Table Type Shot Blasting Machine
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Table Type Shot Blasting Machine

Price Range : ₹ 4Lakh - 80Lakh

Dia of swing table
750 mm - 1200 mm
Type of dust collector
Fabric bag dust collector /Reverse pulse jet pleated filter type dust collector.
cleaning of dust bags
motorized shaking\ pulse jet air
The approximate shot flow rate
4.5 -9 Tons/Wheel/Hour
Shot Velocity
70-89 Mtrs./Sec.
Shots Consumption
Approx. 1.875 Kgs/Hr./Wheel
H.P. of Blast Wheel
7.5 - 15Hp
R.P.M. of Blast Wheel
2800 - 2400
Shot Velocity
70-89 Mtrs./Sec.
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Transportation Mode :
Air Transport
Sea Transport
Land Transport
  •   Attain smooth complexion.
  •   Aesthetic finish on Die Castings of Aluminum, Zinc & Alloy Steel.
  •   De-sanding & descaling of castings and forgings.
  •   Preparation of Surface for Protective coating.
  •   Removal of heat treated scales.
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Table Type Shot Blasting Machine consists of one / two rotary tables for the filling of the component. This table mounted on the door swings inside the cabinet, so it is also called a shot blasting machine and the blast wheel on the top cleans the component. The table rotates in a clockwise and anticlockwise direction to ensure the thorough cleaning of the blasting surface by the blast wheel. The component needs to be kept manually upside and down again and again so that to cover the bottom of the component also in shot blasting.

The Table shot blasting machine is also called a Swing Table Shot Blasting Machine consists of one or two rotary tables for the loading of the component. This shot blasting table ascends on the door swings the inner surface of the cabin and the blast wheel on the top cleans the ingredient. The rotation of the swing table can move both sides like a clockwise and anticlockwise route to ensure the perfect cleaning. The ingredient must be kept upside down and thereafter shot blast should be cleaned to cover the bottom of the component.

It consists of a round table over which, the material or ingredients to be shot blasting cabinet is kept and the swing table rotates vertically, therefore, exposing the components to the blast stream by Shot blast wheel. These Table type of shot blasting machines also have another table hinged to them in order to reduce the cycle time. The second part of the table is on the other side of the opening which is offloaded and loaded when the blasting is in process on the first one. Our Table Shot Blasting Machines are available at a very competitive price.

Shot Blasting is a versatile machine utilized for larger-sized medium or heavyweight casting, forging, heat-treated work, welded, and bolted structures. Elements such as engine blocks, transmission housings, head wheels, crankshafts, etc can be blast cleaned. Table Airless Shot Blasting Machine stands high on functionality, durability, effectiveness, finishing, and has a long operational life. Our machine is hence acknowledged and demanded by our customers in the global markets among our competitors.

Table Type Shot Blasting Machine Applications

  • Cleaning of castings and forgings.
  • Descending and descaling of casting and forgings.
  • Shot peening of heavily stressed components.
  • Removal of heat-treated scales.
  • Aesthetic finishing of tint part of aluminum, zinc, and alloy steels.
  • Preparation of surfaces for protective coating.

Features of Table Type Shot Blasting Machine

  • Rustproof body
  • Strong construction
  • Smooth operation

Technical Specification of Table Type Shot Blasting Machine:

Model ASBMF-750 ASBMF-1200 ASBMF-1800 ASBMF-2440
No. of Swing Table One One One One
Diameter of Swing Table 750mm(30″) 1200mm(48″) 1800mm(72″) 2440mm(96″)
Maximum Load on Table 350kg 750 2500 4500
No. of Blast Wheel One One One One
Size of Blast Wheel (mm) (Dia x Width) 300mm X 63mm 500mm X 63mm 500mmX 63mm 500mmX 63mm
H.P. of Blast Wheel 7.5 15 25 20
Shots Flow Rate (Kg. / Hour) 6500 9000 15000 12000
Dust Collector Type Fabric Type Bag Fabric Type Bag Fabric Type Bag Fabric Type Bag
Dust Collector Capacity (CFM) 1200 2000 3000 4500
Shaking Of Bags Manual Mechanical Mechanical Mechanical
Total H.P. Required 12 23 36 56
Loading Height (mm) 1125 950 950 1200
Max. Job Height (mm) 300 600 1000 1060

Dimension of Machine with Dust Collector








L. mm  2700   4050  4500   6350  6400   9400  10500  13500
W. mm  3450   3450  4300   4300  5900   5900   6500 6500
Ht. mm  4100   4100  4300   4300  5300   5300   5750   5750

The dimension of Dust Collector of Swing Table Shot Blasting Machine

L mm    1200 1450 1310 1660
W mm     970 1310 1810 2540
Ht mm    2460 3700 3750 5630

Floor Space Reqd. (approx) For Swing Table Shot Blasting Machine With 2 doors opened at 180 Degrees

L mm 4850 6800 9600 13500
W mm 3500 4500 6000 7000

Table Type Shot Blasting Machine Price in India

Table Type Shot Blasting Machine price in India. We are the leading Manufacturers of Sand Blasting MachineShot Blasting Machinegrit blasting machine that is completely innovative in all aspects. it has been extensively designed with airless, automatic as well as simple handled machines for more application. Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturers Jodhpur India brings you the finest rotary table machine that is based on the unique principle with the single as well as double door based on the production rate as well as the desired output. It is most suitable for the big to small foundry industries in a more innovative way.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Using pressured air or water to propel abrasive media against a surface in order to remove coating, corrosion, or contaminants is known as abrasive blasting. The purpose of abrasive blasting sometimes referred to as sand blasting, media blasting, shot blasting or grit blasting, is to: Smoothen a rough surface. the roughening of a smooth surface. An area is shaped.
What type of blasting abrasive media should we use?
Abrasive blasting can involve abrasive media, like walnut shells and baking soda, or harder materials, like silicon carbide and steel shots hard media, steel grit, and Copper Slag, Glass Beads that cut through incredibly tough surfaces.
Are Glass Beads Abrasive?
Both glass beads and crushed glass beads work well as abrasive media to give a part the finish you want. In Sand Blast cabinets or other reclaimable types of Sand blasting operations, glass beads are frequently employed.
What is the use of Copper Slag Abrasive?
The primary application of copper slag Abrasive is surface blast-cleaning. Metal, stone, concrete, and other materials can all have their surfaces cleaned and shaped by copper slag abrasive blasting. copper slag blast media is a stream of abrasive grains that are accelerated toward the workpiece during this operation.
Why is aluminum oxide used as an abrasive?
Because it can be recovered and retrieved for more blasting passes, aluminum oxide is also a cost-effective blasting abrasive. Because aluminum oxide is a tougher abrasive than most, there is less particle shattering, which lowers the amount of dust produced.
What is silicon carbide abrasive used for?
Because of its toughness and affordability, silicon carbide is a common abrasive in contemporary lapidary. silicon carbide blast media hardness makes it ideal for abrasive machining procedures like water-jet cutting, sandblasting, grinding, and honing in the manufacturing industry.