Steel Shot

Steel shot is a spherical product of hyper eutectoid steel within a fully heat-treated situation. It's the uniform structure of finely tempered martensite that provides optimal resilience and resistance to fatigue. steel shot in India is the optimal abrasive for the bulk of wheel blast applications. Its durability and resistance to impact fatigue give maximum cleaning efficiency at the foremost economical cost.

Steel Shot S70

Steel Shot S70 is a type of ballistic material used as a projectile in abrasive blast cleaning and shot peening, as well as shotguns and pellet guns.

Stainless Steel Shots

Stainless Steel Shots are spherical grains formed from molten steel via an atomization (granulation) process; these cast steel shots come in a variety of sizes and hardnesses. Steel shots are made from scrap steel.

High Carbon Steel Shots

High Carbon Steel Shots are ideal for cleaning, etching, and desanding process because they produce a smooth or shiny surface profile.

Steel Shot S930

Steel Shot s930 is the most common used for cleaning and enhancing a metal surface. The final surface quality that is attained on the metal will depend on the grade or size of the steel shot. Steel shot in a ball form accelerates, creating a peening motion that results in a clean, smooth, and polished surface.

Low Carbon Steel Shots

Low Carbon Steel Shots are created using low-carbon scrap that has been carefully selected and contains little sulfur and phosphorus.

Steel Shots S330

Steel Shots S330 has a spherical form. This grade of abrasive is similarly hard as the grit, with a mohs scale hardness of roughly 8.0. The most common procedure in which this shot is applied is shot peening.

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