Copper Wire
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Copper Wire

Price Range : ₹ 3.6K - 4.0K /kg

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Ambica Enterprises
Copper Wire
Coiled Wire set
Wire Diameter
8 - 20 mm
Thermal spray Coating, Metalizing
101% IACS
8.96 g/cm3
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Air Transport
Sea Transport
Land Transport
  •   Recovering recycled non-ferrous parts and surface treatment
  •   Helps in friction and wear reduction of the surface.
  •   To tolerate caustic inks in the paper and printing industries.
  •   Bearings that self-lubricate.
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The Copper Wire, which is frequently employed in the thermal spray coating process to give resistance to neutral climatic conditions and seawater ecosystems, is a corrosion-resistant element in a non-oxidizing environment. Thermal and electrical conductivity are both beneficial for copper wire to be a perfect thermal spray wire. In the thermal spray process, the metalizing wire is used for restoration, notably on copper alloy substrates and in electrical applications where a coating with strong conductivity is required.

Most electrical and electronic devices, including those used for power generation, energy transfer, electricity supply, and telecommunications, commonly use copper cables. High-purity copper wire and alloys like Bronze Wire are intended for use in arc spraying and produce coatings that are highly machinable, dense, and well-bonded. Application areas for it include printing rolls and electrical conductivity. Copper is also used for a variety of other non-electrical functions, from pure decoration to things that need to be coated.

Copper Wire Uses

Copper Wire Uses in the coating process include its use in electrical applications. Because of its excellent conductivity, copper wire is used in a broad variety of electrical applications, including electrical energy efficiency. In terms of coating using a thermal spray gun with copper wire has many applications due to its high conductivity and the heat resistance it provides to the surface to which it gets attached.

Copper wire is used in a wide range of applications, including power generation, transmission, distribution, telecommunications, electronic circuitry, and a variety of electrical equipment. Copper wire and thermal spray moly wire are also used for electrical connections. A copper wire is commonly characterized as a single conductor for electrical signals, as opposed to a copper wire cable, which is made up of multiple copper wires joined together in a common coat. An arc spray metalizing gun or nozzle is used to remove the coating from the objects by metalizing them through a copper wire.

Copper Wire Price

We are a company that provides the Copper Wire Price at a reasonable cost. The purest form of copper wires has an up to 95.5% of copper as its composite at a very affordable price. Our selection of copper wire is of the highest caliber. Our products help to prolong the lifespan of blasting equipment and aluminum cut wire shot at affordable prices.

When compared to other wires like aluminum wire and molybdenum wire, these copper wires are the best quality. Different diameters of cut wire shot are offered as an abrasive before. Being a soft metal, aluminum is perfect for the shot peening and blast cleaning on copper castings and components.

Copper Wire Suppliers in India

We are the leading high-quality Copper Wire Suppliers in India. We are also leading as a producer of copper wire in the list of Copper Wire Manufacturers in India. The Copper wires we manufacture always pass through the purity check. We provide the purest form of copper wire as per its use.

We manufacture different types of metalizing wires such as zinc wire, aluminum wire, bronze wire, and molybdenum wire, these wires are used for coatings and used in Arc Spray Gun. Our company provides the best quality abrasives like copper slag, garnet sand, steel shots, steel grit, aluminum oxide, and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Metallization using copper wire establishes a barrier between the underlying structure and the elements, which can extend the building's lifespan and retain its beauty.
Which industry uses copper wire metallization more often?
In the microelectronics business, copper wire is widely used. For example, printed wire board applications make extensive use of electrodeposited copper foil. To create low temperature cofired ceramic connection architectures, thick copper inks are integrated into ceramic green sheets.
What is the use of direct copper metallization?
There are various claims for direct copper metallization. By eliminating the essential zincate conversion processes, the technique is stated to simplify and minimize the number of steps required to plate copper on aluminum substrates. It handles copper adhesion to low potential substrates like aluminum, steel, and stainless steel.
What benefits copper metallization brings to the surface?
Copper metallization is done primarily for the optical, structural, functional, and anti-bacterial properties it imparts to the surface.