Air Operated Shot Blasting Machine

In AirOperated Shot Blasting Machine shot media is mix with compressed air, it's known as Pneumatic Shot Blasting Machine.

Portable Shot Blasting Machine

The portable shot blasting machine essentially a finishing machine has been strongly utilized on glass, metal, plastic, ceramics, and stone. The portable shot blaster is a safe, high productivity system designed for use with a wide range of abrasive media.

Vacuum Blasting Machine

Vacuum blasting machine / dustless blasting machine gives a dust-free environment-friendly blasting solution that is simple to use, varied in nature, and powerful. our company gives our customers the best quality and low Vacuum Shot Blasting price in India.

Shot Blasting Room

Our Shot Blasting Room product ranges from portable shot blasting equipment, shot blast room, shot blast cabinet, blast rooms, shot abrasive recovery, and dust collectors & collection equipment, shot blasting unit, shot blasting plant.

Shot Blasting Cabinet

Shot blasting cabinet is a different type of shot blasting machine which has a cabinet and is a closed form of the machine. In that closed portion blasting of contaminants as well as recycling of shot blasting machine grit gets the place.

Shot Blasting Machine

Shot blasting machine is a very important method that is utilized by each industry particularly the metal industry. Shot blasting is a valuable method that is utilized in pretty much every industry that utilizations metal like aviation, foundry, transport building, development, car, etc. Essentially shot blasting is utilized to clean, for shot peening, or to clean the metal surfaces.

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