Wet Blasting Cabinet
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Wet Blasting Cabinet

Price Range : ₹ 1.50Lakh - 4.50Lakh

Mild Steel
Machine Type
Wet Shot Blasting cabinet
Machine Type
Air Flow
200 CFM
Water Flow
Power Consumption
3 Phase 1.5 HP
Payment Method :
Transportation Mode :
Air Transport
Sea Transport
Land Transport
  •   cleaning and removal of burrs without endangering the surface of the object.
  •   For ornamental or practical applications in homes, hotels, etc., etch and smooth glass.
  •   Surfaces of things are peened for a crisp, clean appearance.
  •   cleaning the holes on printed circuit boards (PCBs).
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Wet Blasting cabinet price in India

Wet Blasting cabinet price in India depends on the capacity of the abrasive tank and cleaning rate of the wet blasting cabinet type machine. The abrasive media and water are mixed into a slurry in the wet abrasive blasting cabinet, also referred to as the wet blasting cabinet. In order to convey the slurry mixture with the necessary pressure rating, compressed air pressure is used to transmit or pump it directly to the abrasive blast gun.

In order to keep the wet blast cabinet fog from evaporating during blasting, the exhaust blower filter maintains a negative cabinet pressure. Freshwater is washed out on the window during the procedure after a certain amount of time, allowing the operator to see out the operator view window continuously. A sight window on the head of the unit or cabinet allows light to enter. 

Principle of Wet Shot Blasting Cabinet

A wet shot blasting cabinet is the process of propelling a slurry of water and abrasive media through a blast nozzle, which, when it hits the surface being cleaned, degreases it, and removes debris.

The water media slurry is contained in the cabinet sump, and a glandless polyurethane pump that is submerged and externally operated by an electric motor transports the slurry to the manual blast nozzle. Compressed air is used to speed the slurry as it is pumped to the blast gun, creating the cleaning effect.

The slurry then flows back into the sump, producing a recirculating system, following contact or collision with the components. A sedimentation filter unit at the back of the machine is fed by an overflow with finely broken down material and other impurities.

When wet blasting, there are three (3) essential conditions that must be met. adequate cabinet exhaust, good lighting, and regular window cleaning.

  1. As you blast, water and abrasive are released into the cabinet enclosure. A fan system continuously pulls air through the cabinet to ensure visibility. The exhaust system is intended to function when a particular flow rate is reached. Visibility is impacted if the flow rate falls below this threshold. Verify the cleanliness of the filter element. Clean the filter or replace it if it has an abrasive buildup.
  2. There is a high-power lighting unit on the wet blasting machine. Excellent interior illumination is provided by the light unit positioned on the roof. Check to see that the light output is not being decreased if the internal cabinet lighting is insufficient. First, make sure that all of the lightings are on. If necessary, change the ballast or the bulbs. Next, ensure the light window is not coated with abrasive or frosted. If necessary, wash or replace the light window.
  3. To keep the observation window clean when blasting, the equipment has a wiper and wash system. To accommodate the needs of the operator, the wiper incorporates a time delay control. The equipment ought to be in good functioning order to offer a clean wipe of the window.

Specification of Wet Shot Blasting Machine

Working Chamber







Door Opening





Overall Dimensions







Dust Collector (Fabric bag type manual shaking)

Fan Motor


Fan capacity


Filter cloth Area

2.0 sq. mt.

Injector office


Boron carbide Nozzle Short


Pressure gauge, air regulator &

Moisture separator fitted 

one no. each

Footswitch & door limit switch

provided for safety interlocking 

Compressed air required at 80 PSI  

(for blasting machine only)

20 c.f.m

Abrasive storage capacity

28(1.0)ltrs. (CFT)

Abrasive feed 

Induction section

Recommended Abrasive Size 

30 mesh to 220 mesh

Advantages of wet abrasive blasting are as follows:

  • The operator's view is provided through a full-width window that has a screen wiper and a washing station.
  • Operation with a single footswitch is secure and makes machine control simple.
  • The procedure doesn't entail any dust.
  • Reduce the possibility of inserting abrasive Media.
  • While slurry is being created, fine abrasive media can be utilized.
  • Because of the quick-release pump design, maintenance is simple.

Applications of wet abrasive blasting are as follows:

  • Burr removal and cleaning without causing harm to the intended surface.
  • Surface preparation for tin and other tool coatings, hard chrome coatings, and bonding composites.
  • For ornamental or practical applications in homes, hotels, etc., etch and smooth glass.
  • Surfaces of things are peened for a crisp, clean appearance.
  • pristine plastic molds
  • cleaning the holes on printed circuit boards (PCBs).
Wet Blasting Cabinet price

wet blasting cabinet price in India is determined by the size of the workpiece; if it is tiny, a smaller wet blasting cabinet is required. The cost will depend on the size of the blast cabinet since a large work piece will require a large wet blasting cabinet. Manufacturers of  Shot blasting Cabinet can lower costs based on component size. Ambica Techno Blaster is a Manufacturer of Sand Blasting Machine, Shot Blasting Machine, sand blasting room, grit blasting machine, shot blasting cabinets, metalizing gun, arc spray gun, thermal spray gun in India at a low price for sale.