Sand Blasting Helmet
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Sand Blasting Helmet

Price Range : ₹ 2K - 6K

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Ambica Enterprises
Sand Blasting Helmet
Used in Sand Blasting Industry
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Tempered Glass(2 Nos.)
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  •   It is always advisable to use air at extreme pressure, and this is particularly true when using compressed air for sandblasting purposes.
  •   The strong sandblasting helmet from Compressed Air Systems will provide with the best protection against harmful debris.
  •   Sand Blasting Helmets must be properly fitted because those that are too big will not provide an effective barrier and will allow dust particles inside that could hurt the operator.
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The Sand Blasting Helmet has cutting-edge comfort and practicality as well as full-proof protective technologies. The Sandblast Helmet is designed to protect the operators from risks associated with the Sandblasting Machine; very loud noise levels, flying and ricocheting abrasive media such as glass bead, garnet sand, aluminum oxide, copper slag, silicon carbide, steel shots, steel grit, quartz sand, and dust created whilst undertaking activities such as broken abrasive and coatings. crafted to increase safety, reduce operator downtime, and increase productivity. One of the most critical and crucial pieces of safety equipment in a sandblast helmet is an air-supplied, sealed helmet.

A sand blasting helmet must be properly fitted since those that are excessively large will not provide an effective barrier and will let dust particles inside that might be dangerous for the operator. The Sandblast Helmet is super affordable as well as one of the most popular products used nowadays. The sandblast helmet is economical. 

Sand blasting Helmet Price 

The Sand Blasting Helmet Price set by us is one of the most affordable. The sand blasting helmet price is set as per the quality of product we provide with all the proclaimed tests as well as the available resources. The cost of the sand blasting helmet is decided after complete quality control checks and in accordance with legal requirements. The price of the sand blasting helmet is determined by the standard of the supplied items and the outcomes of all of our quality assurance inspections. Our sand blasting helmet is very cost-effective and compatible with portable shot blasting machine and sand blasting machine. Because of its adaptability, the sand blasting helmet is extremely beneficial to develop. Each sand blasting helmet is customized to the demands and requirements of the blast operator and equipment, even though all sand blasting helmet are built for industrial usage. 

Applications of Sandblast Helmet 

  • Sand blasting helmets have a very vast range of uses as per the available resources as well as quality of performance they provide. 
  • The sand blasting helmet provides more safety and comfort, decreased exhaustion and more productivity is also provided while the accessible use of the sandblast helmet protects the workers from the health risks associated with abrasive blasting. 
  • sandblast helmet Prevent operator exposure to dust, sandblast helmet have inner cushioning that is washable and removable, sandblast helmet provide more safety and comfort, decreased exhaustion and more productivity. 
  • An abrasive blasting machine helmet protects the workers from the health risks associated with abrasive blasting.

Sand Blasting Helmet Suppliers 

We are one of the leading names amongst all the reputed Sand Blasting Helmet Suppliers in India. Being a profound sandblast helmet supplier, we have equipped our product with certain other affiliations to provide complete satisfaction to our customers. To keep the sandblast helmet free of tiny particles, we always use a helmet that offers optimal condition and has a high-quality filter. As a sandblast helmet, we have also provided gas masks that filter glasses, certain particles, and chemicals that can enter the system without going via the lungs and do a great deal of harm to the body. 

We also provide Abrasive Media for blasting at a very good price such as aluminum oxideabrasive garnet sandglass beadsteel shots, steel grit, silicon carbide alongside such stratified items. Ambica Enterprises makes every effort to provide the best abrasive blasting spare parts at the lowest cost and with the fastest service for our clients.