Steel Grit G40
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Steel Grit G40

Price Range : ₹ 65 - 85 /kg

Ambica Enterprises
47 - 63 HRC
0.12 - 2.00 MM
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  •   Steel grit g40 is frequently used to remove surface coatings, plant scale, and other sorts of buildup.
  •   To remove outdated paint, steel grit G40 is properly and accurately suited.
  •   Steel Grit G40 is especially helpful in all kinds of shot blasting equipment, in addition to impact rooms where feeds are utilized for air impacting.
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Steel Grit G40 is one of the most practical and efficient abrasive media in the abrasive blasting industry. Steel grit G40 is an extraordinary grade of abrasive media that offers a wide range of advantages in the fields of grit blasting. Shot blasting and shot peening are two different methods of abrasive blasting that both employ the same abrasive media known as steel grit. Steel grit is such an abrasive since it has surfaces that are really hard and can do all of our immediate chores quickly.

Crushing, screening, and tempering the resultant abrasive media to the required hardness produces steel grit. The blasting surface may be cleaned and made smoother with the aid of the steel grit sharp edges.

In addition to being used in impact rooms where spouts are used for air impacting, these abrasive Steel Grit G40 are particularly useful in all types of wheel machines and shot blasting machine. They effortlessly smooth down the hitting surface by cleaning, cutting, and using their sharp edges to do so.

To remove plant scale and different types of surface coatings, steel grit g40 is generally employed. While steel grits are precise and fit like a glove, they efficiently remove old paint; yet, there is a chance of harm if the section material is sensitive. In light of the part's substance as well as the objective of the firing cycle, the steel grit to be utilized is thus chosen. There are several sizes and forms of Steel Grit Manufacturer. Steel grits may be found in a wide range of shapes and sizes, which allows for a wide range of shot profiles and outcomes.

Steel Grit G40 Applications 

  • Shot blasting
  • Shipbuilding
  • Pipe building
  • Steel construction
  • Granite cutting
  • Metal fabrication
  • Steel mills

Steel Grit G40 Benefits

  • Extreme toughness.
  • Quick cutting.
  • High Rate of Recyclability.
  • Magnetic.
  • Utilized for both pneumatic (air) and wheel blasting.

Steel Grit Suppliers 

We are one of the top Steel Grit Suppliers in India, which is widely utilized in a variety of sectors. Blasting operations typically use steel grit G40 to clean the surfaces of steel castings, CI castings, S.G. Iron castings, and forgings, to name a few. Additionally, these are mostly used in shot-peening operations with a shot blasting machine to remove pollutants including rust, dust, scales, and other contaminants as well as to minimize surface tensions.

Our grits are produced under the direction of our experts and in accordance with high criteria for quality set by the sector. The products we provide are appropriate for eccentric rebound aids covering and rust cleaning in our industries. These steel grits are renowned for their immaculate polish, resistance to corrosion, toughness, and affordability.

One of the top producers and exporters of metal abrasives, including glass beads, garnet sand, cast steel shots, steel cut wire shots, stainless steel shots, and stainless steel, cut wire shots, as well as other industrial abrasives, is Ambica Enterprises. These materials are used in shot blasting cabinet and rooms to remove scales, rust, and dust, as well as for shot peening heat-treated components. A few applications for the provided spectrum include cars, trains, aviation, foundries and forging facilities, and radiation shielding. Our company provides best steel grit g40 price.