaces, including flat, inside and outside corners, small and big diameter pipes, etc., thanks to easily interchangeable blast head fittings. For particular uses, such as to blast wide horizontal surfaces or the edges of steel plates, additional accessories are available.

Dustless Blasting Machine Working

The Vacuum sand blasting machine and dustless sand blasting machine technology Blast recover abrasive as it works. Completely powered by pneumatics without an electrical source. Abrasive blasting that uses an air-driven extraction system is an environmentally friendly technology that produces less mess and contamination. Ideal for removing asbestos, lead paint, and other hazardous coatings. 15 to 100 psi of blasting pressure adjustment.

To provide dust-free blasting, the vacuum blasting machine mounts a single chamber blast pot beside a dust filter and a blast hose/vacuum hose system. The dustless blasting machine is designed for minor applications like spot blasting and can produce up to 1.8 square meters of surface area per hour using abrasives like aluminum oxide or glass beads.

Where access to the blasting region is limited, longer blast and vacuum hose lengths. Instead of the usual Operator Face Shield and Ear Defenders, a sand Blasting Helmet and Breathing Air Set can be offered. For fine filtration, a dry filter with an optional Dust collector system can also be installed.

Dustless Blasting Machine Features

  • The "Stand alone" device has an automatic dust extraction and recycling mechanism for abrasive materials.
  • Easily swappable blast head fittings for a variety of surface shapes.
  • Completely pneumatic
  • Enables blasting at various pressure levels (1 – 8 bar).
  • A 35-meter maximum hose length.
  • It is possible to include it in an automated on-line blasting procedure.

Dustless Blasting Machine Benefits

  • Completely dust-free, eco-friendly blasting;
  • The ability to conduct other job site activities near the blasting area.
  • There is no dust pollution on the job site.
  • It is simple to blast a wide variety of typical forms.
  • Steel is used as the abrasive, which results in low operating costs and flexibility and versatility.

Dustless Blasting Machine price in India

Dustless Blasting Machine price in India Depends on the quality and type of dustless sand / shot blasting machine. Ambica Enterprises is the Leading Manufacturer & Supplier of Dustless Blasting Machine, Vacuum Blasting Machine in India at a low price and reasonable cost with the best quality.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What is Dustless Blasting? With the help of the ground-breaking Dustless Blasting machine method, practically any coating may be stripped off of almost any surface without generating a sizable cloud of dust. In the blast tank, water and abrasive are combined to power the Dustless Blaster.
How does a vacuum Blasting Machine work?
Vacuum blasting, also known as dustless blasting or closed-loop abrasive blasting, is a technique for abrasive blasting. The technique is characterized by an abrasive blasting tool that simultaneously gathers loose particles from the surface to be treated and utilizes a blast medium.