Cut Wire Shot
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Cut Wire Shot

Price Range : ₹ 100 - 500 /kg

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Cut Wire Shot
Steel, Zinc, Copper, Aluminum
0.40 - 2.50 mm
45-55 HRC
7.8 g/cm3
Cylindrical, Cut
Shot peening and Shot blasting
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  •   Iron and steel component parts are cleaned, deburred, descaled, fettled, and shot-peened using steel cut wire shots with a shot blasting machine.
  •   When conductivity is important and cannot be compromised, copper cut wire shot is typically used to clean or peen parts and components.
  •   Ferrous contamination could be harmful when blasting non-ferrous work materials like stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, or other non-ferrous metals. In these crucial applications, with a shot blasting cabinet cut wire shots made of stainless steel are used.
  •   To remove paint from tools and electrical components, a cut wire shot is also utilized. mostly utilized for ornamental peening, polishing, and color processing of valve valves.
  •   Among other things, aluminum forgings, magnesium die castings, and aluminum dies castings are shot blasted with aluminum cut wire shot.
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Cut Wire Shot is produced by cutting spring steel wire into lengths that are equivalent to the wire diameter, then conditioning and rounding the wire if necessary to achieve the desired shape. Cut Wire Shot is formed of cold-drawn spring steel wire with a high content of carbon. Because the wire from which it was made was heat treated and coldly pulled to achieve hardness and homogeneity, the quality of the cut-wire shot is guaranteed. This ensures that the cut-wire shot won't fracture, shatter, or powder while in use with a shot blasting machine, together with the balanced chemical qualities and total firmness of every piece.

Types of Cut Wire Shot

  1. Steel Cut Wire Shot: Steel Cut Wire Shot is used to clean, deburr, descale, fettle, and shot peen iron and steel component parts. There are many hardness ranges available depending on the application. Generally, the harder something is, the less durable it is. Surfaces cleaned by wire-cut shots are incredibly smooth and bright. Steel cut wire shot produces no dust and leaves the surface more cleanly and brightly than other abrasives since it is a whole-bodied shot without any scales or oxides.

  2. Stainless Steel Cut Wire Shot: Stainless steel cut wire shot is made from type AISI 316/304/202/430. stainless steel wire with a consistent hardness of 400 to 500 VPN, or as needed by our clients. When blasting stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, or other non-ferrous work materials, ferrous contamination could be detrimental. Stainless steel cut wire shots are employed in these critical applications. The product is perfect for shot blasting. You will have an extra broad finish, and there will be NO dust buildup. It will have a life that is roughly 8–10 times longer than steel shots/grits and 4-5 times longer than steel cut wire shots.

  3. Zinc Cut Wire Shot: Zinc Cut Wire Shot are soft abrasives with a lower hardness range of 20–80 HRB and a higher density. A very thin film layer is left behind on work items by zinc cut wire shot, which also increases corrosion resistance.

  4. Copper Cut Wire Shot: Shots made of copper-cut wire are extremely durable, which lowers the cost and speed of production. They provide homogeneous dimensionality and hardness. It is mostly used to clean or peen parts and components where conductivity is crucial and cannot be messed with. Additionally used to remove paint from tools and electrical components. A copper shot is mostly used for valve color processing, electric fitting surface peening, polishing, and ornaments.

  5. Aluminum Cut Wire Shot: Shots produced from aluminum alloy wire are essentially made using specialized cutting equipment. Aluminum cut wire shot leaves a very little trace and are extremely durable. Eliminating separating lines or other imperfections while cleaning aluminum or other non-ferrous castings that need a satin-type finish. It is used for shot blasting aluminum die castings, magnesium dies castings, and aluminum forgings, among other things.

Cut Wire Shot Manufacturer

As a leading Cut Wire Shot Manufacturer in India, we supply a wide range of abrasive media such as steel shots, steel grit, glass beads, garnet sand, quartz sand, plastic media, copper slag, silicon carbide, aluminum oxide, and so on at the most affordable price for the shot blasting machine, sand blasting machine, suction blasting cabinet, pressure blasting cabinet, portable shot blasting machine, dustless blasting machine, etc. We have a wide range of cut wire shots to fulfill various types of requirements of our customers from all over India as well as from other countries.

We as Cut Wire Shot Suppliers make sure that all of our customers receive "Quality ensured with Experience." We cordially invite both local and international clients to get in touch with us or even visit to talk about their needs. Delivery on time and first-rate after-sales care to guarantee that we exceed all client expectations and produce happy clients. We promise that you will discover us to be your ideal supplier with superb quality & most affordable price.

Features Of Cut Wire Shots

  1. It cleans more quickly thanks to its cylindrical form and rounded edges. In the end, your blasting machine's cleaning rate will rise by using a steel cut wire shot.

  2. The cut wire shots naturally tend to become spherical after a few hours of use in the sand blasting machine.

  3. Shots do not turn to dust because of the thin grain size, which allows them to survive for days or even weeks until every shot is reduced to a tiny particle.

  4. Cut wire shot has a lower cost for maintenance and storage because they are utilized more frequently (3-5 times).

  5. Cleans quickly and leaves a smoother, brighter surface than other abrasives and increases the blasted objects' fatigue life.