Glass Beads

Glass Beads abrasive blasting media is built up utilizing lead-free, soda lime-type glass, comprising no free silica which is then molded into preformed ball figures. Chemically inactive and ecologically friendly, it is an adequate technique of metal cleaning or superficial finishing when properly measured. it is extremely made use of in the influence treatment of exterior. Their spherical figure and chemical nature provide them with a variety of features. We are one of the leading glass bead blasting media suppliers and glass beads exporters. Our clients can avail of the offered products in both customized and approved forms as per their requirements.

Glass Beads Size A

Glass Beads Size A are used to clean element (metal) components without damaging the finish. Glass Beads are frequently used for light debarring of precision elements, stainless steel manufacture, equipment polishing, and auto repair.

Glass Beads Size AD

Glass beads size AD are made in accordance with established industry standards using the highest grade materials and cutting-edge technologies.