Sand Blasting Nozzle Holder
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Sand Blasting Nozzle Holder

Price Range : ₹ 300-800/piece

Sand Blasting Nozzle Holder
Plastic, Aluminum, Brass
Product Type
Blasting Equipment
100 - 150 Grams (g)
Heat Resistance, Highly Durable
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  •   The purpose of the Sand Blasting Nozzle Holder is to securely retain the nozzle & attach it to the blast hose.
  •   Aluminum nozzle holders are utilized to attach sand blast nozzles to sand blast hoses.
  •   Blasting nozzle holders are fastened to the end of the sand blasting hose employing small screws, sealant, & an external friction fit.
  •   Sand blasting Nozzle holders are in great demand in the sand blasting machine industry because to their strength & lightweight design.
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Blasting Nozzle Holder

There are several materials for sand blasting nozzle holder, including as brass, nylon, & aluminum. Additionally, majority come in coarse (Contractor) & fine (NPSM) thread options. Only utilize undercut screws when attaching blast hoses. Holders for sandblasting nozzles are attached to destiny of the blast hose by means of an exterior conflict appropriate with sealant & small screws that go through hose's exterior wall but not its inside. Following that, the blasting nozzle couples typically by a thread & flange to the sand blast nozzle holder. Guaranteeing certain there are no air leaks & that sand blasting nozzle holder is linked appropriately in accordance with all techniques & safety standards is crucial for the longevity of the blast nozzle.

Installation of Sand Blasting Nozzle Holder

  • Hose ends need to be squared off so they accommodate tightly as opposed to metal end.
  • Tighten hose to the fitting's end, then tighten the screws fully, turning them 180 degrees from the first to provide optimal centering.
  • Check the tube opposite the screws once all of the screws have been inserted to make sure the screws have not pierced throughout entirely.

Sand blasting nozzle changes are made simple using fast disconnect nozzle holders made of nylon, brass, & aluminum. an extensive selection of connectors to match our line of blast hose outcomes. For speedy & safe hose connection, use Quick Couplings. Every connection accompanied by interlocking shutting lugs could be adjusted to at all size, & its interchangeable gaskets guarantee a full air seal. accessible in nylon, cast iron, & brass.

Types of Sand Blasting Nozzle Holders

Nozzle Holders Boron carbide

The hardest substance behind diamond & cubic boron nitride is boron carbide. Because of their more increased hardness, boron carbide nozzles assure the least amount of wear. Hardest blasting materials, like corundum or silicum carbide, are also utilized.

For usage in conjunction accompanied by ABCLI lead-in nozzles & ANH/ASNH nozzle holders, ABCM & ABCL flange classification boron carbide straight & venturi nozzles accompanied by aluminum jackets are available. ABCM, ABCL &  ABCLI nozzles are employed for injector blasting systems, compressed air abrasive blasting machine systems & blasting.

Nozzle Holders Nylon & Aluminium

There are two types of sand blasting nozzle holders: aluminum & nylon. Every sand blast nozzle holder is scheduled to slide above blast hose externally. To ensure a safe & tight fit, interior grip encircles edge into sand blasting hose, while retaining screws offer extra gripping strength without piercing the interior hose layer. Ambica Enterprises suggests a maximum section of nozzle holders accompanied by fine & large thread. Contact Ambica Enterprises to examine whichever holder is most appropriate for your distinctive application.

Braze Nozzle Holders

Braze nozzle holders have a challenging resistance feature. Manufactured from tough injection molded braze for usefulness in harsh environments. The tight tolerance proposes consistent threading. To fit nozzles with 1-1/4” NPS & BSP fine thread. The ABSN nozzle has a 25 mm (1”) inlet & the ABSNX has a 32 mm (11⁄4”) inlet & is unrestricted with a typical extensive thread (/50) & acceptable thread.

Long venturi nozzles coated with silicon nitride & covered in polyurethane jackets are part of the ABSN(X) series. When compared to normal nozzles of the same size, the Silicon Nitride lining helps to lower the nozzle's weight by roughly 50%, which lessens operator fatigue. Additionally, silicon nitride is more resilient than other nozzle liners, enabling an operational life of more than 500 hours. In hard work site circumstances, the Polyurethane Jacket provides cushioning for lining. Because polyurethane is molded using vacuum, the sand blast nozzle holder will fit polyurethane precisely. Braze nozzle holder is used for the sand blasting hopper to securely retain the nozzle and attach it to the blast hose.

The high velocity long venturi type nozzles from Ambica Enterprises are engineered to achieve optimal blast cleaning rates & consistent abrasive dispersion. When approximated to straight bore nozzles, the venturi design can minimize abrasive consumption by until 40% & boost productivity by revving the air/abrasive media mixture as it withdraws the nozzle, delivering additional velocity.

The complete blast system package includes the following: an air-supplied sand blasting helmet accompanied by an air control valve, an air filter, a 20-meter breathing air hose that is 9 mm (3/8"), coupled, a leather/cotton blast lawsuit, & a pair of leather gloves. The sand blasting machine is equipped accompanied by an FSV metering valve. The pneumatic remote control system is equipped accompanied by a deadman handle, moisture separator, screen, & cover. The 20-meter blast hose measures 32 x 8 mm (1 1/4" I.D.) & is coupled accompanied by a nylon nozzle holder & cast iron speedy coupling.

Features of Sand Blasting Nozzle Holders

  • Classic 1 & 50 mm heavy-duty threads are available.
  • Economical & lightweight.
  • Extensively employed.

Sand Blasting Nozzle Holder Price

Ambica Enterprises is the leading sand blasting nozzle holder manufacturer and also blasting nozzle holder supplier in India. Sand blasting nozzle holder price depends on the type of blasting nozzle holder in India. Our sand blasting nozzle holder price is low compared to others.

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