Roller Conveyor Shot Blasting Machine
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Roller Conveyor Shot Blasting Machine

Price Range : ₹ 15- 30Lakhs

Roller Conveyor Shot Blasting Machine
Semi-Automatic, Automatic
Machine Type
Roller Conveyor
420 Volt (v)
6-7 Bar
Number Of Doors
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Transportation Mode :
Air Transport
Sea Transport
Land Transport
  •   For general surface preparation prior welding, cutting & machining.
  •   For general surface preparation for painting.
  •   To rust & scale removal.
  •   For paint stripping.
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Introduction Of Roller Conveyor Shot Blasting Machine

Roller conveyor shot blasting machines are appropriate for blasting plates, profiles, welded, pipes & additional comparable components. Roller conveyor shot blasting machines are generally intended for shot blasting machine pieces of greater dimensions, alike steel sheets, profiles, beams, & basic structures. Shorter job pieces could even be shot blasted & inserted into specially designed mesh housings & frames.

A crane & forklift loads job pieces onto a roller conveyor, which transports them via machine. Power of blasting wheels & acceleration of roller conveyor is governed by process & job piece type. Each shot blasting machine includes sufficient shot blasting wheels. They are mounted at an angle & positioned optimally for reduced energy & abrasive usage.

Roller conveyor shot blasting machine manganese steel shields cover machine's sturdy casing & are straightforward to repair, expanding its lifetime. A sequence of rubber screens in entrance & exit cleaning rooms retains abrasive after only shot blasting equipment. If any abrasive remains on job pieces behind shot blasting process, it is transferred to an aqueduct equipped accompanied by a rapid height adjustable spinning brush & a heightened pressure fan. Screw conveyors, elevators, & abrasive cleaners assure certain an abrasive media is cleaned automatically & repeatedly.

Roller Conveyor Blasting Machines

Roller conveyor blasting machines include extraordinarily heightened exhibition efficiency & are readily combined into automated & semi-automatic manufacturing lines. It fulfills the primary safety & health requirements & is presented in two models: pre-fabrication & post-fabrication. Heightened effectiveness blast wheel. Pre-fabrication is scheduled for blasting beams, profiles, sheets, flat & angle bars, pipelines, & more. Enhances cut quality, decreases consumables & machining tools, & contributes to the factory's cleanliness. When combined accompanied by a good discharge of manufacturing, it could reduce the requirement for afterblasting. Post-fabrication is designed to blast welded constructions but is also capable of working along natural materials. It features a greater number of blast wheels than pre-fabrication machines, whichever are arranged to blast several exteriors certain typically comprise a welded structure. They are specifically suggested for paint preparation.

Steel plate shot blasting machines for profiling is one of roller conveyor shot blasting machines, that are scheduled & supplied by embracing benefits of comparable outcomes from both within the country & abroad. Boasting state-of-the-art velocities to release exterior contamination, scale & different contaminants from externals.

G Roller Conveyor Blasting Machine

Roller conveyors are mostly engaged for cleansing metal plates & profiles in a continuous spread operation. Ambica Enterprises provides a scope of roller conveyors for a combination of applications & work rates. G range is especially intended for treatment of metal plates & profiles in the steel structure & rehearsal sectors. G roller conveyor shot blasting machines could be constructed as single units & while part of a mechanical transportation & sawing/drilling system.

G series is available along via spread widths ranging from 600-3000mm. Shot blasting wheels are arranged perpendicular to roller conveyor's discharge direction. RB 1500 is equipped with chaperoned by four-shot blast wheels. RB 2000 may be equipped chaperoned by either four or six wheels. Larger machines, RB 2500 & RB 3000, may be fitted chaperoned by either 6 or 8-shot blast wheels. A 6-wheel variant is utilized for treating plates & more miniature profiles, while 8-wheel performance is best suited for blasting profiles.

HD Roller Conveyor Blasting Machine

HD roller conveyor machine sequence is the most elevated performing assortment of this equipment kind for blasting sheet metal & profiles. Key distinction betwixt this machine & others on demand is angled formatting of shot blast wheels on the machine's top. This design decreases assemblage of abrasive on the segments accompanied by more extended profiles. This technology has a substantially more elevated ratio of blasting energy to primary job, i.e., de-rusting & scale reduction from sheet metal & profiles while evading creation of enormous heaps of abrasive.

In practice, an HD roller conveyor machine along slanted wheels blasts 5–20% faster than a roller conveyor amidst straight-shot blast wheels. HD roller conveyors are engaged when high via spread rates & extended maintenance intervals are required. With these qualities, this abrasive blasting machine is ideal for integrating into entirely automated manufacturing lines. The HD roller conveyor series may be recommended in widths varying from 1,500 to 3,000 mm. All of equipment in this line is capable of shot blasting both sheet metal & profiles.

HD roller conveyors are primarily equipped along most recent interpretation of a shot blast wheel. There are several choices for these roller conveyors, including automated blast wheel cut-off for goods that don't span whole width of machine, blasting practice adjustment for exterior blast wheels, & automatic detachment of drilling & sawing chips.

Advantages Of Roller Conveyor Shot Blasting Machine

  • Could be merged into an automatic exhibition line.
  • Inclined & blasting wheels.
  • Jobpiece existence detection.
  • Fast flexible extreme of rotating brush.

Roller Conveyor Shot Blasting Machine Price

Ambica Enterprises is India's leading manufacturer and supplier of roller conveyor shot blasting machines. Our roller conveyor shot blasting machine price in India varies depending on their size. When compared to other roller conveyor shot blasting machines, ours is less expensive. We provide airless shot blasting machines, air-operated shot blasting machines, sand blasting machine, tumblast shot blasting machines, grit blasting machines, shot blasting spare parts, shot blasting wheels, shot peening machine, pinch valves, air compressors, cyclone dust collectors, thermal spray guns, thermal spray wire, abrasive media, and more.