Welding Fume Dust Collector
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Welding Fume Dust Collector

Price Range : ₹ 80K - 1.5Lakh

Motor Power
2.2 Kw
1900 / 3000 m3/Hr
200 / 50 mm of Wg
Filtration Stage
SS Spark Arrester,Pre filter, Activated carbon filter, Electrostatic Filter
Portable model with brake wheels
Suction hose Diameter
150 mm
Filtration efficiency
99.9 %
Motor protection
IP 55
Overall Dimensions
600 X 610 X 1300
125 kg
Payment Method :
Transportation Mode :
Air Transport
Sea Transport
Land Transport
  •   Filtration of welding fumes and a device to kill welding fumes.
  •   Robotic Dust & Fume Extraction During Welding.
  •   Filtering of soldering pot fume.
  •   Filtration of laser smoke.
  •   Filtration of hazardous fumes, dust, and odours.
  •   Filtration of medical lab gas, fume, and dust.
  •   Pharmacy lab Filtration of dust.
  •   Custom-Made Exhaust Systems and Ducting.
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Machine operators who operate in welding environments come into everyday contact with hazardous weld fume particulate. It is crucial to have dependable, high-performance welding fume dust collector, weld fume extraction, and weld smoke filters that collect the fume before it enters your welder's breathing zone because the majority of these particles are respirable (enter the lungs).

Dust and fumes from different types of welding processes can be collected using a welding fume dust collector with an articulated suction arm. The welding fume extractor dust collectors from Ambica Enterprises are produced in accordance with recognized quality requirements. Strong volume By removing welding smoke, extraction employing a suction arm and suction blower through a three-stage electrostatic filter ensures the health and safety of human resources. Welding Fume Extractor also keeps production equipment free of dust contaminants. We deliver the welding fume extractor on schedule and within the allotted time. 

Welding Fume Dust Collector working

Throughout our welding fume dust collector, the suction motor draws contaminated air through a washable stainless steel shot mesh filter that traps big dust particles. Then, after passing through a fine filter, the air is purified of its fine dust particles. The remaining air stream enters the intense electric field (12.5 to 13 Kv) (Ionizing portion), where the particle charges up. After that, the charged particles enter a piece of parallel plates that serves as a collection plate. Each alternate plate has the same polarity (6 Kv – 7 Kv) as the particles, which causes them to reject each other while attracting and collecting impurities.

Until they are removed by washing, the pollutants are contained in these plates. More air is introduced into the activated carbon filter in the gas phase. The activated carbon in this place absorbs harmful gases. Then pure air was released into the atmosphere via the exhaust line.

 Types of Welding Fume Dust Collectors

  • Portable Fume Dust Collector
  • Stationary Fume Dust Collector
  • Wall-Mounted Fume Dust Collector
  • Centralized Welding Dust Collector
  • Custom-Made Fume Exhaust Dust Collector System

welding fume Dust Collector Features

  • For welding fume filtration applications, a mobile welding fume extractor, also known as a welding fume dust collector with an electrostatic precipitator, is constructed.
  • The workers can operate more effectively since the movable arm can be stopped in any place in the three-dimensional space.
  • Moving from one location to another is simple.
  • Suitable for trouble-free continuous working.
  • High suction airflow rates with purification efficiencies of over 99% are released into the workshop atmosphere.
  • Warning "Filter cleaning stage" electronic panel board.
  • It is simple to clean a spark arrester, multi-stage filter, and electrostatic filter.
  • Our mobile welding fume extractor contributes to maintaining a clean working environment.
  • Our mobile welding fume extractor aids in maintaining a clean workspace environment.
  • Available in mobile and stationary variants.
  • Increases output while lowering upkeep.

Welding Fume Extractors or Welding Fume dust collectors are designed and manufactured by Ambica Enterprises in a range of filtering capacities. Our device circulates clean air while removing up to 99% of the toxic welding smoke. For simple fume capture, we are offering a 3D articulated swing arm with a 3.5-meter length.

Welding Fume Dust Collector price

The welding fume dust collector price depends on the type of Welding Fume Extractor dust collector in India. Ambica Enterprises is the Leading Manufacturer & Supplier of welding fume dust collectors, Welding Fume Extractors, welding fume extraction systems, etc. We also provide Sand blasting machine, automatic sand blasting machine, portable sand blasting machine, abrasive shot blasting machine, pressure blasting cabinet, sand blasting helmet, shot blasting room, abrasive grit blasting machine, abrasive media, steel grit, stainless steel shot, plastic abrasive media, copper slag, glass beads abrasive, thermal spray gun, arc spray gun, zinc spray gun, hvof gun, thermal spray wire, Babbit wire, zinc wire, copper wire, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

The tool you utilize to remove welding fume produced when working is a welding fume dust collector. When working with metals used in welding applications, a welding fume extractor dust collector is a piece of equipment used to remove welding fume.
How do welding fume dust collector work?
A welding fume extractor dust collector is a device that uses a fan to draw fumes and dust particles into a confined filtration system utilizing negative airflow. Through this method, dangerous airborne particles are eliminated.