Steel Grit G25
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Steel Grit G25

Price Range : ₹ 65 - 85 /kg

Ambica Enterprises
40-50 HRC
Melting point
2250 degree C
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  •   steel grit works well as a blasting abrasive media in centrifugal wheel blast machines, as well as in blast rooms and blast cabinets.
  •   Steel grit transfers more energy, which makes it much simpler to remove mill scale and mould sand, thanks to its high bulk density and high hardness.
  •   Steel grit G25 is the ideal abrasive to use in applications where ferrous contamination is a problem.
  •   For Free grinding, such as glass industry.
  •   For Friction products and abrasion resistance ground.
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Steel Grit G25 is an angular particle created with ground steel. The service life is noticeably longer as compared to iron-free and mineral-blasting media. As a result, materials including stainless steel shots, aluminum oxide, galvanized steel, concrete, and natural stone can be processed affordably.

Its form is angular. It is used to remove tough impurities like rust, old paint, and other materials off a substrate's surface. For removing mill scale and various levels of coatings from the surface, steel grit is mostly used. Steel grits are angular in shape to enable easy removal of old paint, but there is a possibility of harm if the component material is soft. Therefore, the component material and intended purpose of the blasting process must be considered while choosing the steel grit.A

Steel grit blasting won't corrode or contaminate your surface with ferric compounds. Steel Shots and steel grit g25 are therefore suitable abrasive options for applications where ferrous contamination is a problem. Compared to mineral or slag abrasives, stainless steel grit transfers more energy to the work surface due to its high bulk density and hardness, making it easier to remove mill scale and mould sand.

Steel Grit G25 can be recycled hundreds of times because of its low friability. In contrast to mineral or copper slag abrasives, steel grit retains some of its relative size after impacting a surface. Profits are increased by recycling steel grit since it uses less abrasive and costs less to ship, clean up after, and dispose of.

Our steel grit g25 durability provides reliable adherence for future coatings, a continuous work mix, and constant roughness values. The centrifugal wheel blast machine, shot blasting cabinet, and shot blasting room have all employed it with success.

Our steel grit g25 is used in all impact treatments:

  • Deburring and Peening.
  • Blasting to clean.
  • Cleaning up the surface.
  • Using a water jet to cut.
  • Fine and structural blasting.
  • The surface is cleaned and prepared before coating.
  • Blasting of heavily sectioned hot-dipped galvanized surfaces.

Steel Grit's benefits

  • Exceptional sturdiness.
  • Brief periods between blasts.
  • The appearance glows.
  • Surfaces free from corrosion.
  • Low costs for garbage disposal.
  • Dust-free blasting.
  • Can be utilized in shot blasting equipment that uses both air and no air.

Steel Grit Suppliers 

We are among the top Steel Grit Suppliers and provides Steel Grit Price in India, which is widely utilized in a variety of sectors. Blasting operations typically use stainless steel grit to clean the surfaces of steel castings, CI castings, S.G. Iron castings, and forgings, to name a few. Additionally, these are mostly used in shot-peening operations with a shot blasting equipment to remove pollutants including rust, dust, scales, and other contaminants as well as to minimize surface tensions.

Our company offers a large selection of angular and spherical steel grit, as well as steel grit g25 price in India, in sizes ranging from 0.18 mm to 2.80 mm. We package these steel grit securely before shipping to prevent physical damage. We offer steel grit g25 along with other metal and non-metal abrasive media in a range of sizes, including aluminum oxide, plastic media, silicon carbide, glass beads, copper slag, cut wire shot, abrasive garnet sand, quartz sand, walnut shell, and tungsten carbide powder.