Shot Blasting Wheels
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Shot Blasting Wheels

Price Range : ₹ 10-12k/Piece

Shot Blasting Wheels
5-125 HP
Mild Steel
Number of blades
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  •   The shot blasting wheel is used to propel the abrasive media on the surface in an airless shot blasting machine.
  •   In the tumblast shot blasting machines.
  •   In the table & Hanger type blasting machines.
  •   In the horizontal belt & Wire belt machines.
  •   In the roller conveyor machines.
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Introduction of Shot Blasting Wheels

We deliver both Uni-directional & Bi-directional shot blasting wheels both single sided & double sided in mild steel, C-45, EN-353, & tool steel (D2) grade whichever are duly heat-treated & dynamically balanced. The Bi-directional shot blasting wheel is scheduled to rotate in either direction (CW & CCW) at its full capability in motor sizes altering from 5-125 HP. We also ensure more abrasive at more inferior HP & less power by superseding your old M-type shot blasting wheels accompanied by Radio Lock Wheels (RLM).

The 24-inch diameter, multi-patent shot blasting wheel has a double-sided runnerhead design along with two-sided, reversible, long & thin design blades. The cool, effective operating speed is 1,760 RPM. Ambica Enterprises engineers invented low RPM direct movement between the motor & wheel to raise performance requirements.
High-maintenance elements including sheaves, V-belts, spindle & pillow block bearings, & horsepower robbing hold been released. By maximizing the transference of net motor energy to the blade tips, this design maximizes steel shots velocity & pattern efficiency.

Out of all the cleaning methods available today, blast wheel shot blasting is the least expensive & least harmful to the environment. The idea behind the shot blasting machine operation is to remove impurities from a piece of material by using the kinetic energy of the abrasive when it strikes its surface. The quality, amount, speed, and direction of the shot determine how well the equipment performs the last three variables are totally dependent on the shot blasting wheels operating well.

Shot Blasting Alloy Wheels

The shot blasting alloy wheels, which serves as the machine's brain, is crucial to the efficiency of the job done, the final product's look after blasting, the cost of manufacturing, & ultimately the process's profitability.

Multiple shot blasting wheels positioned to allow the abrasive to cover the whole surface of the objects to be shot blasted can be used by airless shot blasting machines. The size and shape of the objects that ought to be cleaned dictate how many wheels are installed on a machine. Usually, the installed shot blasting power is all that is required to accomplish the specified surface finish in a single procedure at a sufficient pace.

Shot blast wheels function similarly to centrifuge pumps or fans. The abrasive is thrown by the wheels in a predetermined direction, speed, and quantity using centrifugal force.

The abrasive comes from the storage shot blasting hopper & enters the wheel via the feeding bushing or downcomer elbow. The shot is initially accelerated by the impeller & forced via the control cage's entrance. The shot then moves on to the blades or vanes. The latter uses centrifugal force to propel the shot until it reaches the parts that need to be treated.

The wheel, which serves as the machine's brains, is crucial to the efficiency of the job done, the final product's look behind blasting, the cost of manufacturing, & ultimately the process's profitability.

Features of Shot Blasting Wheels

  • Reducing the blasting time by hurling more abrasive.
  • Improved abrasive through and velocity control as a result of the revised housing design.
  • Extended blade life.
  • Speak up with a sound abrator.
  • A 50% reduction in vibration.
  • Vibration is decreased when the tapered lock bush on the hub is removed.

Two key elements are propelling the fast growth of abrasive blasting machine. The first has to do with the advent of the throwing wheel as a device certain propels the granulated media toward the feasted surface, and the second has to do with the creation of contemporary machining media. Blasting is among the most effective mechanical exterior preparation techniques because of these combined features. Regrettably, the components in close proximity to the abrasive stream suffer considerable wear due to its strong erosiveness, which is highly valued throughout the exterior preparation process. The concerns that are existing worked on center on the potential for categorizing different throwing wheel states of a rotary machine tool by analyzing its dynamic features.

Shot Blasting Alloy Wheels Price

We are the leading shot blasting alloy wheels manufacturer & shot blasting wheel supplier in India. Our shot blasting wheels price is low compared to others. We also offer all types of spare parts such as sand blasting nozzle, nozzle holders, pinch valves, remote control valves, sand blasting hoses, airless shot blasting machines, air-operated shot blasting machines, sand blasting machine, abrasive blasting machines, etc.