Air Receiver Tank
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Air Receiver Tank

Price Range : ₹ 4Lakh - 20lakh

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Ambica Enterprises
Air Receiver Tank
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AC Power
10 to 200 kg
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  •   An air receiver tank's main function is to provide temporary storage for compressed air.
  •   The system can average the peaks in compressed air demand over the duration of a shift by storing compressed air.
  •   The air receiver tank controls an air compressor by providing a constant flow of air to air, preventing short-cycling and over-pressurization.
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An Air Receiver Tank is a type of pressure pot that accepts air from the air compressor and holds it under pressure for later use. It is also referred to as an air compressor tank or a compressed air storage tank. The tanks are available in a variety of sizes and vertical and horizontal arrangements.

An air receiver tank's main function is to offer short-term compressed air storage. The system can average the peaks in compressed air demand over the duration of a shift by storing compressed air. Your compressed air system's air receiver tank can be compared to a battery in that it stores air rather than chemical energy.

A brief burst of a sand blasting, a dust collector, or someone using a blowgun to dust yourself off are just a few examples of the short, high-demand events that can be powered by this air for up to 30 seconds. Even when the air compressor is not functioning, the air in the tank is still available. Keeping compressed air on hand extends the life of your system by reducing abrupt demands on your air compressor. You might be able to do larger tasks with a lower horsepower air compressor if you use an air receiver tank.

Benefits of Air Receiver Tank

Stored Energy : An air receiver tank's main function is to offer short-term compressed air storage. It keeps compressed air on hand for brief demand surges, sometimes known as "events of abrupt demand." It also serves as a backup supply system in case of challenging situations that can occur at a factory, such as a brief loss of power (usually caused by switching from the grid to a generator), an unexpected, unplanned loss of supply from a compressor (often caused by a breakdown), etc. The air receiver is that dependable battery source that enables the smooth operation of your organisation. Consider the significance of a battery with UPS giving power for a computer to work without interruptions.

Stabiliser : Variable compressed air usage results in unequal demand on the air compressor, which leads the air compressor to cycle rapidly through its controls as it turns on and off to satisfy changing demand. A "cycle" is defined as each time the system powers on and off, or loads and unloads. The longer these cycles are maintained, the better for the air compressor motor and other parts. All upstream machinery, such as dryers and particle filters, are true to this. These systems' stable flow allows the machinery to perform as it was designed to.

Improves Efficiency for Air Compressor : Compressed air can be lost while the air compressor cycles on and off. The Separator tank is blown-off from its operational pressure, which is normally 7 bar, to nearly atmospheric pressure every time a rotary screw air compressor cycles to unload. The venting involves the release of compressed air.

Improves Efficiency for Dryers : The receiver serves as a heat exchanger when used as a wet Tank (or receiver before the dryer), chilling the air and condensing some moisture before it enters the dryer. A valve at the bottom of the tank allows the water to drain out. The air receiving tank lessens the effort required by the air dryer by eliminating some moisture beforehand. This is true for all types of dryers, including desiccant and refrigerated air dryers.

Improves Efficiency for Filters : For the same reason as above, the moisture removal to some extent enables the filters to be comparatively dry when compared to the direct handling of compressed air coming from the compressor.

Air Receiver Tank Manufacturers

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