Abrasive Garnet Sand
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Abrasive Garnet Sand

Price Range : ₹ 30 - 60 /kg

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Ambica Enterprises
Abrasive Garnet Sand
Abrasive Blasting
7.5 – 8 Mohs
Pink, Brown
Grain Shape
Melting Point
1.300 C
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  •   Utilised extensively as a semi-precious stone and in non-skid surfaces.
  •   In sand blasting, garnet sand frequently takes the place of silica sand since it is a good abrasive.
  •   Cabinetmakers like garnet sand for covering bare wood.
  •   Additionally, media for water filtering uses garnet sand.
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Abrasive Garnet Sand is a significant silicate mineral that forms many different types of rocks. Nevertheless, it hardly ever accounts for the bulk of the rocks mass. Garnet-containing sand exhibits the same properties. Sand contains garnet frequently, albeit in small amounts. There are a few rare outliers, such as crimson and exquisite sand, where garnet is in fact the mineral that forms the majority of sand. Garnet is a naturally occurring mineral, not a waste product from a chemical reaction. It is essentially silica-free, inert, and non-toxic, eliminating any chance of silicosis threat at all. Garnet emits very little dust.

This ensures operator safety, prevents air pollution, and produces the least amount of disruption in the immediate area and adjacent ingress. As a result, occupational health authorities from all over the world have approved of the use of Natural Garnet Sand as an abrasive. Additionally, because garnet is an eco-friendly substance.

Garnet Sand Manufacturers in India

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Garnet Sand Price in India

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Uses of Abrasive Garnet Sand

  1. Using high pressure compressed air, Abrasive Garnet Sand is blasted onto the steel surface during the surface preparation process.
  2. This procedure produces a profile, which in turn contributes to the coating's lifespan being increased. For oil companies, petrochemical tankworks, offshore platforms, pipelines, heavy equipment repair, industrial part cleaning, and shipbuilding firms, Super Garnet is the recommended abrasive.
  3. Mineral-free and iron-free garnet sand is a product with numerous applications.
  4. Abrasive Garnet Sand also used for water filtration media. Because of its unique grain structure, our product is also used as a filtering media in water treatment facilities.