Air compressor
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Air compressor

Price Range : ₹ 50K - 10Lakh

Brand Name
Ambica Enterprises
Air compressor
No of Pistons
02 Nos.
Max Pressure / Set Pressure
175 PSI / 120 PSI
5 - 30 H.P.
Piston Displacement
18 - 110 CFM
Air Receiver
200 - 500
Motor Make
Payment Method :
Transportation Mode :
Air Transport
Sea Transport
Land Transport
  •   Depending on the tools being used, the CFM might range from six CFM on a 1/8-inch nozzle to 220 CFM on a 3/8-inch nozzle.
  •   Because the air is needed to push the media, sandblasting requires more air than many other applications. As a result, it may require a larger compressor or one that can run constantly.
  •   Even more important than pressure is low. Typically, the blaster won't require any pressure greater than 120 psi, which is usual for air compressors.
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A Air compressor is a pneumatic tool that transforms power from an electric motor, diesel engine, or other engine into potential energy stored in pressured air. A storage tank's pressure rises when an air compressor adds air using one of several techniques. The air compressor shuts off when the pressure in the tank reaches the upper limit for which it was designed. So, until it is required, the compressed air is stored in the tank. As the compressed air is released and the tank depressurizes, the kinetic energy it provides can be used for a variety of tasks, including operating pneumatic tools. When the tank pressure drops to its lowest point, the air compressor restarts and pressurizes the tank once more.

Pressure Blasters, this sand blasting tool is directly connected to a sand canister. Sand and air are simultaneously forced through the canister and into the cannon. Sand is drawn from a tank through the second hose by pressure created when compressed air passes through the first hose. A Sand Blasting Nozzle life is very hard for one to predict accurately varying air pressure coming at the nozzle for sand blasting machine, The Sand blast nozzle tips bore size, blasting nozzle mouth diameter, abrasive media cut-off techniques, or machine shutdown procedures throughout blast hose life Sand blasting nozzle come in a variety of sizes and are used to create various surface patterns.

Air Compressor Applications

  • Automotive - Air compressors are essential for the production and maintenance of our automobiles, from automotive Paint Spray Booth System work to impact wrenches.
    Food and Beverage - To carry out several production-related tasks, the food and beverage sectors need high-quality, clean compressed air. This entails the use of some of the most cutting-edge systems.
  • Manufacturing - The needs of manufacturers vary widely, and each one needs flexibility to do their job well. Air compressors that are dependable and tough are essential for satisfying these demands. One of the most crucial compressors for industrial applications is this one.
  • A large portion of consumer goods are made of plastic, which necessitates the use of compressed air during production. These plastic producers have a wide range of requirements, so they depend on compressor industry specialists to assist them in developing a system that will meet their needs.
  • Pharmaceutical- Producing pharmaceutical products requires clean, contaminant-free compressed air, much like the food and beverage industry does. In order to achieve the demanding Food and Drug Administration regulations for drug production, clean, oil-free air compressors become a must.

Air Compressor Manufacturers

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