Aluminum Oxide Grit
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Aluminum Oxide Grit

Price Range : ₹ 20 /kg - 110 /kg

Aluminum Oxide Grit
Bulk Density
1.80 gm/cm3
Boiling Point
2977 Degree C
Mesh Size
20 Mesh
Shot/Sand Blasting
Payment Method :
Transportation Mode :
Air Transport
Sea Transport
Land Transport
  •   Drawing Metal.
  •   Paint Stripping.
  •   Preparing Surfaces for Coatings.
  •   Landmark Etching.
  •   Cleaning Discoloration From Welding.
  •   Surface Prep for Metalizing and Welding.
  •   The groundwork for Bonding.
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Aluminum Oxide Sand Blasting Media

Aluminum oxide grit is mostly used as sand blasting abrasive media in India. Aluminum oxide grit has sublime mechanical, designed, and warm characteristics which settle on it an ideal decision for utilizing as an abrasive media for shooting errands in different endeavors. Aluminum oxide grit is an inactive, unscented, white muddled material that is routinely utilized for current applications because of its astonishing properties. Aluminum oxide grit can be utilized as an abrasive impact media due to its properties of being essentially skilled and phenomenally reusable. Aluminum oxide grit is more energetic than a large portion of the other impact media. It helps in cleaning of reshaping the mechanical gadgets much rapidly.

Specifications of Aluminum Oxide Grit

Abrasive Material  Corundum (Virgin Grade) 
Aluminum Oxide Content 95 % Min
Hardness On Moh’s  Scale  09 Min
Specific Gravity  3.9 Min
Melting Point 2,072 degree C
Molar Mass 101.96 g/mol
Packaging Size 50 kg

We are the manufacturer and exporter of a competitive range of aluminum oxide providers (Commercial aluminum oxide and Special Grade), which is an amphoteric oxide of aluminum. These items are accessible altogether in grit types and are generally used in various businesses for different applications. Our items are tried on the possibility of different boundaries and are accessible in a few determinations. we give these items at entirely moderate costs and these items are accessible in Brownish Black Color. 

Aluminum oxide is the sensible surface of the substrate at twofold the speed as sand without all the thriving danger. Aluminum oxide is available in two sorts one is virgin grit and the second is business grit. Virgin grit can be reuse more than 6-7 times with no issue. Additionally, business grit is used 2-3 times. Aluminum oxide conveys less buildup while use. Virgin aluminum oxide is more expensive than business grit. 

Aluminum oxide can be used adequately in adaptable blasting machines and wheel blasting machines. To assemble and reuse aluminum oxide and large blasting cabinets and effect room systems are used. Awkward blasting machines cleaning or blasting done in an open zone so it is hard to accumulate blasting media for reuse. Spout size is also considered while picking aluminum oxide size for blasting. The size of the blasting media used depends on the size of the spout. In the case of aluminum oxide size is colossal, it makes chock the spout and blasting not done. 

Aluminum oxide use in both dry blasting cabinets and wet blasting cabinets since aluminum oxide influences media is known for its high thickness and high sharpness which makes it among the most flexible of the influencing media types. Aluminum oxide blasting abrasively available in much standard size to meet any surface status and finishing requirements in both virgin and business types. Aluminum oxide is lighter in weight than other metallic blasting media. In view of its lightweight aluminum oxide horrendous grain has a twofold comparable number of particles per pound. Aluminum oxides have an angular shape and have high hardness. Aluminum oxide is a powerful grinding blasting media that is sensible for both ferrous and non-ferrous substrates.

Types of aluminum oxide grit

Brown Aluminum Oxide Grit

Brown aluminum oxide maker (Al2O3), distinctively known as brown melded alumina, into an electric bend heater technique. Our brown aluminum oxide is framed inside numerous shapes and grit spaces starting from full-scale grits to miniature grits and powders.

White Aluminum Oxide Grit

White aluminum oxide can be obtained by the mix of calcined alumina in an electric curve radiator. It is used for different applications in various organizations like vehicle, plane, clinical. White aluminum oxide is an ideal choice for tasks, for instance, fast cutting, media blasting, cleaning, and drawing.

Black Aluminum Oxide Grit

Black aluminum oxide is an abrasive that is perhaps the hardest mineral accessible. Black aluminum oxide is shaped through the electrofusion of bauxite, iron oxide, and miniature components during a shifting curve heater.

Chemical Properties of Aluminum Oxide Grit

aluminum oxide( Al2O3 ) 94. 00 %
ferric oxide ( Fe2O3 ) 1. 28 %
silica ( Sio2 ) 2. 26 %
calcium oxide ( CaO ) 0. 22 %
magnesium oxide ( MgO ) traces
titanium oxide ( TiO2 ) 0. 79 %
loss of ignition 0. 45 %
  • Delivery Time- Minimum Time
  • Port of Dispatch- All India Port
  • Production Capacity- 3000 MT Per Month
  • Payment Terms- L/C(Letter of Credit)T/T(Bank Transfer)/D/P/D/A

Aluminum Oxide Grit manufacturer in India

We are the Supplier & Exporter of abrasive material like steel shots, copper Slag, steel grits, aluminum oxide grit, white aluminum oxide grit, at a low price for Sale. We also manufacturers sand blasting machines, shot blasting machines, thermal spray gun, Metalizing Gun, Sand Blasting Cabinet, pressure blasting Cabinet and much other equipment. Here a team of engineers and filled workers deliver the best solution and services as per the customer requirement at affordable prices.