Air Breather Filter
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Air Breather Filter

Price Range : ₹ 2K - 4K

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Mild Steel
Air Flow
2.8 m3/min
1 inch Socket
½ inch socket
125 psi
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  •   The air filter also removes moisture, oil, and dirt particles from the air before they reach the operator.
  •   This air breather can also be combined with dust collectors and other safety equipment like sandblasting helmets, operator suits, and hand gloves.
  •   The compressed air contained within the sand blasting helmet, worker's respirator, and welder's shield is cleaned or purified by the breathing air filter.
  •   This filter removes inert particles, oil vapours, and aerosols from specific areas of the facility where they are generated. At the same time, they provide workers with fresh air.
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An Air Breather Filter is a very important tool that is used to ensure the operator's safety when using a Sand Blasting Machine. The air filter also filters out moisture, oil, and dirt particles before they reach the operator. Its multilayer filtration uses activated charcoal to eliminate odors while also improving "air quality" for breathing. This air breather can also be used in conjunction with dust collectors and other safety equipment such as sandblasting helmets, operator suits, and hand gloves. It is intended to remove condensate and particles as small as 0.5 microns. This filter can be used by four operators at the same time.

Unfiltered air can contain a variety of foreign materials, such as dust, dirt, and debris, which can contaminate the process fluids in a Sand Blasting Machine. These contaminants, if left unchecked, can damage system components or reduce system efficiency. Hydraulic breather filters remove solid particulates from incoming air, ensuring that the hydraulic system continues to function properly for the duration of its expected service life.

Air Breather Filter Working

Through an inlet coupling, compressed air enters the filter. The moisture in the air is then removed by the cyclone effect of the drain valve, and moisture-free air is supplied further. Following that, moisture-free air will pass through several layers of the blasting hood air filter, and the following will occur:

  • The particulates will be removed by the first layer of carded cotton.

  • An activated alumina layer absorbs oil and moisture.

  • Bad odors are eliminated by a layer of activated charcoal.

  • A felt layer removes even more particles.

  • Finally, respiratory will remove up to 98 percent of particles with a size of 0.5 microns or less.

  • All of the layers are protected by a corrosion-proof plastic case, which eliminates the need for a gasket.

After passing through all of the filtration layers, clean air is routed to the outlet coupling and then into the air conditioner.

Air Breather Filter Benefits

  1. The breathing air filter cleans or purifies the compressed air contained within the sand blasting helmet, painter's respirator, and welder's shield. With its multilayer filtration, the filter removes the condensate, compressor oil vapors, and minor mechanical particles.

  2. This filter removes various types of inert particles, oil vapors, and aerosols from particular areas in the facility where they are produced. They also provide workers with fresh air at the same time.

  3. You will have access to pristine, germ-free breathing air even while working. Removing combustible dust from factories will lessen the risk of fire.

  4. You will not be at high risk of breathing in dangerous gasses like carbon monoxide when using compressed air applications for breathing. The removal of dust and solid debris helps prevent wear and tear on your machines' moving parts.

  5. The application systems-harming gasses and caustic substances will also be filtered out. By removing the triggers for allergies and asthma attacks, air filters can assist those who suffer from these conditions.

Sand Blasting Breathing Air Filter Price

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

For the operator's safety during the sandblasting process, an air breather filter is used as safety equipment to supply clean air to the blasting hood. It assists in removing dirt, water vapor, and oil.
What is a breather hose?
Breather hoses are pipes made of plastic or rubber that transport compressed air from the air compressor to the intake socket of the air breather filter.