White Aluminum Oxide
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White Aluminum Oxide

Price Range : ₹ 20 - 110 /kg

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Ambica Enterprises
White Aluminum Oxide
Specific Gravity
9.0 Moh
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  •   Water Jet cutting.
  •   Cleaning by sandblasting.
  •   Bicycles, glass items, sewing machines, hard metal tools, medical equipment, clocks, and stone grinding all have replaceable parts that can be polished.
  •   To create abrasive tools: For cutting wheels, grinding wheels, sand cloth, paper, and paste, fibre reinforcement is used.
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White Aluminum Oxide is created by melting high-purity low-sodium alumina powder, cooling crystallization, and crushing. The grain size distribution and appearance of the white aluminum oxide powder grit are strictly controlled.

The white aluminum oxide powder has a narrow grain size distribution. High purity white alumina powder with full grain, sharp edges and corners, high grinding efficiency, and high polishing brightness after shaping. Grinding efficiency is significantly higher than that of soft abrasives such as silica powder. The polished object's surface has a high finish due to its good appearance. Grinding and polishing of semiconductors, crystals, circuit boards, aluminum oxide, steel shots, stainless steel shots, and other materials. It excels particularly in the grinding and polishing of stainless steel shots, aluminum oxide powder, copper slag, and other metal materials, as well as the glass industry.

Not only does it have a distinctive white color, but it also has the unusual quality of great friability. The hardness of white aluminum oxide, on the other hand, is comparable to that of brown aluminum oxide

Uses of White Aluminum Oxide

  • Sand blasting - excellent for cleaning and smoothing metal surfaces.
  • Etching - Etching is the carving of a surface made of metal, stone, wood, or another material.
  • Monument Blasting - Monument blasting is done because monuments are made of metals that corrode when exposed to air and water, so aluminum oxide grit is used as blasting media to clean the monument.
  • To Make Abrasive Tools - Cutting wheels, grinding wheels, sand cloth, paper, and paste are all fiber-reinforced.

White Aluminum Oxide Manufacturers 

We are a significant White Aluminum Oxide Manufacturers, exporters, and suppliers in India. We have a high-tech manufacturing plant on our premises, which has enabled us to satisfy the exacting standards of our esteemed customers. Our facility is well-equipped with various cutting-edge machinery that ensures a perfect and hassle-free manufacturing process for metal abrasives. The manufacturing facility is situated on a significant amount of land, allowing us to carry out large-scale industrial procedures and we provide most affordable aluminum oxide price in India according to customer demands and requirements.

The sharp edge of aluminum oxide grit makes it easy to remove old paint and rust. Aluminum oxide grit is classified into two types: virgin grade and commercial grade. Commercial grit can only be used two to three times before it needs to be replaced, whereas virgin grade grit can be used six to seven times before it needs to be replaced. Among the abrasives we manufacture are fused quartz sand and glass bead for use in plastic media. Quartz sand produces less dust during the blasting process than other abrasives. Raw aluminum oxide is less expensive than commercial-grade aluminum oxide.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Aluminum oxide-white is an angular media that is used for polishing, lapping, abrasive blasting, and as a slip-resistant aggregate. It is extremely durable and comes in a variety of particle sizes.
What is aluminum oxide used for ?
Because aluminum oxide is chemically inert, it is an excellent filler for bricks, plastics, and heavy clayware. It is also commonly used as an abrasive component of sandpaper and as a cost-effective substitute for industrial diamonds.
What grit is aluminum oxide ?
Both the 80 and 120 grits are likely to be aluminum oxide, but the final 180 grit should be silicon carbide, depending on whether your goal is to achieve the best finish without regard for belt longevity.
Is aluminum oxide safe for blasting ?
Aluminum oxide can be used in either a wet or dry blasting process. Aluminum oxide is an excellent choice for successfully imparting an anchor pattern and deep etch for excellent coating and paint adhesion.