Steel Grit
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Steel Grit

Price Range : ₹ 65 /kg - 100 /kg

G-12 1.70 G-14 1.40 G-16 1.20 G-18 1.00 G-25 0.60 G-40 0.40 G-50 0.30
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Sand/shot blasting
Min Density
7.4 g/cm3
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  •   Surface Preparation
  •   Stone cutting
  •   Air sand/shot Blasting process
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Steel Grit Blasting Media

Steel grit is produced by means of melting and crashing into angular particles. The service life is significantly longer compared with iron-free and mineral blasting media. This makes the economical processing of materials like stainless steel, aluminum steel, galvanized steel, concrete, and natural stone possible.

Steel grits are used as an abrasive blast media in grit blasting machine. Blasting with steel grit is a crucial operation of metal production. it is most ordinarily wont to meet different requirements for several industrial applications. it produces an etching on the surface of the substrate for better coatings.

Steel Grit Abrasive

It is angular in shape. it is employed to get rid of old paint, rust, and other hard contaminants from the surface of the substrate. Mostly steel grit is employed for removing mill scale and different degrees of coatings from the surface. As steel grits are angular in shape in order that they remove old paint easily but if the component material is soft then there'll be chances of injury. therefore the selection of steel grit is depended upon the component material and also the aim of the blasting process to be done.

  • Steel Grit GP has the hardness of 42 to 52 HRC and, due to its round shape during its lifetime is also revered as an angular shot. It Is mainly used airless blasting machines and it has good results in the foundry industry because its cleaning rate is faster with little increase in maintenance costs and machine parts wear. GP has less hardness and commonly used for cleaning, de-scaling, and de-sanding.
  • Steel Grit GL has a medium hardness of 53 to 60 HRC. It is mostly used in airless blasting machine and blast room system. This site is mostly used for heavy de-scaling and surface preparation requirements. GL is of medium hardness of this and its angular shape lost during shot blasting.
  • Steel Grit GH has a maximum hardness of 60 to 64 HRC. It is more suitable for surface etching requirements due to its angular shape. GH is used in blast room system for quick cleaning and to achieve an anchor profile prior to coating. It can be reuse easily.

Chemical composition of Steel Grit:-

C 0.85-1.20

Si 0.40-1.20

Mn 0.60-1.20 S ≤0.05

P ≤0.05

Steel Grit properties:-


GP: 42 - 52HRC,

GL: 53 - 60HRC,

GH: 60 - 64HRC

Microstructure Homogeneous tempered Martensite or sorbate

Density ≥7.40g/cm3

External form Angular(Spherical/Semi-spherical/Flat granulas<10%)

Steel Grit Features and Benefits 

• Reusable abrasive can be recycled many times. With a slow abrasive breakdown, the grit will last longer. 

• Easier cleaning as it is simple to sweep. 

• Great for micro and structural blasting. 

• Centrifugal wheel machines. 

• Create a specific desired finished or where a nonferrous abrasive is required. 

• Non-rusting abrasive for longer storage. 

• Ideal alternative to aluminum oxide. 

• Virtually dust-free allows for vastly improved visibility in blast rooms. 

• Low disposal cost with minimal environmental impact. 

• Shorter blast times and less rework.

Steel Grit Manufacturers in India

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