Fabric Bag Dust Collector
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Fabric Bag Dust Collector

Price Range : ₹ 80K - 5Lakh

Airflow (m3/h or CFM)
1000-10000 m3/h
Mild Steel
Bag Capacity
12 - 80 Bag
Bag Type
Cotton Bag or Non Woven Polyester
Filtration efficiency
less than 40 microns
Input Voltage(volt)
440 V
Payment Method :
Transportation Mode :
Air Transport
Sea Transport
Land Transport
  •   A dust collector provides cleaner air to your facility, which has many benefits, by removing dirt, dust, debris, gases, and chemicals from the air.
  •   Pre-filter systems typically use fabric bag dust collectors.
  •   A blower, dust filter, filter cleaning system, and dust receptacle or dust removal system are all components of a fabric bag dust collector system.
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In the fabric bag dust collector, individual bags are supported by a metal cage inside the fabric bag which is fastened onto a cell plate at the top of the bag filter. Dirty gas enters from the bottom of the bag filter and flows from outside to inside the bags. The metal cage prevents the collapse of the bag filter.

Fabric Bag Dust Collector Principle

The dust-filled air from the blast room is drawn into the fabric bag of the dust collector using one of our bag type dust collectors. While fresh air is released into the atmosphere, this dust stays inside the bag. These fabric bag type dust collectors operate on the shacking mechanism idea.

A brief burst of compressed air is used to clean the fabric bag dust collector by injecting it across a row of filter bags through a shared manifold. A sand blasting nozzle set at the fabric bag dust on top of the bag accelerates the compressed air. The filter bag's surfaces flex or move because the compressed air burst's brief (0.1s) duration causes it to behave as a fast-moving air bubble that travels the whole length of the filter bag. When the filter bags flex or move, the dust cake that has built up on them is broken, and the layer of dust falls into a sand blasting hopper that is positioned beneath the dust collector machine.

Because the compressed air burst is so little in comparison to the entire volume of dusty air passing through the fabric bag dust collector, it is possible for the dust collector cloth bags to operate continuously and be cleaned without any interruption to the flow. Reverse-jet fabric bag dust collectors are typically not segmented and can even work at higher air-to-cloth ratios thanks to this continuous-cleaning feature. 

Dust Collector Cloth Bags

These fabric bags can be cleaned in two different ways: manual shaking and then motorized shaking them. The most efficient dust collectors are those that use manual shakers. Miniature dust collector cloth bags that filter the dust particles are passed through the stream of dust. These miniature bags are constructed from a range of materials, including nonwoven polyester and others. Due to its small size, even the amount of dust that can be collected by this manual shaker dust collector is quite little. The type of dust that should be gathered should be free-flowing and have larger particle sizes. Motorized shaking fabric bag filters have a rod attached to them that causes the filter bags to shake when the dust cake that has accumulated on them is removed.

Fabric Bag Dust Collector systems are used to collect dust during the abrasive sand blasting machine process. These systems are well-equipped with dust collectors, pump, and control panels. To manufacture these systems, our skilled manpower uses the finest quality materials, sourced from reliable vendors. Clients can obtain these Fabric Bag Dust Collector Systems from us with different specifications as per their requirements.

Fabric Bag Dust Collector in India

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

A bag house often referred to as a Fabric Bag Dust Collector, bag house filter is a dust collector and air pollution control equipment that filters particulates or gas emitted into the air by industrial processes.
How does a bag house fabric Bag filter dust collector work?
The dusty gas stream is typically pulled into the bag house fabric Bag filter dust collector through a duct system using an induced draught blower. Particulates are then separated from the air as the gas stream passes through the filters with the particles staying on the filter media surface.