Plastic Media
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Plastic Media

Price Range : ₹ 300 - 500 /kg

Brand Name
Ambica Enterprises
Plastic Media
Red, Green, White, Yellow
Melting Point
70-80 C
Finishing, Polishing, Grinding
3.8 g/cm3
Media Diameter
187 mm
Surface Area
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Transportation Mode :
Air Transport
Sea Transport
Land Transport
  •   Plastic media are frequently used for deflashing plastic parts, cleaning moulds, removing and cleaning hydrocarbon deposits, anti-corrosion coatings, waxes, adhesives, and sealants.
  •   High durability, absence of silica, and absence of residual deposits make this media type extremely effective and cost-efficient.
  •   Plastic media blasting equipment can apply the material at a high velocity without adding much mass because of the light weight of the plastic particles, which makes the stripping process incredibly quick.
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This Plastic Media permits the application of delicate finishes to both metals and plastics. It does away with expensive hand polishing and gives surfaces ideal for painting, anodizing, or electroplating. It is widely used to improve the surface of all metals and polymers via deburring, deflashing, radiusing, polishing, and burnishing. All types of metals can be effectively stripped using plastic media. It is very soft to handle and works well with sand blasting machine, shot blasting equipment, and sand blasting hoppers.

The bulk weight of plastic media is almost half that of ceramic media since it is typically used to treat parts more gently. Plastic media are lightweight, manageable, and have a long working life. Tower packing equipment composed of plastic and polyethylene is known as plastic random packing materials. They can withstand heat, chemicals, and corrosion. They are available from us in a variety of stunning hues. Its rolling setting is fixed. They are employed for both entertainment and public spaces.

Plastic Media Blasting

Plastic media blasting provides a quick, affordable, and secure way to remove coatings from practically any surface. The method is conceptually comparable to sandblasting. However, at low blasting pressures of 14–40 psi, much softer reusable plastic particles are utilised in place of hard silica sand. The plastic media can remove coatings at these pressures without harming the underlying substrates, which can be made of aluminium, fibreglass, or even plastic.

Composing Materials to satisfy the needs of various car finishes and substrates and we provide wide range of plastic media including glass beads, steel shots, aluminum oxide, garnet sand, quartz sand, silicon carbide and copper salg at low price in India. The individual plastic granules have an asymmetrical arrangement and sharp, angular edges on their surfaces. An efficient cutting, shearing, and lifting motion happens during use. Due to the special physical properties of plastic media, build-up is removed without etching, marring, warping, or otherwise harming fragile substrates, maintaining crucial surface integrity.

Plastic Media Uses

  • Paint removal off automobiles, trucks, boats, trains, aircraft, and their parts and components is frequently done using plastic medium.
  • Paint removal and restoration of steel, aluminium, rubber, composites, automobiles, trucks, aircraft, boats, and motorbikes are both accomplished using plastic media.
  • Plastic Blast Media is used to precisely and delicately remove paint from military and commercial aircraft.
  • It also has a number of applications for blast cleaning.

Plastic Media Price

We are the manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of inexpensive abrasive plastic media in India and we provide best and minimum plastic media price and other abrasives price like steel shots, steel grit, glass bead, quartz sand, abrasive garnet sand, aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, etc.

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Plastic Media Suppliers in India

We are one of the best plastic media suppliers in India at an minimum price. Because of its sharp edges, plastic abrasive media can quickly remove corrosion and old paint. When compared to other abrasives, plastic media blasting creates less dust during the blasting process and we manufacturers of abrasive plastic media for bead blasting, shot blasting machinesand blasting machine, abrasive blasting cabinet, rust removing, paint removing and finishing, etc.