Sand Blasting Cabinet
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Sand Blasting Cabinet

Price Range : ₹ 1.50Lakh - 3.50Lakh

Mild Steel
Machine Type
Pressure, Suction & Wet blasting cabinet
Automatic, Manual
Surface Cleaning and abrasive media recovery system
220 V
50 Hz
Cleaning rate
3-5 sqr. mtr/ hr
Power Consumption
0.5 hp to 1.5 hp
Payment Method :
Transportation Mode :
Air Transport
Sea Transport
Land Transport
  •   Cleaning and removal of burrs without causing surface harm to the object.
  •   Surface preparation for tin and other tool coatings, hard chrome coatings, and bonding composites.
  •   For ornamental or practical applications in homes, hotels, etc., etch and smooth glass.
  •   Surfaces of things are peened for a crisp, clean appearance.
  •   cleaning the holes on printed circuit boards (PCBs).
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Sand Blaster Cabinet

Sand blasting Cabinet Price in India depends on work-piece size, If the work-piece size is small then need a small sand blasting cabinet. If the work-piece size will large then the sand blasting cabinet's size will be large, so the cost will depend on the size of the blast cabinet. Sand blasting Cabinet Manufacturers can reduce costs as per component size.

Sand blasting cabinet is another type of sand blasting machine which has a cabinet and is a closed form of the machine. In that closed part blasting of contaminants as well as recycling of sand blasting sand takes place. Cleaning, recycling, and the collecting of dust materials are among the additional duties provided. There is a glass in this sandblasting cabinet system through which the operator can observe the operation; there is also an opening gate through which the blasting substance or blasting surface is placed within the Sandblasting cabinet.

As sand blasting sand is used as the abrasive media in the blasting process thus to avoid visibility dust collectors are even connected with the sand blast cabinet. In the sand blasting cabinet, the worker does not want any safety gadgets like a safety suit, mask or sand blasting helmet, shoes, blasting gloves, etc. essentially the whole method is executed inside the sandblast cabinet. This makes an eco-friendly, cost-effective, and pollution-free environment.

Specification of Sand Blasting Cabinet


SB 6060

SB 9182

SB 12090

Working chamber (mm)













Door opening(mm)









Overall dimensions (mm)













Compressed air required (cfm)




Cleaning area(sq. Mtrs./Hr. )




Sand Blasting Nozzle (mm)




Types of Sand Blasting Cabinet

There are three types of sand blasting cabinets follows:

Wet Blasting Cabinet

In Wet Blasting Cabinet, There is the same working as in Suction Blasting Cabinet. The wet blasting procedure in this cabinet, however, is done with both water and compressed air. A wet blasting cabinet uses compressed air to propel a slurry onto a workpiece at high speeds. In most cases, the slurry is made up of fine abrasive suspended in chemically treated water. It's normally maintained agitated all the time to keep the abrasive from settling.

Pressure Blasting Cabinet 

The principle of pressure blasting cabinet is based on direct and high pressure, which is commonly used for high productivity and hard metals formed of ferrous or nonferrous materials. It's best used for quick cleaning and removing heavy rust and corrosion. 

Pressure Sand Blasting Cabinet systems utilize compressor power from the media storage hopper to the nozzle outlet, allowing for faster work, more precise control at both high and low pressures, and, in many cases, more efficient compressed air consumption than suction systems.

In the Pressure Blasting Cabinet, There is a pressure pot at the bottom of the sand blasting hopper. In Pressure, pot pressure is created towards the abrasive & compressed air through a mixer tube.

The abrasive media is contained in the pressure pot, which is pressurized as it is energized with compressed air. When the air/media combination is released from the pot, it travels at least 5-10 feet via the hose before speeding up as it passes through the Venturi of the nozzle. In pressure blasting, the air/media combination accelerates at a significantly faster rate than in suction blasting. When the media and air in the pressure pot have been used up, the pressure pot must be depressurized before it can be refilled with media. When compared to suction systems, pressure blasting systems are far more productive.

Suction Blasting Cabinet

The venture principle is used in the Suction blasting Cabinet, which involves sucking media from a hopper. The air jet is 1/2 the diameter of the nozzle, and as the air stream passes through both, low pressure is created, sucking the media from the hopper into the air stream. The media acceleration distance is quite small (about 4 to 14" from the Sand Blasting Nozzle to the workpiece). As long as there are blasting media in the hopper, the suction systems work perfectly and can keep blasting continually.

Suction Blasting Cabinet works on the phenomenal process of suction. Suction Sand Blast Cabinet systems, which use a venturi effect to draw media from a storage hopper, have the advantages of cheaper capital costs and the ability to deploy multiple blast guns more easily. In this, the gun has two inlet holes, one for abrasive suction & another one for creating a vacuum. Vacuum creation forms a suction process inside the suction blasting gun.

Application of Sand Blasting Cabinet:

  1. Fabrication Industry (Steel Tanks, Vessels, Pipe, Heat Exchanger, Transformer, etc)
  2. Casting & Foundry Industries
  3. Mould and Die Cleaning
  4. Automobile Industries (Turbocharger cleaning, Piston, Cylinders, Cams, Wheel, body, etc.)
  5. Military ( Remove Paint, Rust, Corrosion)
  6. Aerospace Industries.
  7. Railway

Sand Blasting Cabinet for sale

Sand Blasting Cabinet for sale in India at a low price. If the workpiece Size is small then require a small sand blasting cabinet, and if the workpiece size is medium then a mini sand blasting cabinet, and if the workpiece size is large then a large sand blasting cabinet requires. We also provide all types of small, mini, large pressure, suction, and wet sand blasting cabinet. For Purchasing a Sand blaster Cabinet contact our team at a low price in India. We are available 24x7 for sand blasting cabinet for sale. We are the largest sandblasting cabinet manufacturer in India. we provide all cabinet type Sand Blasting Machine & Shot Blasting Machine. Shot Blasting Machine price depends on the type of shot blasting machine.

Sand Blasting Cabinet price in India

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Systems, equipment, and parts used in sand blasting cabinets are used to project blast media against a part's surface in order to abrade, clean, or change the surface. Sand, abrasive, metal shot, and other blast media are driven or propelled by pressured water, compressed air, or a blast wheel.