Cartridge Filter Dust Collector
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Cartridge Filter Dust Collector

Price Range : ₹ 1Lakh - 20Lakh

Ambica Enterprises
Cartridge Filter Dust Collector
Mild Steel
Type Bag
Cartridge Filter
Filter Cloth Area
3 - 20 Sq. Mtr.
No of Bags
02 - 20 Nos. (according to req.)
3 - 10 H.P.
Fan Capacity
500 - 1500 CFM
Payment Method :
Transportation Mode :
Air Transport
Sea Transport
Land Transport
  •   Fumes from welding/laser/plasma cutters
  •   For collecting a unnecessary pharmaceuticals, and certain types of chemical powders
  •   For sandblasting and grit blasting
  •   Collecting fine dust during Granite Engraving
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Cartridge Filter Dust Collector is the next generation of bag filter dust collectors that use Pleated cartridge filters instead of filter bags to effectively capture finer dust. Cartridge filter dust collectors have many advantages over traditional bag collectors, such as larger filter areas packed in smaller overall sizes, which reduces the overall size of cartridge filter dust collector for the same capacity, saving a lot on structural casing costs and expensive factory floor space. A high filter area to overall dimension ratio means fewer cartridges are needed, which saves a lot of productivity time during filter change out and is easy to compare.

When cleaning an air stream with a low to moderate grain loading, cartridge filter dust collector and pleated filter bag dust collector are employed to reduce the dust collector's overall footprint. Due to the pleated filtration media, the cartridge filter dust collector has a large cloth area in comparison to the filter's height. Depending on the filtration media and potting compound used to maintain the structure of the pleats, the cartridge filter dust collector can be utilized in the gas stream up to moderator temperature. Cartridge filter dust collector provide unbeatable filtration performance. They are identified by extremely low emission values. Excellent mechanical, thermal, and chemical resistance, as well as ease of cleaning, are additional benefits.

Working of Cartridge Filter Dust Collector

The filter media in the cartridge filter dust collector is cylindrically shaped non-woven tubular bag filters. Cartridge filter dust collector, like the baghouse dust collection system, force dirty air through the bag filter's outside to the inside. Dust particles are captured on the bag filters' exterior. Pulse clean technology is also used in bag filter dust collectors. To dislodge the dust cake that forms on the outside of the bag filter, a periodic pulse of compressed air is sent across it. This is a cleaning process that takes place online. Bag filter dust collectors are ideal for capturing material that is easily released from the media during the cleaning process.

Benefits of Cartridge Filter Dust Collector

  • More surface area for filtration than a fabric filter of the same length.

  • Lower air-to-clothes ratio results in lower operational differential pressure.

  • In comparison to filter bags, shorter element length raises the filter bottoms out of the incoming gas stream, decreasing abrasion and early filter failure.

  • Filter installation time is shortened by a straightforward design.

  • Increased airflow capacity is frequently made possible by more filter area, which may lead to higher production. without exorbitant collector alterations.

Dust Collector Filter Cartridge Manufacturers

We are a leading Dust Collector Filter Cartridge Manufacturers in India and provide a wide range of dust collectors such as cyclone type dust collector, fabric bag dust collector, acoustic chamber dust collector, cartridge filter dust collector, etc. for every type of requirements such as abrasive blasting, paint removal, engraving, metalizing, coating, shot blasting room, and so many others. Ambica Enterprises provides the products and solutions you require if you're searching for a blower manufacturer, paint booth manufacturer, industrial vacuum cleaner manufacturer, or dust collector manufacturer. Our team is dedicated to working hard and excelling at whatever it does. We give our customers solutions to assist them to improve profitability and efficiency while keeping a clean and safe industrial environment in addition to equipment.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Pharmaceuticals, chemicals, inks and paints, food and beverage, automotive manufacturing, cement industry, oil and gas, refineries, petrochemicals, and other industries all use industrial cartridge filters. Cleaning these cartridges is critical to ensuring that they filter consistently for an extended period of time.
What is a dust collector with cartridges?
Cartridge collectors are compact, modular industrial air filtration systems designed to capture fine dust particulates. Welding, grinding, bulk powder, foundries, and other industries commonly use cartridge dust collectors.
What is the operation of a cartridge dust collector?
Cleaning cartridge filters in vertical and horizontal cartridge collector systems is the same. Compressed air pulses flow through the filters in the opposite direction that dirty air does. These pulses eject dust and particles from the filters, allowing them to fall into the collection container.
What is an appropriate CFM for dust collection?
Dust collectors in the 1100 - 1200 CFM range provide a cost-effective central dust collection solution for small businesses. Dust collectors in this class typically have a maximum static pressure of 8+ inches of water, making them powerful enough for a hobbyist's basement or a one-car garage-sized shop.
How often should cartridge filters be cleaned?
Cartridge filters should be cleaned every two to six weeks. One of the most important factors affecting the effectiveness of a cartridge filter is the amount of flow through the filter. Too much flow shortens the life of the cartridge and reduces the filter's efficiency.