Black Aluminum Oxide
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Black Aluminum Oxide

Price Range : ₹ 35 - 200 /kg

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Ambica Enterprises
Black Aluminum Oxide
1.80 gm/cm3
Mesh Size
0.125 - 2.00 mm
Shot Blasting/ Sand Blasting
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Air Transport
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  •   Drawing Metal
  •   Paint Striping
  •   Preparing surface for coating.
  •   Landmark Etching
  •   Surface prep for metalizing and welding.
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Black Aluminum Oxide is a hard material that is used as an abrasive. The electrofusion of bauxite, iron oxide, and micro-elements in a tilting arc furnace produces black aluminum oxide. It is available in a range of sizes, from grains to micro-powders, and is one of the most cost-effective abrasive media for a wide range of dry and wet processing applications.

Aluminum Oxide, also known as Al2O3, is a chemical compound composed of aluminum and oxygen. It is the most common of several aluminum oxides and has been designated as aluminum oxide. It is commonly known as alumina, but it can also be referred to as aloxide or alundum depending on its form or application. 

Black Aluminum Oxide are recommended for use in fortified abrasives, for example, granulating haggles wheels, covered abrasives (paper and fabric), blasting abrasives, and other difficult applications because of their high durability. Black Aluminum oxides are effective and quick at removing rust, mil scale, paint, and carbon deposits. 

Applications of Black Aluminum Oxide

Paint : Aluminum oxide flakes are used in paint to create reflective decorative effects in industries such as automotive and cosmetics.

Glass : Aluminum oxide is an ingredient in many glass formulations. Aluminosilicate glass is a common type of glass that typically contains 5% to 10% alumina.

Catalysis : Aluminum oxide catalyses a wide range of industrially useful reactions. Aluminum oxide grit is used as a catalyst in the Claus process, which converts hydrogen sulfide waste gases into elemental sulfur in refineries. It can also be used to dehydrate alcohols to alkenes.

Abrasive : Aluminum oxide is a hard and strong material. Corundum, its naturally occurring form, has a mineral hardness rating of 9 on the Mohs scale (just below diamond). It is widely used as an abrasive, including as a less expensive alternative to industrial diamond. 

Gas purification : Aluminum oxide is commonly used in the removal of water from gas streams.

Aluminum Oxide Suppliers

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Furthermore, this offered product can be used as a refractory material in a variety of industries. Our vendors put this material through various tests. We also supply other abrasives like Cast Steel Shots, Chilled Iron grit, Stainless Steel Shots, Copper Slag, Aluminum oxide grit, Copper slag grit, Glass Bead, Silicon carbide grit etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Because Aluminum Oxide Grit is chemically inert, it is an excellent filler for bricks, plastics, and heavy clayware. It is also commonly used as an abrasive component of sandpaper and as a cost-effective substitute for industrial diamonds.
Where can you find aluminum oxide?
Aluminum oxide is a thermally unstable and insoluble compound found naturally in a variety of minerals, including corundum, a crystalline variant of the oxide, and bauxite, the oxide's primary aluminum ore.
Is it possible for aluminum oxide to react with water?
Silica Aluminum Oxide is an amphoteric material. It can react as a base as well as an acid. Aluminum oxide is insoluble in water and does not react in the same way that sodium oxide and magnesium oxide do. The oxide ions are too tightly bound in the solid lattice to react with water.
When Al2O3 is heated, what happens?
Amorphous thermal oxide is formed when aluminum is heated in air (or oxygen) above 723 K. The -Al2O3 phase then forms at the amorphous oxide-metal interface due to oxygen inward diffusion, and the -Al2O3 nucleates from the Al-oxide interface due to the reaction of oxygen inward diffusion and aluminum.