Portable Sand Blasting Machine

Portable Sand Blasting Machine, as mentioned in the name, means that you can move this machine from one place to another easily. Sandblasting Machines, that are used for blasting cleaning.

Sand Blasting Machine

Sand blasting machine is used to remove rust and corrosion from metals. This process improves the appearance of a surface and helps maintain its strength. We are the Best Sand Blasting machine manufacturer in India.

Sand Blasting Cabinet

Sand blasting Cabinet Price in India depends on work-piece size, If the work-piece size is small then need a small sand blasting cabinet. If the work-piece size will large then the sand blasting cabinet's size will be large, so the cost will depend on the size of the blast cabinet. Sand blasting Cabinet Manufacturer can reduce cost as per component size.

Sand Blasting Room

sand Blasting room depends on the capacity of sand blasting machines, cleaning rate, Operating method. We provide a Sand Blasting room, only with today’s complex industrial conditions. more companies are looking to move our custom-made and custom-designed blast rooms. Our highly experienced technical staff can design a blast room to meet your exact specifications and requirements. As professionals, we apply established principles to each job to ensure a blast room totally designed to perform the job you want to be done in the most efficient and economical manner.

Sand Blasting Nozzle

Sand Blasting Nozzle can make a big difference in your system's performance. The bore is very important so you have enough CFM to create pressure that will do your job. The type of nozzle with good air pressure must be selected for getting the job done. On large surfaces, you should use a long venturi which will give you a consistent good size pattern increasing your productivity. Very long venturi nozzles that nozzle called a Bazooka Nozzle are also available for real high pressure and large air and grit output. These are usually preferred in construction such as bridge repainting and so forth. Medium and small venturi sandblaster nozzles are usually used on smaller systems doing small parts like preparation for special coatings.

Bench Top Sand Blasting Cabinet

The Bench Top Sand Blasting Cabinet price in India is perfect for a wide variety of removing paint, scale, iron mold, and oxidation. LDPE polymer plastic that converts into outlast steel blasting cabinets. One-piece construction means there are no seams to leak, keeping the blasting cabinet operation contained inside the Bench Top Sand Blasting Cabinet. Inside work area of 22in.W x 12in.H x 18in.D to accommodate a large variety of items. Includes trigger-controlled blast gun with 1/4in. nozzle 18in. rubber blast gloves and protective window underlay. Simply add the abrasive and hook up to an air supply and you are ready to blast. Some assembly required. Bench Top Sand Blasting Cabinet price in India is based on the size of the cabinet, and the size of the sand blasting nozzle. the sand blasting cabinet price is also based on the capacity of the cabinet.

Remote Control Valve

A Remote control valve is used in Sand Blasting Machine to control the blasting process. In a sandblasting machine with a remote control system, the on or off control of the machine comes in the hands of the operator at the sand Blasting nozzle via deadman Handle. The Deadman handle is connected with a twin line hose. As the deadman handle is activated the twin-line hoses are connected to both the inlet valve and the control handle. In which one hose monitors air traveling towards the nozzle while the other hose controls the air that travels back towards the inlet valve. When the deadman handle is not activated air is released at the base of the handle and no blasting can occur because the system is not pressurized.

Internal Pipe Blasting Equipment

Internal pipe blasting equipment quickly, effectively, and reliably removes corrosion, dust, and another residue from inaccessible areas inside the piping. The operation is simple: a blast pipe is fitted with a pipe tool, and the tool is withdrawn from one end of the pipe to the other. Shot Blaster's proprietary blast technology applies an even, 360° blasting stream to the inner wall, leaving a consistent blast pattern ready for any coating.

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