Powder Feeder
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Powder Feeder

Price Range : ₹ 1lakh - 4lakh

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Ambica Enterprises
Powder Feeder
Feeder Capacity
Up to 230V
32-40 KG
Manual, Automatic
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  •   A feedback signal from scales and a number of sensors govern quantity control.
  •   The Powder Feeder can manage a wide range of powder feeding quantities, from extremely small to medium-sized volumes.
  •   As needed, the Powder Feeder feeds the machine with powder from a chamber.
  •   A carrying rail is used to feed in the powder through a small opening within the machine.
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A Powder Feeder is created specifically for thermal spray coatings Due to its tiny size, it can be transported to a job site to be used as a portable powder feeder. Exceptionally precise and reproducible feed rates are controlled for the device. Users may quickly remove extra powder and clean the inside of the powder hopper (canister) thanks to the hinged plate that the canister is fixed on. Clearing extra material from the spray system is made simple by separate controls for the powder feed and carrier gas. Any gun can be equipped with a switch for remote operation.

A system that can store powder and feed it in a regulated manner is the Portable Powder Feeder type PF. A base unit that carries the hopper and a feeder unit (hopper) make up the bulk of the powder feeder. Inside the base unit are the hopper driving unit and the Siemens S7 PLC controller. The hopper is a standalone module that can be customised using several types of base units. With the help of these fundamental units, one, two, three, or four hoppers can be controlled uniformly. In accordance with customer needs, specially customised cabinets can also be offered. 

All currently available thermal spray gun systems on the market can accommodate up to 6 separate powder feeders. Hoppers for plasma or HVOF gun applications come in a variety of models with capacities of 5L or 1.5L.

Working Operation of Powder Feeder

A constant volumetric feed principle governs how the feeder functions. A powder carrier disc with a slotted wheel set off-center in relation to the canister is located at the base of the pressurised canister. Each slot may hold a specific amount of powder, which is supplied into the powder hose and later into the spray gun such as thermal spray gun, flame spray gun, arc spray gun, powder flame spray gun and metalizing gun by an inert carrier gas such nitrogen as the disc rotates through the exit port. The powder disc rpm, which is controllable from the front panel, is directly proportional to the powder feed rate.

The container is gently pressurised (at a maximum of 3.5 bar/50 psi or up to 15 bar/214 psi upon request) during the operation of the powder feeder. Only the gas may leave the hopper after being drawn in by the suction device, and the gas flow amount can be used to change the powder particles' exit velocity. However, depending on the powder in issue, a minimum volume of gas must flow through the hopper to guarantee a pulsation-free and continuous feed.

The powder feeders can also be ordered with a variety of spreader/suction unit sets, including custom units, spreader/suction unit sets for liquid (powder that flows well), non-liquid (powder that flows poorly or not at all), and L for liquid powder. Different groove depths, widths, and spreader/suction units are available for the feed discs.

With the help of these many settings, customers can benefit from a wide range of powder feeding rates (from 0.1 g/min to around 300 g/min) with an incredibly high feed accuracy (+1% in comparison to the maximum feed rate). Additionally, a variety of materials and surface finishes are offered for the discs.

Features of Powder Feeder

  • All forms of powders are suitable (morphologies).
  • Acrylic glass is typically used in feeders, which guarantees great visual control.
  • With the use of tolerance ranges and process shut-down limits, the system with weight loss control ensures optimal visualization and recording of the powder feeding process (with the powder mass flow displayed in g/min or lbs/min, the container content indicated in 0.1kg/0.1lb).
  • A system with decades of success for thermal spraying (TS), laser cladding, and plasma-transferred arc welding.

Powder Feeder Manufacturers in India

Ambica Enterprises is the well known powder feeder manufacturer in India and supply the best quality of powder feeder for HVOF gun. Also supply powder feeder system with best installation service at low prices in India and all over the world like UK, US, China, Japan, UAE and we also exporters of abrasive blasting machines such as shot blasting machine, sand blasting machine, grit blasting machine, abrasive blasting room, etc. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

To regulate the amount of material coming to the thermal spray process, a powder feeder is used. The powder can be made of a metal, an alloy, a ceramic, a self-fluxing alloy, or carbide.
What are Feeder Machine ?
A feeder machine is a type of feeding apparatus that can evenly, consistently, and continuously feed bulk and granular commodities from the stock bin to the receiving devices.
What are Feeder Used For?
Feeders are used to metre the flow of material to satisfy the crusher system's or process system's required flow rate. In many mining, aggregate, and other industrial uses, they are crucial to material handling.
What is Feeder and Its Types ?
To manage and measure the flow of bulk materials out of storage units like bins, bunkers, silos, or hoppers in order to satisfy the required discharge flow rate, feeders are mounted at the outlet of the storage unit.