Shot Blasting Room
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Shot Blasting Room

Price Range : ₹ 5Lakh -10Lakh

Mild Steel
Motor Power
10 Hp
Machine Type
Automatic, Manual
Surface Cleaning and abrasive recovery system
Cleaning rate
3-5 sqr. mtr/ hr
50 Hz
415 V
Payment Method :
Transportation Mode :
Air Transport
Sea Transport
Land Transport
  •   Applications of shot blast rooms include surface preparation for thermal spray and painting, derusting, descaling, and deburring.
  •   The operator being present within the room while the blasting is taking place is the blast room system's key feature.
  •   For large components or components where automatic blasting would be too expensive, blast rooms are employed.
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Our Shot Blasting Room product ranges from portable shot blasting equipment, shot blast room, shot blasting cabinet, blast rooms, shot abrasive recovery, and dust collectors & collection equipment, shot blasting units and shot blasting plant.  Our skilled engineer team can turn your concept into a final design. we have the best quality and best shot blasting booth for sale, & a Shot Blasting Room at a Low Price in India.

Shot Blasting Room price in India

shot blasting room price also depends on the operating method of the shot blasting machine. Medium capacity shot blasting machines or automatic shot blasting machines have medium-sized blasting pots. Shot blasting room Price depends on the capacity of shot blasting machines, cleaning rate, and Operating method. A blasting stream can be controlled by the Pinch valve which is the fit bottom of the machine and this valve is opened and closed by a hand lever.

Low Noise Blast room

Wherever noise reduction is paramount Ambica Enterprises offers a purpose-designed range of equipment to meet these demands. Our blast booth or shot blasting booth is manufactured from composite panels filled with a range of material options with robust steel inner and outer skin. All our blast booths or shot blasting booth provide excellent noise and thermal insulation properties. The modular design of the Ambica Enterprises panel means that the booths can be installed in almost any size as per customer needs. Our construction & jointing method significantly decreases build time whilst ensuring that the shot blasting booth is built to the highest standards. Our engineering team fully assesses site requirements to improve the noise reduction properties of any acoustic shot blasting booth or shot blasting room for sale.

Steel Panel Blast room

The paneled blast room or shot blasting Machine in India unit is designed to be modular and offers the flexibility of being available in a range of sizes. The shot blasting chamber or shot blasting booth is designed for internal location and is manufactured from heavy gauge steel plates with an external structural frame. The smooth internal surfaces allow for easy cleaning and efficient grit recovery in the blast room system. The inner faces of the shot blasting chamber are lined with hard-wearing rubber sheets and the shot blasting chamber doors are of double skin construction mounted on the thrust bearing hinges which ensure the doors operate effectively and smoothly. This construction technique of shot blasting chamber is the traditional way in which blast rooms or shot blasting plants have been made for decades.

Shot Blasting Container (Blast Room)

When factory scope is limited or a substitute site is to be utilized the shot blasting container. We provide an instant and economical solution. shot blasting container and shot blasting unit can be based upon standard freight containers which reduce the design and fabrication costs that are normally associated with blast room system manufacture. We are able to manufacture shot blasting container designs in much larger sizes to suit bigger products, and a range of larger telescopic shot blasting container,  which is designed specifically for transport. The flexibility of this design means that you can specify the type of shots recovery system, dust collectors, and size of the unit to suit your needs. Our shot blasting container (shot blasting plant) is fully weatherproofed and can be positioned indoors or outside your factory.

Media Recovery & Recycling System 

Shot blasting plant recovery is Simple, low price, and efficient. The system allows for up to two hours of continuous production before the recovery of abrasive media such as glass beads, steel shots, and cut wire shot is required. Expended media is manually swept into the hopper and retrieved by vacuum into the silo and blast machine (shot blasting booth). During this process, the recycled abrasives are cleaned, and dust and oversize contamination are separated from the reusable media. The low-cost system is the typical way to transform from an expendable blast media system to a fully recyclable system. No additional power or services are required because the system runs in between breaks in production.

Media Recovery System

1. Scraper Floor

The scraper floor recovery is designed to automatically recover the spent shots and contamination back to a bucket elevator. The scraper floor recovery consists of a series of pivoting strips fitted into a movable rigid frame. The scraper modules move reverse and forth driven by an electric motor or pneumatic cylinder to reduce running costs. The blades ride up and over the shots on the backward stroke, pushing the shots along on the forward stroke. The shots are then transported to the shots cleaning unit. The advantage of the scraper floor system is its low profile design which reduces or, if floor mounted, eliminates any foundation and pit costs. The recovery system is designed for low maintenance and does not require any tools to remove the blades from the modules for inspection or repair.

2. Belt & Bucket Elevator System

Shot Blaster Belt and Bucket Elevator process is a heavy-duty grit recycling unit joined to an abrasive separator that is designed to continuously eliminate large amounts of pollution. The heavy-duty nature of this equipment enables multiple operators to run from one unit. The system can be operated with a simple sweep-in-floor Sand Blasting hopper, or to increase production can be coupled to an under-floor scraper or screw shot recovery system. The selection of silo designs offers a choice of storage capacity and multiple outlets provide a choice of using additional operators where production rates are paramount. The design enables the recovery system to fit in most site conditions & requires minimal foundation work. This system is ideally suited where heavy contamination is likely. Our cleaning systems can be upgraded to include magnetic grates and dense particle separation to suit any application. The flexible design of our separator means a wide range of media types and sizes can be cleaned effectively and efficiently.

3. Screw Conveyor

Our range of screw recovery systems consists of heavy-duty helical steel flights welded onto an oversized tube and fitted in a purpose-designed trough in the shot blasting room. The benefit of our range of screw conveyors is that they can be fitted into a full or partial recovery system and can be bulk loaded without overloading. The screws are direct-driven and mounted on self-lubricating bearings to ensure long life and minimal running costs. Screw conveyors can be fitted into the existing shot blasting room and in some cases, we can utilize existing foundations. High media transport rates, low running costs, and ease of maintenance make our screw systems the preferred choice for high production applications.

Dust Collector

The choice of the right model of a dust collector is integral to any shot blasting chamber or shot blasting room. The removal of airborne particles from the environment of a blast room system is important to maintain efficient operation. Savings made by cutting costs at this point will only lead to reduced efficiency and early failure of the blast room system. Factors to consider when choosing a dust collector are:

  • Air Speeds - The correct airspeed through the shot blasting chamber prevents the settlement of airborne particles in the work area.
  • Air Flow - The direction in which the air flows through the shot blasting chamber is critical to the process. Correctly sized & positioned air intakes and exhaust ductwork ensure that first-class ventilation is achieved.
  • Filtration Area - This is the surface area of filter material within the dust collector. Our reverse pulse jet pleated dust collector incorporates cartridges rather than filter bags. At pre-determined intervals, a pulse of air-jet causes the dust accumulated on the cartridges to fall into the collection box at the bottom. The Pleated Filter Bag Dust Collector is cleaned whilst the collector is in operation ensuring that the efficiency of the dust collector is maintained.

Shot Blasting Room for Sale

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