Sand Blasting Machine
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Sand Blasting Machine

Price Range : ₹ 40K - 10Lakh

Mild Steel
10 Hp
Automatic, Semi-Automatic, Manual
Rust Removal, Surface Finishing
Cleaning rate
3-5 sqr. mtr/ hr
Max. Pressure
10000 PSI
220-240 V | 50 Hz
Compressed air (80 psi)
45 Cfm to 217 Cfm
Payment Method :
Transportation Mode :
Air Transport
Sea Transport
Land Transport
  •   It can be applied to give an object shape, remove old paint, or smooth a rough surface. Sand blasting can also be used to clean old and stained surfaces.
  •   Using sand blasting It aids in preserving the functionality and durability of your metal furniture, pipes, and fittings.
  •   imparting a matte finish to the surface.
  •   flash removal from moulded parts.
  •   To change the appearance of moulded or stamped products, surface texturing is applied to tooling and molds.
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Sand Blasting Machine in India

Metals are cleaned of rust and corrosion using a sand blasting machine. A surface looks nicer and retains more strength thanks to this technique. We are the best sand blasting Machine manufacturer in India. The Sand Blasting Machine with compressor is the equipment used to clean mechanical service using silicon sand which works under high pressure. sand blasting equipment is commonly used to clean paint, rust, and some other kind of contaminants effectively from the metallic surface. It is essentially applied in the industries of ships, infrastructure & other wheels. This process mainly supports to prevent damage and provide results before the material is coated with a protective layer and for that this process becomes essential in all metallic structures before it undertakes to coat. There are various methods of abrasive media cleaning but Sand blasting is the strongest method among them for cleaning metal surfaces. 

Sand blasting machines are an efficient way of treating a product's outer surface, smoothing it out, and removing all foreign debris. Sand blasting machines are used to remove rust and corrosion from metal and non-metal surfaces, and they are quite effective. A sand blasting machine can be stationary or portable.

Sand Blasting Machine Manufacturer typically utilize silica sand as an abrasive during the sand blasting process. The outer surface of the metal is also developed and cleaned using a sand blasting machine for sale. We have sand blasting equipment to satisfy all of your demands. Sandblasting is the most effective type of surface preparation.

When it comes to surface preparation there are a few methods that are more popular than sand blasting. This process uses a pressurized stream of air and abrasive particles to strip away corrosion, paint, and other surface contaminants. There are a few different types of sand blasting machine with compressors on the market and each has its own set of benefits and uses. Ambica Enterprises is the leading Manufacturer of portable Sand Blasting Machine, bench-top sand Blasting cabinet, small sand blasting machine, mini sand blasting machine, wet sand blasting machine, industrial sand blasting machine in India.

Sand Blaster

There are four types of sand blasting machines: the siphon blaster, the pressure blaster, the suction blaster, and the centrifugal blaster. The siphon blaster is the simplest type of sand blaster. It uses air pressure to force the sand through a hose and nozzle. The pressure blaster is similar to the siphon blaster, but it uses a pressurized air tank to create the pressure. The suction blaster uses a vacuum to suck the sand through a hose and sand blasting nozzle. The centrifugal blaster uses a spinning disk to force the sand through a hose and sand blasting machine nozzle.

Working of Sand Blasting Machine

The working of a Sand Blasting machine is based on the principle of using high-pressure abrasive media as a medium. This high-pressure abrasive media is used to clean the surface of the material. Once this is done, a mixture of abrasive and non-abrasive particles is blasted over the surface, which removes the surface defects from the material.  Industrial Sand blasting machine is often a closed method that allows the operator to blast the part and recycle the abrasives, This mostly consists of four components; sand blasting cabinet, the abrasive blasting system, sand blasting cabinet dust collector, and the grit recovery & recycling method. 

Operators can make sand blasting machine functions outside of the sand blasting cabinet. Operators by placing their arms in gloves added holes on the cabinet, viewing the part through a vision glass, Footswitch is used to turning the blasting work on and off. Sand Blasting Cabinet are three different methods as pressure, suction & wet.

Sand Blasting Machine Manufacturer 

We are the leading industrial Sand Blasting Machine Manufacturer in India. Small & Large Sand Blasting machines are the most commonly used tool for various types of industries like auto body repair, industrial manufacturing, furniture restoration, ship repair, steel making, chrome plating, chemical processing, and car manufacturing, and more. Sand Blasting machine is a very useful machine that helps to remove rust, paint, chemicals, and other non-metallic materials from all types of metals such as stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, etc. Sand blasting machines are available in different sizes and specifications.

Sand Blasting Machine Types

There are two types of sand blasting machine

Portable Sand Blasting Machine

 Portable Sand Blasting Machine or mobile sand blasting machines are used for small and medium-sized manufacturers such as Paint Transformer Manufacturing Companies, Pipe Manufacturers, Casting Manufacturers, Glassmaking companies, Automobile industry, Powder coating industry, and many more. Dry abrasive blasting applications are powered through a diesel air compressor. Most applications require a pressurized vessel that contains the abrasive and meters it into the compressed air stream. A wet sand blasting machine or water sand blasting machine is accomplished by injecting the rough into a pressurized water stream or forming a slurry of abrasive water that is pressurized or introduced into a compressed air stream.

Specification of Portable Sand Blasting Machine


SB P7 150 - SB P7 1000

Abrasive Tank Capacity

Metal:150 kg to 1000kg

Sand: 50 kg to 460 kg

Blasting Pipe length

5 Meter to 10 Meters

Blasting Nozzle Size

5MM to 10 MM

Pressure Gauge

1 No.

Exhaust Valve

1 No.

Cleaning Rate (mtr2/hr)

4 to 23

Compressed air (80 psi)

45 Cfm to 217 Cfm

Abrasive media size Recommended

16 to 80 mesh.

Cabinet Type Blasting Machine

Sand blasting Cabinet is used for cleansing of medium and small-sized jobs as mild steel, stainless steel, glass, handicrafts, wood, casting, and mold. Sand blasting can also be utilized to change the condition of a component's surface, as removing scratches or casting, molds marks. A typical blast cabinet consists of four elements; the containment, the abrasive blasting system, the abrasive recycling system, and the dust collector. Essentially it is a closed-loop system in that an administrator can blast the part and also recycle the abrasive. The operator blasts the parts from the border of the cabinet by placing his arms in gloves connected to glove holes on the cabinet, viewing the part through a view window, and, typically, turning the blast on and off using a foot pedal or treadle.

Specification of Sand Blasting Cabinet

Machine Name 

Sand Blasting Cabinet

Compressed Air

80 to 90 cfm with 5 mm Nozzle

Door Opening(cm)

76 cm to 76 cm side door

Over all width (mm)

60 mm to 80 mm

Over all depth (inch)

36 inch

Height (mm)

60mm to 100 mm

Working area width (inch)

48 inch

Working area height (inch)

36 inch

Abrasive used

Sand, Glass Beads, Aluminum Oxide, Garnet, Silicon Carbide & all abrasive media as per requirement.

Sand Blasting Safety Equipment

While blasting with sand blasting machines, shot blasting machines, grit blasting machines, abrasive blasting machines, and other sand blasting machines, we should use the following Sand Blasting Safety Equipment:

  •  Air Conditioner.
  •  Air Breather.
  • Sand Blasting Helmet.
  •  Workers Suits.
  •  Hand Gloves.
  •  Gumboots.

Uses Of Sand blasting Machine:

  • Industrial Sand Blaster can be worked to remove old paint, smooth a sharp surface, or give shape to an object. Old and discolored exteriors are also refined by sand blasting.
  • Use of sand blasting It helps to protect the use and durability of your metal pipes and furniture made by metals and fittings.
  • the machine helps to restore the material and make it look new again.
  • You can get to hard-to-reach corners and places using a sand blast unit.
  • sand blasting unit aids in getting the exterior ready for later stoning and polishing.
  • That particular equipment is faster and more effective than sandpaper.
  • There is no usage of sophisticated machinery in this operation.
  • Granite or glass can be etched using the granite sand blasting machine.
  • Even on hard materials like concrete, sand blasting's potent impact can release pressure.

Precaution During Sand blasting :

  • Use protective gloves.
  • Wear safety goggles to protect your eyes.
  • Ensure that you wear a mask to avoid inhaling tiny particles of dust.

Sand Blasting Machine price

Sand Blasting Machine price in India depends on the type, size & operating capacity of the sand blasting machine. we are the best shot blasting machine, portable sand blasting machine manufacturer in India for sale. Sand Blasting Machine price depends on the operating method, sand blasting machine used for which type of workpiece, If Workpiece-size is small then we can use a Mini sand Blasting machine, If Workpiece size is medium the medium sand blaster for sale is used, If Workpiece size is large then Large sand blasting machine is used so sand blasting machine price depends on the type of sand blasting machine and automatic sand blasting machine also. small Sand Blasting machine designed according to customer requirement by us. you can Get a Sand Blasting Machine price from Ambica Enterprises to your specifications. If you want to buy sand blasting machine, please contact us, We offer a variety of Sand Blasting Machines, including Portable Sand Blasting Machines, Sand Blasting Cabinets, glass sand blasting machine, Tumblast, Abrasive Blasting Cabinets, Tunnel Type Shot Blasting Machines, and more.

Sand Blasting Machine in India

We are is the most considerable Manufacturer of Sand Blasting Machine in India offer a complete machine with R&D. Our team of experts actually brings you a customized machine for efficiently improving the result. We are the Best Sand Blasting machine Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter of grit blasting machine, sand blasting equipment, Sand Blasting Cabinet, Sand Blasting Room, Sand Blasting Nozzles, Suction Blasting Cabinet, Sand Blasting cabinet, thermal spray gun, arc spray gun,  metalizing gun, zinc spray gun, flame spray gun, and abrasive media at a low price. we are the best automatic sand blasting machine manufacturer in India.

We have the highest character methods that are well versed in controlling everything from the design, planning, implementation, and many others.