Steel Shot S930
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Steel Shot S930

Price Range : ₹ 65- 85 /kg

Ambica Enterprises
0.04 - 2.80 mm
≥ 7.5 g/cm³
Grain Shape
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  •   Steel Shots is dust-free, making it ideal for use in surface preparation, rust removal, and shipbuilding applications. It is also commonly used in ship maintenance.
  •   It is used for surface cleaning, rust removal, and forging of mild steel, cast steel, steel structures, and oxidized workpieces.
  •   Steel Shot S-930 is used for surface cleaning, rust removal, and forging of iron, cast steel, steel structures, and oxidized workpieces.
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Steel Shot S930 is the most common used for cleaning and enhancing a metal surface. The final  surface quality that is attained on the metal will depend on the grade or size of the steel shot. Steel shot in a ball form accelerates, creating a peening motion that results in a clean, smooth, and polished surface. Steel shot S90 is further employed in peening applications to give torque or load-bearing metal components compressive strength.

Although they may generate a rougher surface, Steel shots s930 will clean more forcefully. To propel the steel shot onto the surface of the component, wheel blast systems and air operated shot blasting machine can both be employed. Steel shot may be recycled more than hundreds of times before needing to be replaced because of its hardness and density. A very little quantity of dust is produced during the shot blasting process when steel shot is used.

Steel shot is a metallic abrasive material that is generated by the atomization of liquid steel. Sand removal and better metal surface preparation are two of the main uses of steel shots in the metalworking sector, which includes ferrous and non-ferrous foundries, steel mills, forge shops, and metal fabricators. The size of the Steel Shot S390 is 1.00mm. It is used for surface cleaning, rust removal, and surface cleaning of iron, cast steel, steel structures, large-size forging, and oxidized workpieces.

Advantages of Steel Shots

  • It produces fantastic results on metal surfaces.
  • High Ruggedness.
  • Strong recycling ability and cost-effectiveness.
  • Used in Air Operated Shot Blasting Machine and Airless Shot Blasting Machine.
  • Clean, smooth surface created by removing surface impurities.

Applications of steel shots 

  • Cleaning: For cleaning purposes, steel shots are used to remove loose debris, corrosion, and paint coats from metal surfaces.
  • Surface Preparation: The process of cleaning, sanding, and physically altering a blasting surface is known as surface preparation. Steel Shot are primarily used in surface preparation to clean metal surfaces covered in mill scale, filth, and rust as well as to physically modify the metal surface, such as by adding roughness for better paint and coating adhesion.
  • Shot Peening: Shot peening is the process of repeatedly hitting or inserting hard shot particles into a metal surface. These impacts cause the metal surface to deform or alter, but they also lengthen the metal surface's durability or life. Instead of triangular, spherical media are employed in this method.

Steel Shot Manufacturers in India 

We are one of the top Steel Shot Manufacturers in India, which is extensively utilized across several industries. To clean the inner and exterior surfaces of steel castings, CI castings, S.G. Iron castings, and forgings, to mention a few, blasting processes frequently employ steel shot. Additionally, they are generally employed in shot-peening operations to eliminate surface tensions as well as the removal of pollutants including rust, dust, scales, and other contaminants.

With a broad selection of abrasives, we have established ourselves as a reliable Steel Shots Supplier in India. While putting a constant emphasis on quality, our business provides a wide variety of Steel Shots. Due to its great efficiency and good quality, this product is widely respected by our consumers. Our providers meticulously create the provided range utilizing high-quality, authorized Steel Shots in order to ensure compliance with generally accepted requirements.

Additionally, We offer high-quality abrasive media for blasting use, premium quality abrasive that is copper slag, aluminum oxide, steel grit, walnut shell, glass bead, quartz sand and many more, for use in portable shot blasting machine, sand blasting machines, suction blasting cabinets, pressure blasting cabinets, portable shot blasting machine, dustless blasting machines and provides best price in India. 

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