Abrasive Blasting Nozzle
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Abrasive Blasting Nozzle

Price Range : ₹ 5-7k/Piece

Abrasive Blasting Nozzle
Tungsten Carbide, Silicon Nitride
6,7,8,10 mm
Length Varies
Nozzle Holder
Tensile Strength
Nozzle Type
Long Nozzle / Short Nozzle
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  •   Abrasive blasting nozzles are widely used in surface treatment, sandblasting, electronics, chemical processes, & other industries for a variety of applications such as abrasive blasting and burr removal.
  •   Abrasive blasting nozzle material is highly robust, thus it is extensively utilized in India's abrasive blasting industries.
  •   The Abrasive blasting nozzle is tough, abrasion- and corrosion-resistant.
  •   Almost every air-operated abrasive blasting equipment employs an abrasive blasting nozzle to deliver abrasive material.
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Introduction of Abrasive Blasting Nozzle

A complete line of abrasive blasting nozzle in a variety of sizes, including the most popular materials, tungsten carbide, and aluminum, as well as more specialized configurations like boron carbide and silicon nitride. Ambica Enterprises desires to increase the acoustic arrangement of abrasive blasting nozzle employed to remove paint & surface coatings. The goal is to explore the noise-generating mechanisms of abrasive blasting machine processes & create a quiet, effective, & efficient nozzle. This development aims to enhance the acoustics & productivity of blasting nozzles, including a target of diminishing noise by at least 20 dB(A) & increasing nozzle efficiency by 20%.

We are a foremost producer of blast nozzles & other combustion control instruments for contractor abrasive blasting in the construction sector, as well as suction & pressure blast cabinets in the manufacturing industry. Ambica Enterprises delivers tungsten carbide, BP200 SiAlON, boron carbide nozzle, & aluminum oxide nozzles & insertions in hundreds of sizes & shapes to accomplish your unique requirements.

Portable hand held gauge for calculating the orifice size (inches) & air consumption (CFM @ 100 psi) of an abrasive blasting nozzle.  Abrasive blasting nozzles must be equipped accompanied by a remote control valve (deadman) switch that allows the operator to control the abrasive blast at the nozzle. delivers abrasive blasting nozzles for exact your most challenging jobs. Our sand blasting nozzle outcomes are known for virtually every suction, abrasive, & direct-pressure air blast system in use today.

Abrasive blasting machine processes, as they presently stand, tend to be rather loud, sometimes being 119 dB or more increased, negatively impacting worker’s health & safety, as well as adding extra costs to businesses in the form of necessary hearing protection & employee training & audiometric testing. Possible health effects include hearing loss (both temporary & permanent), tinnitus, & increased stress . In addition, disclosure to increased levels of noise could lead to complicated communication & distraction, whichever could lead to casualties & lessened productivity (Occupational Safety & Health Administration [OSHA], n.d.). OSHA regulations demand listening protector to be worn by employees founded on the noise levels they are revealed to & the durations for which they are disclosed OSHA Standard 1910.95 (1910.95 - Occupational Noise Exposure, n.d.). If a nozzle could be designed which meets or exceeds the OSHA standard for an 8- hour shift, worker health and safety could be improved while simultaneously increasing productivity & decreasing costs due to longer allowable shifts without hearing protection & easier communication between employees. The objective of this assignment was to utilize computational fluid dynamics (CFD) as well as bodily testing to explore how design modifications to an abrasive sand blasting nozzle affect the accurate pressure level, & if possible, to reduce it to below 85 dB threshold deemed safe for an 8-hour employment shift under current OSHA regulations.

The nozzle utilized for the outcome is perhaps the numerous significant factor in engagement presentation targets. The nozzle's bore shape dictates the blast pattern required for application.
- Straight bore nozzles supply a narrow blast pattern, making them suitable for sand blasting machine operation in tiny areas.
- Venturi bore nozzles deliver an expansive blast convention & enhance bit velocity, which boosts productiveness when blasting more significant areas.

Venturi-type pressure blast nozzles are generally employed. They are constructed additionally additional interior forms to acquire distinct goals.

Venturi-shaped nozzles taper external from aperture to entrance ending of the nozzle. This advanced exit development authorizes air & media to mingle enclosed by the nozzle, enabling them to develop equally before exiting it. A venturi nozzle offers high shot peening machine procedure intensity & cleaning capacities in a general pattern. Venturi nozzle's performance is defined by the correct ratio of measurement to orifice size, as well as the entrance & entrance tapers. This design delivers a huge blast pattern, resulting in the highest cleaning acceleration.

As nozzles deteriorate from repeated disclosure to elevated velocity abrasive media, more air & media may travel via an orifice. The supplemental area enclosed by the nozzle uses additional air volume, increasing the directive for compressed air supply. If air volume can't maintain additional escalated discharge, pressure at the abrasive blasting nozzle will decrease. Additionally less pressure, peening intensity & production diminish, & effectiveness decreases. A good regulation of thumb for maintaining consistent elevated output is to supersede the abrasive blasting nozzle when the orifice wears to the subsequent bigger size.

Features of Abrasive Blasting Nozzle

  • Blast nozzles are obtainable for every purpose.
  • Tungsten carbide material provides great wear resistance.
  • Unpaired performance.

Abrasive Blasting Nozzle Price

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