Aluminum Oxide
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Aluminum Oxide

Price Range : ₹ 20 - 110 /kg

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Ambica Enterprises
Aluminum Oxide
Size (mm)
0.125 - 2.00 MM
Specific Gravity
3.9 g/ml
Abrasive Blasting
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  •   Surface preparation and paint removal with abrasive blasting
  •   Etching to assure the effectiveness and adherence of a coating
  •   Refractory Coating
  •   It used for abrasive blasting such as sand blasting, shot blasting.
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Industrial oxide ceramics made of Aluminum Oxide have a high degree of durability. It can be produced using the following processes: injection molding, die pressing, isostatic pressing, slip casting, diamond machining, and extrusion, It is manufactured of bauxite. Items made of bioinert alumina, are suitable for use as medical implants because they are resistant to chemicals, corrosion, and high temperatures.

It produces a smoother finish since it cuts through materials faster than sand and has an uniform grit size. it is affected by aluminium oxide. It is the abrasive that is used the most. High-purity alumina powder is fused in a high-temperature electrical arc to create aluminium oxide. It has a brilliant white colour, an uncommon hardness, sharp edges, is very corrosion resistant, and exhibits exceptional volume stability and thermal shock resistance due to its chemical stability, high bulk density, and low porosity. Currently, aluminium oxide blasting is frequently utilised for these applications and it is used as a abrasive media in abrasive blasting machine such as Sand Blasting Machine, Shot Blasting Machine, Grit Blasting Machine

Types of Aluminum Oxide

Brown Fused Alumina

High-quality bauxite is fused at high temperatures in an electric arc furnace to create brown aluminium oxide. Our Brown Aluminum Oxide has high compression strength, toughness, outstanding self-sharpening, a low coefficient of thermal expansion, and excellent hydrophilia and cleanliness.

White Fused Alumina

Alumina makes up more than 99 percent of the highly refined aluminium oxide known as white aluminium oxide abrasive. In addition to giving this abrasive its distinctive white hue, its extraordinary purity also provides it the unusual property of considerable friability. However, the hardness of White Aluminum Oxide is comparable to that of Brown Aluminium Oxide.

Pink Fused Alumina

In a high-temperature furnace, pink aluminium oxide is fused with a precise amount of oxidised chromium to produce pink aluminium oxide. It is harder than white aluminium oxide but more long-lasting. To grind measuring and cutting instruments, equipment, and other items with a smooth surface, pink aluminium oxide is employed. Its abrasive tools are perfect for precision grinding measuring tools, lathe main shafts, instruments, apparatus components, threading workpieces and samplers, and other precision grinding applications due to its remarkable endurance and processing purity. We also produce magnesium aluminium oxide of exceptional grade.

Black Fused Alumina

Blasting with black aluminium oxide is a great way to get rust off of metal and paint it over. When used in a blast cabinet, it can definitely be used in a garage to keep the mess contained. Before needing to be replaced, this aluminium oxide grit can be reused multiple times. The most durable media for efficiently and swiftly eliminating rust is aluminium oxide blast medium. Due to its angular shape, this black aluminium oxide blast media removes rust for the longest time.

Aluminum Oxide Manufacturers

We are one of the industry's biggest Aluminium Oxide Manufacturers. A better working environment and less time spent cleaning up after blasting are also results of the Aluminum oxide grit's low dust production during the blasting process. As a result, we have become known as one of Rajasthan's most dependable suppliers of thermal spray bronze wire.

Fresh aluminium oxide is renowned for its exceptional effectiveness. Bulk Aluminum oxide also results in a more comfortable working environment and requires less time for cleanup because it produces less dust during the blasting process. On the market, we also provide silicon carbide aluminium oxide. The medium copper slag we create has a number of advantages in terms of performance and quality. Additionally, we produce premium 80 grit aluminium oxide. We as a result have established ourselves as one of Rajasthan's most reputable suppliers of Common quartz sand.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Abrasive. Because of its strength and hardness, aluminium oxide is used. Corundum, which is its native state, rates a 9 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness (just below diamond). It is frequently used as an abrasive, particularly as an industrial diamond equivalent that costs a lot less.
What Aluminum Oxide Sand Paper Used For?
Abrasive. Because of its strength and hardness, aluminium oxide is used. Corundum, which is its native state, rates a 9 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness (just below diamond). It is frequently used as an abrasive, particularly as an industrial diamond equivalent that costs a lot less.
Is Alumina An Abrasive?
Alumina One of the hardest abrasive materials is zirconia (7). By carefully observing the microstructure and crystal size of these abrasive grains, it is possible to build the ideal zirconia and alumina alloy.
Is Aluminum Oxide Safe For Blasting ?
Aluminum oxide can be used for both wet and dry blasting processes. In order to successfully impart an anchor pattern and deep etch for great coating and paint adhesion, aluminium oxide is the best material to use.