Internal Pipe Blasting Equipment
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Internal Pipe Blasting Equipment

Price Range : ₹ 45K - 5Lakh

Power Source
Mild Steel
Semi Automatic
Production Capacity
5 -6 square meter/hour
Payment Method :
Transportation Mode :
Air Transport
Sea Transport
Land Transport
  •   Applications in industry include refineries, pipe manufacturers, shipyards, and factories producing chemicals, gas, and water.
  •   supported any abrasive mesh 18–40 (apart from silicon oxide, aluminium oxide, and river garnet/sand).
  •   comes with an adjustable centering carriage and centering collar to accommodate a range of pipe diameters.
  •   Simple setup when attached to the appropriate SB PORT 150/300/500/0/1000 Portable Sand Blasting Machine models.
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Internal Pipe Blaster Equipment

Internal pipe blasting equipment quickly, effectively, and reliably removes corrosion, dust, and another residue from the inaccessible interior side of pipes. Internal Pipe Blasting Machine is designed to clean corrosion on the interior side of pipes. The operation is simple: a blast pipe is fitted with a pipe tool, and the tool is withdrawn from one end of the pipe to the other. Ambica Enterprises proprietary blast technology applies an even, 360° blasting stream to the inner wall, leaving a consistent blast pattern ready for any coating.

Internal Pipe Blasting Machine

Internal pipe blasting machines are designed to handle a variety of pipe diameters and blast abrasives. With the use of centering devices, each tool can handle a specific pipe diameter range.

Internal pipe blasting pneumatic equipment makes use of compressed air, common abrasive media, and standard blast machines, with a blast hose connected to a customer-supplied pipe lance that is typically the same length as the pipe to be cleaned. The tool is put at the pipe's far end and manually pulled through it at a speed that cleans the pipe to the desired degree of cleanliness.

Internal pipe blasting equipment Specification:

Model. No.

Internal Pipe Diameter


50 mm - 200 mm


200 mm - 600 mm


600 mm - 900 mm


900 mm - 1500 mm

Selecting the proper pipe tool requires sizing the pipe accurately. Smaller inner tube diameters up to 300 mm are best treated with an internal pipe blasting equipment tool, which uses a deflection tip to create the 360° blast pattern. For tubes with inner dimensions greater than 304 mm, Ambica Enterprises recommends a Spinblast tool, which utilizes a rotating blast head to deliver a high-impact, consistent blast finish. Ambica Enterprises, Internal pipe Cleaning tools can be used on pipe interiors up to 1500 mm in diameter.

A pressurized air inlet or a separate air motor controls the rotation of the blast head. When blasting bigger diameter pipes or a significant volume of pipe, Ambica Enterprises advises employing an air motor powered pipe tool, which provides the ideal blend of precision, durability, and blasting volume.

Mini Blasting Internal Pipe Cleaning Equipment

The Mini Blast Internal Pipe Equipment cleans the inside of pipes with internal diameters ranging from 1.5" to 3" (35mm to 76mm). The blast pattern on the tungsten carbide tip is circular 360°.

Instead of using a regular Sand blasting nozzle, the Mini-blast connects directly to a 12" blast hose, which fits directly on the abrasive blast machine.

The small blast is composed of the highest quality materials and has a chrome finish.

Tublast Internal Pipe Cleaner Machine

The Tublast Internal Pipe Cleaning Equipment is made to clean the insides of pipes with internal diameters ranging from 3" to 12" (76mm to 300mm).

The blast pattern on the tungsten carbide Nozzle is circular 360°. The inner nozzle is available in two sizes: 13mm and 16mm.

Rotoblast Internal Pipe Blasting Equipment

The Rotoblast Internal pipe blasting equipment is designed to clean the inside of pipes with internal diameters ranging from 12" to 35" and a length of up to 900mm.

The tool features a revolving head that is powered by compressed air and has a brake system.

The tool is guided through the pipe by an adjustable centering carriage. For various pipe diameters, the chart below illustrates the recommended centering legs, nozzle sizes, and compressor capacity.

Internal pipe blasting Machine Equipment Manufacturer

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