Ceramic Powder
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Ceramic Powder

Price Range : ₹ 110 - 300 /KG

Grade Standard
Analytical Grade
Melting Point
1000 Degree C
Industrial Use
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Air Transport
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Land Transport
  •   Utilized in the space industry due to their low weight
  •   It is utilized as cutting tools
  •   Utilized as obstinate materials
  •   Utilized as thermal encasing
  •   It is utilized as an electrical cover
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Ceramic Powder is utilized to build effectiveness and execution norms to ensure parts against warmth and wear. Ceramic powder made from low thermal conductivity thermal boundary covering for semiconductor manufacturers to meet any little or huge scope need. The covering interaction and ceramic materials are chosen for covering rely upon elements like required thickness, and financial thought. The ceramic is utilized for heat protection and to improve the effectiveness of segments to work at high temperatures. This covering cycle is utilized where thermal obstructions are needed to broaden the help life expectancy. 

Added substances incorporate a limiting specialist to hold the powder together after compaction and a delivery specialist to empower a compacted part to be effortlessly taken out from the compaction pass on. The critical highlights and properties of the ceramic powder are the molecule size and its size conveyance, the molecule organization, the measure of pass-on discharge specialist and its structure, the measure of cover and its piece, and the sort and measure of defilement. Imperfections in the powder incorporate bunches of ceramic particles and unfamiliar particles.

Specification of Ceramic Powder

Usage Industrial
Packaging Type Bag
Packaging Size 50 Kg
Grade Standard Technical Grade

Titanium oxide and its compounds are harder when contrasted with another alumina-based covering. Aluminum oxide has a lower hardness. The titanium oxide covering is utilized for lubricity and obstruction of parts to sliding wear. An alumina-based ceramic is used to display excellent wear opposition. Alumina-based ceramic is artificially dormant and stable at high temperatures. Chromium oxide can be utilized at a help temperature of under 540 °C. Covering underneath this temperature is conceivable because of their substance idleness and uncommon wear opposition.

Advantages of Ceramic Powder

  • The vast majority of them have high hardness consequently they are utilized as abrasive powder and cutting tools.
  • They have a high dissolving point which makes them incredibly unmanageable material.
  • They are acceptable thermal separators this is another motivation to utilize them as a hard-headed material. 
  • They are high electric resistivity which makes them reasonable to be utilized as an encasing.
  • They have a low mass thickness which brings about lightweight segments. 
  • They are for the most part artificially dormant which makes them tough.

Properties of Ceramic Powder

  • High hardness 
  • High liquefying point 
  • Great Thermal cover 
  • Exceptionally power opposition 
  • Low mass thickness 
  • By and large, artificially dormant 
  • Weak in nature 
  • Zero malleability 
  • Low elasticity

Applications of Ceramic Powder

  • They are utilized in the space industry due to their low weight 
  • They are utilized as cutting tools 
  • They are utilized as obstinate materials 
  • They are utilized as thermal encasing 
  • They are utilized as an electrical cover

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