Glass Beads Size AD
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Glass Beads Size AD

Price Range : ₹ 70 - 110 / KG

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Ambica Enterprises
Glass Beads
Cleaning, Peening, Abrasive Blasting
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  •   Burrs are removed from a metal part's corners and edges while keeping correct gathering and completed product operation into account.
  •   A low-cost, stress-resistant method for creating a homogeneous surface on a metal item is glass media blasting.
  •   Electroplating and other metal finishing processes require cleaning; grit blasting machine media efficiently removes surface debris while generating little layering change.
  •   Smaller glass media blasting beads will result in a smoother finish, but bigger beads will, if desired, result in a more textured surface.
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Glass beads size AD are made in accordance with established industry standards using the highest grade materials and cutting-edge technologies. Customers highly respect the variety of glass beads we offer for both their affordability and outstanding and elegant appearance. Customers can get this gear at market-leading prices. Strong glass beads called AC glass beads are mostly made of silicone and aluminum oxide as well as calcium, magnesium, boron, sodium, potassium, and zinc spray gun.

Glass beads size AD are typically used in the impact bureau for grating. They have a rounded form and polish the metal parts nicely. To achieve the optimum level of production, glass beads are struck at a pressure between 60 and 90 PSI.

Beneifits Of Glass Beads

  • The item and its aspect are not harmed.
  • It offers a quick and affordable cleaning.
  • It works for subsequent cleaning.
  • On the welding surface, it is used.
  • It eliminates fire stains and surface oxidation.

Working Of Glass Beads AD On Work Piece

  • A customer needs a decent, excellent finish from the wet blasting on an uncoated aluminum oxide product. Any size glass beads will produce excellent results, but for the best results, we would recommend using a small (fine) glass bead like glass bead AH and possibly resetting the gaseous tension to 40–50 psi. It won't take long and will provide a fantastic conclusion. The completion will still be excellent (much better than a dry blaster with a similar bead), will have a particular "glossy silk" feel, and will process quicker if you use larger size glass beads, like glass bead AB for example.
  • Another client needs to have a painted portion removed but also needs a good finish. The tiny glass bead might do the task, but because the especially fine medium has less bulk, processing time might be compromised. In this case, a medium to large glass bead may be more desirable with pneumatic pressure possibly between 70 and 90 psi. Even though the paint will be removed, the outcome will be outstanding.
  • Another wants a good wrap-up using a material that won't destroy tolerances or harm anything but has an engine part with carbon storage they need to remove. Here, a large measured glass bead at 80 to 90 psi will work well. The section will appear to have just been projected.
  • An incredibly fine glass bead at a relatively low pressure works well for cleaning plastic media parts that are dirty and just need to be cleaned. It will also remove dirt and grime from elastic parts.
  • Frosting glass, cleaning wood, Penning, light debarring, stress-relieving, eradicating heat-impacted zones, and providing a uniform finish are further uses for glass beads.

Glass Beads Price In India

We offer affordable glass beads AD price in India. We have superb cleaning glass beads size AD available for a competitive price. Modern technology and good quality glass are used in the processing of the offered beads. These beads are being processed by our experts in accordance with the high criteria set by the sector. These beads are used for polishing various glass bead surfaces as well as for reducing paint evaporation, light consumption, and other glass bead functions. Additionally, surfaces are prepared with our provided beads for paint adhesion and gasket sealing.