Shot Blasting Machine
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Shot Blasting Machine

Price Range : ₹ 40K - 5Lakh

Abrasive Tank Capacity
150 Kg – 1000 Kg
Motor Power
Machine Type
Surface Finishing
Automation Grade
Payment Method :
Transportation Mode :
Air Transport
Sea Transport
Land Transport
  •   Foundry industry
  •   Mold fabrication
  •   Steel Profile
  •   Shipyard
  •   Automotive factory/plant
  •   Manufacturer of motorcycles
  •   Bearings Factory
  •   Steel Fabrication Industry
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Shot Blasting Machine is a very important method that is utilized by each industry, particularly the metal industry. Shot blasting machine is a beneficial technology that is used in almost every industry that uses metal, such as aviation, foundries, transportation, construction, and automobiles. A shot blasting machine for sale is used to clean metal surfaces, either for shot peening or for cleaning. 

Shot Blaster

The Industrial shot blaster cycle has become a key element of the metal business. The shot blasting machine has some significant benefits for the insurance of steel and other metal items. 

Shot Blasting Equipment

The shot blasting machine makes use of a mechanical method of propelling abrasive media like silicon carbide, plastic media, cut wire shot, copper slag, and so on using a radial wheel to remove a layer of the surface and contaminants from the surface of metal and steel products. We are the best shot blasting machine manufacturer in India at a reasonable price. There are three fundamental designs that require blasting before the product may be finished:

  • It descales and cleans the surfaces.

  • Adds roughness to the surface of metal objects to improve paint adhesion.

  • Increases the coating's longevity, resulting in decreased maintenance costs.

Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturer

Shot blasting machine manufacturer in India. We are the leading manufacturer of a shot blasting machine, shot blasting cabinet, shot peening machine, shot blasting room, sand blasting hopper for sale, and portable shot blasting machine price in India. Shot Blasting Machine price depends on the size and the type of large, small, or mini shot blasting machine. A portable shot blasting machine is a piece of enclosed equipment used to clean and prepare rough surfaces with an abrasive steel shot blaster.

Shot Blasting Machine Price

Shot Blasting Machine price in India is determined by the size, type, and capacity of the abrasive tank of shot blasting equipment. Ambica Enterprises provides the best shot blasting machine for sale in India at an affordable price.

Shot Blasting Machine process

A Mini shot blasting machine process is used to remove unwanted corrosion and metallic waste on the surface of finished goods. Shot Blasting is done to make the surface smoother and more uniform, resulting in a better finish when painting or applying other finishes. This method allows for the removal of rust, roughening of the surface, and further production. Shot blasting equipment is used to clean the rough edges of numerous automotive parts, as well as any other moulding parts with sharp and uneven surfaces.

Technologies used in shot blasting machine

1. Airless blasting/Wheel shot blasting 

2. Air operated blasting/Pneumatic shot blasting 

An Automatic shot blasting machine is essentially dealing with two standards. First is an air operated Shot blasting machine in which a surge of shots and packed air is pushed on the objective surface on which the activity must be done, because of a high pressing factor of the stream the rust or different contaminations are eliminated at last. 

By turning a turbine wheel, a wheel blasting machine converts electric motor energy directly into kinetic abrasive energy. Each wheel has a capacity ranging from 60 kilograms per minute to 1200 kg per minute. Wheel blasting machines are utilized when huge parts or large portions of parts need to be derusted, descaled, deburred, desanded, or cleaned in some way with these large amounts of accelerated abrasive.

Another rule is a wheel shot blasting machine or we can say airless shot blasting machine. This strategy of shot blasting machine utilizes a mechanical technique for driving grating utilizing a diffusive wheel to eliminate a layer of the surface and pollution from the outside of metal and steel items. 

A shot blasting machine in India is essentially used to eliminate some undesirable consumption and metallic waste on the outside of completed merchandise. The shot blasting activity makes the surface uniform and smoothes for a superior completion after paint and different applications. This cycle is likewise helpful for cleaning rust, required unpleasantness of the surface, and further manufacture. Likewise, the shot blasting machine is utilized in the vehicle industry to clean the unpleasant edges of various pieces of auto or some other trim parts that have sharp surfaces.

Type of Shot Blasting Machine

The many types of Shot Blasting Equipment are shown below, with the loading system or the placing of parts in the small shot blasting machine during shot blasting distinguishing them. Regardless, all of the machines can be employed in a variety of industries. we are the leading shot blasting machine manufacturer in India and also provide all types of shot blasting machines. 

1. Table Type Shot Blasting Machine

The components to be cleaned are placed on a rotary table in table shot blasting equipment. These are especially useful in the following situations:

  • Parts have forms that make it difficult to hang them on hooks or parts that are too fragile to turn over.
  • Parts that must be shot blasted from only one side.
  • Glass vessel or metal extrusion moulds.

Depending on the production and weight of the components to be processed, we have equipment with various table diameters. Table machines that can be equipped with a drum for large items, as well as equipment with two tables for simultaneous loading and unloading.

2. Portable Shot Blasting Machine

For on-site cleaning of bridges, towers, steel structures, pipes, buildings, and other large-size components, a Portable Shot Blasting Machine may be transported with the utmost simplicity. The portable shot blasting equipment, which is essentially a finishing machine, has helped glass, metal, plastic, ceramics, and stone. A variety of abrasive media can be utilized with the low-risk, high-production portable shot blaster that is for sale. This machine does tasks like descaling, peening ( shot peening machine ), deburring, flashing, polishing, cleaning, and stress reduction. Pressure vessels are coded after being tested to 250 psi.

3. Shot Blasting Cabinet

Small companies can benefit from specially designed  Shot blasting cabinet, which stands out for their low initial investment costs and a great degree of adaptability. A few examples include shot peening, decorative finishing of aluminium or stainless steel, cleaning moulds, eliminating burrs, etching glass, stone, or plastic, maintenance, and a number of additional uses.

The abrasive can be driven by suction nozzles or pressure tanks, depending on the machine model and production capacity. Our shot blasting cabinets ensure operator safety and environmental protection by delivering high-quality outcomes without the use of dust or pollutant contamination, as well as low noise levels.

4. Tumblast Shot Blasting Machine

Tumbling the components cleans them in tumbast shot blasting machine. This system covers a wide range of needs due to the type of procedure involved. In general, it is advised for any part that can be tumbled due to its shape and composition.

All of our tumble shot blasting machines are equipped with a range of dosing, loading, and unloading mechanisms, making them easy to integrate into existing manufacturing processes.

5. Vacuum Shot Blasting Machine

Vacuum Shot Blasting Machine Technology has been used to decontaminate steel and concrete surfaces at nuclear reactors and other infrastructure with great success. This method can be used to remove hazardous contaminants from a variety of surfaces in a safe, cost-effective, and efficient manner. Vacuum shot blasting produces very little waste (1 percent of that produced by open shot blasting) and almost no dust or pollutants. However, the current equipment is inefficient for blasting, and the physics of multi-flow in the system is poorly understood. The efficiency of shot blasting nozzles, ergonomic blast head handling, and abrasive media recycling are all factors that influence blasting productivity.

Hanger Type Shot Blasting Machine

Hanger-type Shot blasting machines are among the most flexible types of blasting equipment. They are used to remove rust, scale, sand and burrs from many kinds of work pieces. Hanger type shot blasting machine is also used for the finish blasting of sensitive work pieces or to roughen work piece surfaces for subsequent coating.

Stone Type Shot Blasting Machine

Stone Shot Blasting machine designed for roughening of Sand Stones, Granite & marble slabs. Two nozzles are included with the stone shot blasting machine. 15 HP motors power the blast wheels.

A longitudinal and cross screw conveyor collects used abrasives and sends them to a bucket elevator. The abrasive is discharged into a rotary screen separator, where all dust and debris are separated from the usable abrasives, which are retained in the storage hopper for re-circulation, and the non-use abrasives and dust are automatically rejected and disposed of from the machine. By changing the speed of the conveyor, the speed of the blast wheel, the size of the shots, and other factors, the desired texture, finishing, and roughness can be achieved.

Application of Shot Blasting Machine

  • Foundry industry

Castings made by foundry manufacturers typically require polishing, and a shot blasting machine is a professional machine for this. Choosing different types of blasting machines for different items and ensuring that the machine does not degrade the appearance or performance of the original products.

  • Mold fabrication

The majority of molds are cast and necessitate a flat surface. Shot blasting machines can polish product surfaces without affecting the appearance or performance of the original products.

  • Steel Profile

Burrs in newly manufactured steel profiles, such as sheet steel, will affect the surface and quality of the product. In such a case, a shot blasting machine can effectively handle these issues.

  • Shipyard

Sheet steel is the most common material used to construct ships, but it is prone to rust, which has a significant impact on the quality and efficiency of shipbuilding. It's a massive and difficult rust cleaning job that's practically impossible to complete manually, but a shot blasting machine can and will ensure the steel profile's quality.

  • Automotive factory/plant

The steel profile and other components must be polished to maintain the original appearance while not compromising the steel's strength, according to the working needs of vehicle manufacturing. Because most car components have irregular shapes, shot blasting machines such as roller blasting machines, tumblast machines, and hook-type Shot blasting machines are required.

  • Manufacturer of motorcycles

Because motorcycle components are small, they can be blasted with a roller blasting machine; however, if the items are in high quantities, hook type and roller blasting machines can be used.

  • Bearings Factory 

Bearings are normally smooth because they are pressed by a mould. However, some impurities may exist, necessitating the use of shot blasting equipment to remove them.

  • Steel Fabrication Industry

Descaling must be completed prior to the application of steel in the structure in order to meet national construction criteria. Using a shot blasting machine to clear rust automatically can save time and money while also reducing the pollution caused by pickling.

Advantages of shot blasting machine

  • Corrosion removal
  • Descaling
  • Deburring
  • Preparation of surface for painting or metal coating
  • Environmental benefits

Shot Blasting Machine in India

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