Fly Ash Powder
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Fly Ash Powder

Price Range : ₹ 2 -5 / KG

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Ambica Enterprises
Fly Ash Powder
Light White
Main Raw Material
Concrete, Iron Aluminate
Industrial Grade
Plaster, Construction Industry
Melting Point
1136 C
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Air Transport
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  •   Many cement-based products, including poured concrete, concrete blocks, and brick, can use fly ash powder as their primary ingredient.
  •   Fly ash powder is most frequently used in Portland cement concrete pavement.
  •   Additionally, fly ash is utilised in the creation of flowable fill.
  •   Reduced absorption to water and harsh chemicals is the main advantage.
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Fly ash powder is a fine powder produced as a byproduct whenever pulverized coal is burned in power plants for electricity generation. It is composed primarily of spherical and glassy particles and has a wonderful texture. Superfine fly ash powder has pozzolanic properties, which means it reacts with lime to form cementations compounds. This process takes place when the ash is exposed to high temperatures. The construction industry is typically referred to as supplementary cementation material.

Fly ash powder is created when the mineral impurities in the coal fuse together as they exit the combustion chamber, then cool down and harden into a solid after a short period. In the presence of water, fly ash transforms into a pozzolanic, a substance that can form cement and contains both aluminous and siliceous components. Class F Fly ash powder can be used to make a compound analogous to cement when combined with lime and water. Because of this, fly ash is an excellent choice for use as a primary component in various building materials, including blended cement, mosaic tiles, and hollow blocks, amongst others. When included in the formulation of concrete, fly ash helps improve the material's strength and segregation, making it simpler to pump.

Advantages of Fly Ash Powder 

  • Creates a wide variety of predetermined times
  • Resistance to the cold weather
  • Gains in strength that can be quite high, depending on the application, Can be used as an admixture.
  • Mostly used fly ash powder for road construction, ceramic tiles, and plaster.
  • Considered to be a material that does not shrink
  • Produces concrete that is dense and has a smooth surface while maintaining a high level of detail
  • A high degree of adaptability
  • Reduces issues with cracking, permeability, and bleeding.
  • Decreases the amount of heat generated by hydration
  • Compared to mixes containing no fly ash, it enables a lower water-to-cement ratio while maintaining comparable slumps.

Fly Ash Powder Suppliers 

We are leading fly-ash powder suppliers in India. We offer fly ash powder from raw materials of the highest possible quality. We produce fly ash powder for various cement products, including concrete blocks, bricks, mosaic tiles, paver blocks, and many others. Therefore, we are the most trusted manufacturer and supplier of fly ash powder in India. Construction industries are among the recipients of our supplies of fly ash powder in various forms, including fine fly ash powder, dry fly ash powder, and concrete fly ash powder. We are also manufacturers of aluminum oxide, gypsum powder, quartz sand, calcite powder, feldspar powder, molybdenum powder, feldspar powder, molybdenum powder, dolomite powder, bentonite powder, etc.

Fly Ash Powder Price 

Fly-ash powder price is determined by several factors, including its purity, quality, quantity, ability to be transported, and ability to be worked. We are widely recognized as a manufacturer of fly ash powder in the various markets we serve for the provision of fly ash powder for various applications. We offer fly ash powder of high strength, does not call for much water, and is simple to employ regardless of the weather. This fly ash powder helps to reduce the cracking issues that can occur in tiles and blocks, as well as the heat generated by hydration. We make sure to provide high-volume fly-ash powder at minimum cost.