Grit Blasting Machine
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Grit Blasting Machine

Price Range : ₹ 40 K - 10 Lakh

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Grit Blasting Machine
10 H.P
MAX Pressure
10000 PSI
Compressed air (80 psi)
45 Cfm to 217 Cfm
Automatic, Semi-Automatic, Manual
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  •   Surface Preparation for Non-Destructive Testing / Evaluation (NDT / NDE)
  •   Coatings and linings serve as a barrier between the underlying surface and corrosion, erosion, or both.
  •   Grit blasting can be used to clean a surface by removing residues, impurities, and scale, enhancing and increasing the efficiency of a seemingly endless variety of plant and equipment.
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Grit Blasting Machine is an abrasive cleaning and surface preparation machine that uses sharp particles. The surface in issue is struck at high velocity by hard, angular particles, removing undesirable material from the surface and exposing a clean, active metal surface. It includes procedures for removing scale, rust, paint, and other surface layers, among others.

Grit blasting machine is used to remove foreign particles from metal surfaces. Grit Blasting Machine, also known as Sand Blasting Machine, uses a particle size sand technique. It is a procedure in which abrasives are sprayed at very high pressure through a grit blasting nozzle on a surface that needs to be re-engineered and create a suitable surface finish using compressed air. By removing scratches, casting, and mold markings, grit blast machines can improve the surface of components.

A grit blasting machine is made up of two hoses, one of which is attached to the bottom of the handle and the other to the lower side of the barrel. It has a sand storage area that aids in the formation of a vessel or bucket. When the pistol is fired, the air creates suction, drawing the sand into the gun, where it can be reused.

Grit blasting cabinets serve multiple purposes at the same time. Although oil and grease should be removed before blast cleaning, it eliminates mill-scale, corrosion, old paint, and other impurities. It's also used to clean sand and scale out of castings, as well as to dress stampings and billets, among other things. It's frequently used to prepare surfaces for welding (removal of scale, rust, or paint) and to improve coating adhesion thereafter (such as paint, or galvanizing). Grit blasting generates a surface that is appropriate for subsequent application of a coating, unlike shot blasting, Glass Beads, or sand blasting.

Working of Grit Blasting Machine 

After the media has been placed into the machine, a series of actions must occur before blasting may commence. For starters, pressure is crucial throughout the entire procedure generated with the Compressor. Nothing would happen if the pressure is not precise.

A remote-control system is required to appropriately pressurize the machine. These systems are not only convenient, but they also pressurize and depressurize the entire machine by depressing the control lever. The remote-control mechanism described for this purpose is a pneumatically actuated control handle, but electronic remotes are also available.

The inlet valve and the control handle are both attached to the twin-line hoses one is air hose another is Blasting Hose. The air that flows towards the nozzle is monitored by one hose, while the air that travels back towards the inlet valve is controlled by the other. Because the system is not pressurized, when the control handle is not engaged, air is discharged at the base of the handle, and no blasting may occur.

To prevent accidental blasting or harm, the control handle is engineered to "fail too safely." When the handle is pressed down, a button closes the airflow and the air returns to the twin-line hose and inlet valve. To pressurize the pot, the intake valve opens, the exit valve closes, and the pop-up valve seals.

Grit Blasting Machine Application 

Grit blasting can be done in a variety of ways. Abrasive can be driven by compressed air alone, with water added for wet blasting  , or manually in a wheel aerator machine. This ensures that grit blasting is appropriate for a wide range of applications.

  • Surface Preparation for Non-Destructive Testing / Evaluation (NDT / NDE)
  • Coating and Lining Surface Preparation
  • Cleaning the Surfaces

Grit Blasting Machine Manufacturers in India

We are an India leading Grit Blasting Machines Manufacturers in India and provide best Grit Blasting Machine Price. Blasting Machines are widely used for surfacing applications such as smoothing a rough surface, shaping, and removing surface contaminants.  These large machines work by forcing an abrasive stream against the material's outer layer at a high pressure. Blasting Machines are built to industry standards using premium grade materials with higher tensile strength and the ability to absorb vibrations generated during operation. These are commonly used in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, and vehicle manufacturing. Our product is high quality well performed blasting machines like Shot Blasting Machine, portable shot blasting machine, sand blasting machine etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Grit blasting is the process of forcibly propelling an abrasive stream against a surface at high pressure to clean or modify its surface properties. The abrasive material is contained in either compressed air (dry blasting) or water (wet blasting).
What exactly is the purpose of grit blasting?
A variety of industries use abrasive grit blasting to clean or modify material surface properties. Surface preparation prior to coating or bonding operations are some of the most common uses. Painting, rusting, sanding, and scaling are all things that need to be removed from surfaces.
What is the difference between shot blasting and grit blasting?
Shot blasting is a common method of cleaning metal parts. To restore the part to its original condition, beads are shot through a machine to remove impurities. – Grit blasting (also known as sandblasting) is a protective treatment that aims to smooth out a surface.