Remote Control Valve
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Remote Control Valve

Price Range : ₹ 9k - 12k

Sand/Shot Blasting Machine
Material to be Blasted
Spare Parts Of Sand/Shot Blasting Machine
1 x 1/4 inch
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  •   Remote control Valve is responsible for controlling the flow of sand and air to the blasting nozzle
  •   Remote control Valve for sand / shot blasting machine.
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Remote Control Valve for sand blasting

A Remote control valve is used in Sand Blasting Machine to control the blasting process. In sand blasting machine with a remote control system, the on or off control of the machine comes in the hands of the operator at the sand Blasting nozzle via a deadman Handle. The Deadman handle is connected with a twin line hose.  As the deadman handle is activated the twin-line hoses are connected to both the inlet valve and the control handle. In which one hose monitors air traveling towards the nozzle while the other hose controls the air that travels back towards the inlet valve. When the deadman handle is not activated air is released at the base of the handle and no blasting can occur because the system is not pressurized.

It also enhances the safety of the operator. On the top of the remote control body for the air venting exhaust valve is housed. This exhaust valve controls the air inlet and exhaust functions in one valve. The use of a remote control valve saves abrasives and air consumption when the operator changes position or performs spot blasting. After media is loaded into the pressure pot of the Sand Blasting machine a number of events must occur to begin blasting.

In sand blasting pressure is incredibly important throughout this entire process. Without accurate pressure, no blasting is done. To properly pressurize the machine required it. Pressing or depressing the deadman handle will pressurize/depressurize the whole machine. For this purpose, the remote control system explained is pneumatically operated and use with blast hose lengths less than 100 ft. It is designed to “fail to safe,” to prevent accidental blasting or injury. While the deadman handle is activated a mixture of air and blasting media sprays through the sand blasting nozzle. In the sand blasting machines with the spray of blasting media cleaning, deburring, shot-peening, or other sandblasting ventures done.

The remote control valve is an important component of the sand blasting machine. It is responsible for controlling the flow of sand abrasive media and air to the blasting nozzle. If you are looking for a new remote control valve, there are a few things you should keep in mind. The first thing to consider is the type of valve you need. There are three types of valves: manual, pneumatic, and electric. The type of valve you need will depend on the type of blasting machine you have. The second thing to consider is the size of the valve. The valve should be large enough to handle the flow of sand and air to the blasting nozzle.

Key features of Remote control valve

  • Non-corrosive
  • Lightweight
  • Long life

Specifications of Remote Control Valve Model RM 1:

Length 27cm
Width 10cm
Weight 2670g
Thickness 0.8cm

Specifications of Remote Control Value Model RM 2 :

Length 27 cm
Width 10 cm
Weight 4409 g
Thickness 0.8 cm

Remote Control Valve Price in India

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