Plate Cleaning Shot Blasting Machine
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Plate Cleaning Shot Blasting Machine

Price Range : ₹ 4Lakh - 80Lakh

Mild Steel
Motor Power
35 HP
Machine Type
Surface Cleaning and abrasive shots recovery system
240 V
Die Locking Force
10-20 ton
Max Casting Area
100-150 square centimeter
Payment Method :
Transportation Mode :
Air Transport
Sea Transport
Land Transport
  •   Take off any heat-treated scales that are present on the plates' surface.
  •   Rust Removal
  •   for removing old paint from structural steel parts and the metal surfaces of ships.
  •   for preparing a rough surface so that the primer or paint can be properly bonded.
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Plate Cleaning Shot Blasting Machine is made up of a number of centrifugal blast wheels, each of which is operated by its own motor to provide complete cleaning. The jobs were retained on an appropriate conveying system with a variable velocity that could be adjusted depending on the working environment. The job goes into the blast cabinet to be cleaned of abrasive material, also known as media, which is fired by many wheels to provide a uniform finish. From the cabinet's exit, the totally shot-blasted components emerge. These machines come with abrasive media recovery and cleaning systems, as well as a Dust Collector, a control panel, and a rubber or other material liner to protect the machine from wear. The plate shot blasting machine is suitable for shot blasting cleaning of pre-designed pieces for buildings, vehicle structures, and other similar applications. It has the capacity to apply surface finishes of SA-2.5 and SA-3.  This machine can be paired with a painting line to meet the needs of the customer. The process' loading and unloading system can be customized to meet the needs of the customer, and it can be done manually or with the help of machinery.

The Shot Blasting Cabinet is lined with High Manganese Tiles in an overlap style for easy replacement if any problem occurs. For protection purposes, the perforated manganese cast sheet is placed above the screw conveyor line. Various Shot Blast rubber curtains are given in the inlet and outlet Vestibules to quit escaping abrasive material from the machine. The Rollers are fixed with replaceable High Manganese Steel inside the Blast Cabinet.

During the Safety features, setting Doors are given in sand blast Cabinet. When the job is in Blast Cabinet to avoid unnecessary blasting of the job, the Sensor is provided at Vestibules for starting Blast Cycle. To cover Shot Blasting of end faces of fabricated components blast Wheel 4 Nos. / 6 Nos. are fitted in the Blast Cabinet. For transferring shots to Rotary Screen Separator a suitable capacity Elevator is used and it can be customized according to the need of the customer. The Rotary Screen Separator cleans the abrasive media and removes large and dust particles, allowing only a specific size of Shot to be inserted into the Blasting Wheels.

Steel Plate Shot Blasting Machine

steel plate shot blasting machine For regulating the quantity of shots to the blast wheel system, all Blast Wheel Stations have an enclosed type shot valve. A dust collector of reverse pulse jet type is designed and used for the continuous heavy-duty operation of the plate shot blasting machine. The main function of Dust Collector is to keep Blast Cabinet ventilated and to remove dust particles flying in the cabinet and differentiate small-sized shots from abrasive media that can’t be reused again. The PLC in the Control Panel sequentially programs the functioning of the complete plate shot blasting equipment. The PLC displays the machine's operational condition, including the number of hours the machine has been running for maintenance and various troubleshooting requirements. PLC Program can be made as per Customer's requirement.

Plate Cleaning Shot Blasting Machine price in India

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