Molybdenum Powder
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Molybdenum Powder

Price Range : ₹ 40 - 100 / kg

Grade Standard
Technical Grade
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  •   Used for processing fabricated metal products and machine parts such as wire, sheets, sintered alloys, and electronic components.
  •   Used for alloying, brake pads, ceramic metallization, diamond tooling, infiltration, and metal injection molding.
  •   Used as a chemical catalyst, detonation initiator, metal matrix composite, and sputtering target.
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As powder metallurgy specialists, We accurately control the interaction to guarantee the powder meets our tough immaculateness prerequisites. As well as utilizing our powders inside, We are additionally satisfied to offer our molybdenum and tungsten carbide powder to outside clients. We have broad experience in custom planning tungsten and molybdenum powders into different agglomerated grain structures, green qualities, and molecule estimates as required for remarkable client applications.

Molybdenum Powder Price

Molybdenum powder price in India depends on the quality of the Molybdenum powder. Molybdenum is an extremely flexible metal utilized in a wide scope of uses. The most well-known utilization of molybdenum is as an added substance in different sorts of steel. More than 70% of molybdenum delivered goes into impeccable, underlying, and device preparation. Moly gives consumption protection from treated steel and diminishes breaking, expands high-temperature strength, and improves weldability in primary and instrument preparations. Extra uses for moly incorporate synthetic compounds for petrol refining and oils, fiber materials, cathodes, and airplane applications. Molybdenum is delegated substantial metal, however, is considerably less poisonous than other weighty metals, which makes it an appealing substitute for materials like lead and mercury.

Specifications of Molybdenum Powder

Usage/Application Industrial
Packaging Type HDPE Bag
Packaging Size 1000 Kg
Color Black
Form Powder
Purity 99.7%

Ambica Enterprises has been delivering molybdenum powders and molybdenum wire since the 90s. At first, we delivered molybdenum for use in lighting applications yet immediately extended to give powders and parts utilized in the hardware and avionic business. Ambica Enterprises today offers two sorts of molybdenum powders that change in molecule size.

High-Performance Molybdenum Powder

  • Standard Purity, 99.95% Mo
  • Moly Brown Oxide, MoO2
  • Moly TriOxide, MoO3
  • Blended Powders

Different Grade Sizes for Molybdenum Powder

Grade Screened FSSS Range (μm) Bulk Density (g/㎤)
Mo380 100 Mesh 3.3 - 4.3 1.0 - 2.2
Mo460 100 Mesh or
140 Mesh
4.0 - 5.2 1.0 - 2.2

Applications of Molybdenum Powder

  • Car parts, for example, cylinder rings and 
  • synchronizing rings 
  • Diesel motor fuel injectors 
  • Constant projecting and ingot molds 
  • Glass fabricating parts like liquefying 
  • terminals and heater parts 
  • Machine bedways 
  • Valve and siphon parts 
  • Gears

Molybdenum Powder Price in India

We are the manufacturer of molybdenum powder at a low price in India for sale. We are also the supplier and exporter of abrasive shot, Steel Shot, SS Shot, Steel Grit, Garnet sand, Quartz shot, Aluminum oxide, glass beads blasting for stainless steel, etc, and a qualitative range of industrial steel abrasive products.

To enable us to quote for your requirement, kindly give us the following info –

1.      Particle size required (You may choose from above or give your own range).

2.      Packing required.

3.      Quantity required with the delivery schedule.

4.      Destination port.

5.      Payment terms.

6.      Discharge rate at the destination, if in break-bulk.

7.      Any other point which may impact the quote.

We can also offer ungraded material for shipments in bulk in any quantities as desired by our buyers on FOB or CNF FO basis terms.